Hello. I finally started to write this story! I hope I can write the whole chapters until finished. Also... enjoy to read, everyone!

1.1, White Swan

Friday 2017, in the afternoon.

There was a coffee shop at the crossroad that had just opened two months ago. The building looked like 1940s, during the Dutch colonial era. The color was dark brown, with the golden gray accents in the building. If the customers wanted to enjoy the fresh air or smoking, there was a veranda beside the shop.

The name of the coffee shop was,



"Oh. It is cloudy. It will rain soon."

A messy black haired man wearing dark blue sweater was sitting on the bar stool; looked up at the cloudy sky from the window. He sighed, leaned his head against the wall. A calico bobtail cat with the dark red scarf stroked his leg and lay down under the bar stool.

Lucky Satria Anjasmara. A twenty two years old man who was the owner of this coffee shop. He spends his time every day at the coffee shop. Managing the work of his employees, serving philatelic items transactions, also he lives on the second floor of the shop with his calico bobtail cat named Kelana.

Slowly, he fell asleep.

"Man... if you want to sleep, don't sleep in the crowd like this." Patra, a golden brown haired with short ponytail man who was a barista in this coffee shop woke him up during he brew a tea for their customers. Lucky was still sleeping by leaning position against the wall.

"Lucky, I wonder how can you sleep with this position... did you sleep well last night?" Patra asked him. Lucky shook his head.

"Let me sleep here, Patra. I'm too lazy to go to the second floor," He said and went back to sleep in the crowd.

"Dude, you aren't a cat. Uh, except for yours," Patra said to him by looking at Lucky's precious cat named Kelana.

"So, I'm the same species as Kelana," Lucky muttered. He looked like a cat right now. Patra sighed; he served a cup of the cinnamon tea for Lucky.

"Here, drink it. This will reduce your drowsiness."

Lucky opened his eyes. He drank the tea that Patra had just made. It tasted better for him.

"The skill of a barista isn't in doubt, right?" Lucky smirked.

"Agree. Just for today," Endah, a medium dark brown haired woman who was a cashier in the coffee shop said while giving an ordering list to a wavy dark brown haired pastry chef named Virza. "Two cups of Klepon parfait," She said.

"Roger!" Virza answered enthusiastically.

"Whoops, it's rare that I see Virza full of enthusiasm. What's going on?" Lucky smirked at Virza.

"I-it's nothing... I-I guess..." Virza got blushed.

The rain dropped.

The surroundings got wet.

Lucky guessed it right.

"Man, you know... when the rain drops, it's the best moment for sleeping—" Lucky closed his eyes and fell asleep by leaning his head against the wall again.

"Uh-oh... look at that sleeping big cat with his kitty," Patra said.

"Have a peaceful rest, Brother Lucky..." Virza said while serving parfaits for customers.

"... I'm still alive, dude." Lucky responded.


It was still raining. Some of customers enjoyed to look up at the raindrops. That situation could be called as 'pluviophile'.

Suddenly, they had a guest. A foreigner.

A wavy light blonde haired man. His bangs covered his right eye, so that only his left blue eye was seen. Wearing black hoodie, black mask that covered his mouth, and also gray jogger pants; he looked so mysterious.

"Welcome to Poststukken coffee shop. What do you want to order?" Endah asked him politely.

He thought for a moment, until he knew what to order.

"A cup of masala chai and a cup of chocolate mousse cake."

"Alright. It costs 25,000 rupiahs. You can pay it by cash or credit card," Endah said while giving him a payment receipt.

He took out his wallet; looked inside. He was confused.

"What happened, mister?" Endah asked him curiously.

"Does this coffee shop accept payment by e-money?" He asked back; gave his smartphone to Endah. He showed his e-money account. She was surprised.

"Lucky! Lucky! Wake up!" Endah woke him up and tried to ask. "He wants to pay by e-money. What should I do?"

Lucky tried to woke up; looked up at the smartphone. Then, he came to the cashier counter and scanned the payment code on the tablet by that smartphone. He made a payment and returned the smartphone to that mysterious man.

"Like this, Sis." Lucky said. She nodded.

"I-I'm sorry! T-thank you and waiting for your orders!" Endah said to that man.

"A-ah, I-I'm sorry... that I make you confuse..." He said sorry to Endah. It looked like he was a bit trembling.

"D-don't mind it! It's alright," Endah said it back. Then, he looked for a place to sit. He got a table, at the corner of the entrance door.

Endah secretly stole glances at that mysterious man. Suddenly Patra teased her and said something that made Endah got blushed.

"You had a crush with him, that's why you stole glances at him too long... right?"

"Keep your distance from me. I can't see him well if you stand up in front of my eyes, you moron."

Patra chuckled at Endah. It made her feel annoyed.

"So, Sister Endah got lovey dovey, huh..." Lucky smirked at her. It annoyed her feelings so much.

Sometimes, Lucky stole glances secretly at that mysterious man. He was curious. How could a foreigner speak Indonesian fluently, except if a foreigner lived in Indonesia for a long time.

Maybe, he had a mixed race from Europe, or wherever.

Or... an albino?

Who knew? Just guessing.

Lucky tried back to sleep, but Kelana called him. A sign that he wanted to eat.

"Hello, my lovely friend," Lucky said to his cat. He gave Kelana a bottle filled with cat food. "Here, your favorite toy!" He continued. Looked like a child playing with his toys. He was excited.

"I can't believe it, I have a ridiculous boss in my life," Endah said.


The rain stopped.

The color of the sky became lighter slowly.

Lucky saw that mysterious man left from the coffee shop. It made him curious.

A few minutes later after the mysterious man left, Virza cleaned the table where that man had just been. He found something on the table.

A necklace. And the big pendant.

It wasn't only a pendant.

It was a stamp that had been laminated by acrylic.

"Hey, doesn't this belong to that guy?" Virza asked to Patra.

"What's that— Norway stamps?" Patra was surprised. Then, he called Lucky who was still playing with Kelana. Lucky walked over to them.

"What happened?" Lucky asked them. Virza gave him that necklace.

"How is it?" Patra asked.

Lucky saw at the stamp that considered as a pendant of the necklace. He thought for a moment.

It had a picture of a white swan.

"I'll check it later," Lucky said. "Before that... who was his name, Endah?" He asked.

Endah looked for the last ordering lists. She found it, but she was confused to answer, "Fi-jell...?"