Imagine that you posted something cringe worthy, something so disgusting that you could be crowned the "deity of cancerous talk", you go to bed, at the middle of the night you wake up in a pitch-black room, and in there someone says.

"The council will decide your fate."

Then you are transported immediately to a giant room, the floor is in a black and white pattern, as a chess board, yet the roof was nonexistent, the pillars looked like they extended themselves to infinity. In the middle of the room, a giant conference table stood in front of you, a chorus of monotone voices spoke at unison. You couldn't understand them, suddenly, a small man appears next to you and says something.

"The Council says: Get him to the king of the mountain's castle."

Accompanied by some members of the council, you start to climb an enormous mountain, you start feeling sick, not for the altitude, but for the suspense. after a long walk, you get to the mountain king's castle.

While you are walking through his Hall, you start hearing this song, the closer you are to his throne, the heavier it gets, after you arrive in front of him, the music suddenly stops and the king starts speaking.

The King: "You have posted cringe, a cringe between cringes, it is so disgusting that even the anti-vaxxers asked if there was a vaccine against this. And for that, you are being sentenced to death."

After saying that, a servant approaches him and whispers something to his ear, after hearing what the peasant said, he looks at you again.

"Lucky for you, I have been notified that the death penalty has been prohibited, so you have the chance to live for another day."

After saying that, he lifts a lever that is on the side of his throne, after pulling it, he exclaims.

"Now get out of my sight."

After that, a trapdoor opens under you, you start falling into the void, while you hear the music getting crazier and crazier, as if the musicians have gone mad.

After falling for a while, you and on a ramp, thanks to the momentum, you are almost flying through it, you feel as if you were riding a sports car without a windshield, feeling the pressure of the air, you make a turn, left, right, left, you feel as if you're going in circles, you start feeling sick again, suddenly the ramp starts getting flatter and appears to be finishing, you see a light at the end of the tunnel, after passing through it, you see that you have been catapulted off the castle, you start falling and rolling through the snow, and as if it was a cartoon, you start to form a snow ball, as you keep rolling, you start to gain momentum again, you almost don't feel the floor, you are spinning out of control, as you lose consciousness, you still can hear as if you were still in the castle, hearing the musicians dropping through insanity, as the song finishes with a great hit, you lose consciousness, after waking up, you find yourself in a clear space, as you look around, you see that you are in a park, you think that it was all just a dream, but as you start feeling your pockets, you feel something in your pocket, as you reach to look at it, you see some snow and a small iron plate with something written on it.

*"This is a warning, delete the cringe."*

You take the plate, toss it on your pocket and you head back home, after you arrive you immediately turn on your computer, you scroll through the comments in a discussion, you delete your comment, it talked something about... After reading half of your comment, you delete it, you can't believe that the amount of shit in it was written by you, after deleting it, you see what was the name of the chat that you commented, after reading it, you suddenly go pale, you quickly unfollow the chat and proceed to turn off your computer and lock the room where it is. You can't believe it, you reach for the iron plate that is in your pocket, you see the title has changed, it now says:

"You have been banned permanently, for your safety, don't search for us."

After reading that, you unlock the room with your computer, turn it on and try to look for the group chat that your were in, but you couldn't find it, you still remember that dream clearly, and for a moment, you feel you can still hear the musicians going mad while composing their symphony, it had to be real, you try to reach for the iron plate again, but you can't find it, you remember that you left it on the table, you get out of the room and go to look for it, but you only find a silver-like liquid on top of it, you touch it, it doesn't feel like metal, but more like melted, snow, after all of this, the group chat's rules suddenly pop into your head, it said something about some weird things, but the one that your remember clearly said: "If you post any kind of cringe in here, you will be punished."

You tried to play smart and you posted the cringiest comment that you could ever imagine. You thought the group chat had a weird name and it would be fun to mess with their members, now you see it was a big mistake.


Some time has passed, you have lived your life as you have always did, you still find it difficult after that experience, but you have managed to forget almost everything about it. But there is one thing that you can't forget, you feel as if you forgot it, you would lose something more important than life itself, as if your mind, heart, body, even your soul denied the fact to forget something like that, the name of that group chat still pops up from time to time, no matter how hard you try, you can't just forget that name, you still remember as clear as the sky the moment when you saw the red colored letters, big and menacing, the font looked like an old British fantasy book's first letter, and how intimidating sounded the name...



So I just got an inspirational revelation while listening to "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Grieg, so I hope you enjoyed it.