I woke up at two-thirty in the morning. I slept at twelve, my usual sleep time. Today is going to be a long day.

Slowly I got off my sleeping bag and stretched. Then, while wiping the sleep out of my eyes, I went to the 'girls' bathroom. Since we had two bathrooms, we made one for girls, where we kept all our girly things, and one for boys with their…. stuff. I brushed my teeth and took a nice warm bath. It was August 23suprd/sup, school starts on September 1supst/sup. I stepped out of the shower, dried myself off, tied my bathroom around me and went to my room. I went to my suitcase and brought out an old, scratch that, very old and faded shirt that I meant to throw out anyway, and some faded and worn out shorts. It was 3:15 when I checked the time, so I put my hair in a ponytail and pushed the loose waves back with a casual sports headband.

"Good to see that you're up." Dad said from our dining table. "Good morning to you too dad." I took the seat next to him. "So, what's the plan?" I asked. "First, we are going over the plans for the house. Then finalizing the paint colors. Next, you will call your mom because you forgot yesterday. Then, we'll start tarping the floors. Whenever brian and his friends come, they can join us. The painters will come at six, and as soon they step inside, we'll start painting. There are eight rooms and the hallways. So, lots of ground to cover. Breakfast will be at 9, lunch at 2 and dinner at 7. Sounds good?" "Oh, my gods. I totally flaked on calling mom yesterday. The rest sounds good."

He got up and came back with a bunch of papers. "So, here's the house plans mom cooked up. We need to choose one." "How is that possible?" "I do not know. She said we can combine ideas from different plans." So, dad and I started going through the plans. In about an hour, we finished. "Ok, that was actually kind of fun. You start tarping. I'm going to call mom."

Mom and I talked for some time. After that, it was tarping time! Yay! (not really).

Brian, along with Kim and their friends knocked on our door at exactly five. "Exactly five. I don't believe it." dad said. I answered the door and let them in. "So, dad, meet Taryn, Kate, Nate and Kyle." Kim gave dad her classic bone crushing hug. All their bags were in their car's downstairs.

So, I'm going to skip the whole day till after we were done. It was basically painting for a few hours, me going to restaurants and getting takeout, eating and the cycle repeats.

After painting for over 14 hours, all of us took turns showering, which took 3 hours to finish. At 11pm, everyone left.

"I'm glad that's over." Dad said as he laid down in his sleeping bag next to me. "Yah, that was exhausting. When's mom going to come?" "She said maybe on Saturday. She said she needed to wrap things up with work and get all your school forms ready." "Ok" I checked the time. "Dad, its almost 12, I'm going to bed. We have a whole week of work." He laughed and went to sleep. I did the same.