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3.3, Legacy of Love

The third auction was started.

A wavy black haired man that was considered as Soetedja's son started opening the auction.

"The honorable all the philatelists here, we officially open the auction for our beloved Soetedja's stamp album."

All the people around there gave a round of applause. It seemed like almost all of them was aiming for winning this auction. As the people knew that the all the condition of Soetedja's stamps was mint and some of these are rare.

Lucky opened the candy wrapper and he eat it. Meanwhile, Sebastian still read the list of the auction rules.

"Wow. This is the one of big auction that I have ever joined."

Lucky stared at him and nodded. "I heard from my late mother, he's the one of senior philatelist in this city. No wonder if the auction becomes like this."

Sebastian nodded. He read again the list that he held. Suddenly, he heard Lucky muttered.

"Thinking of it, isn't that too bad if all of his collections were sold out, I guess? Maybe it would be good if he had a next generation for this."

Lucky swung his leg from side to side, he slowly chewed the candy.

Oh, let me remember... doesn't he have a granddaughter who has the same interest as him? Ah, maybe it's about the past, he thought.

A curly short black haired woman that was Soetedja's granddaughter, became a host of this auction; she started opening the bid. The grandson of Soetedja operated the presentation slides for looking the amount of bidding.

"Open the bid from zero. We start the bid from the multiple of 50,000 rupiahs. Raise your bidder board."

All the people there were raised their bidder board.

"50,000 rupiahs! 100,000 rupiahs! 150,000 rupiahs!"

There are people who still endured to raise the bidder board. Without waiting for a long time, the bid amount increased.

"1,250,000 rupiahs! 1,300,000 rupiahs! 1,350,000 rupiahs! Yes, that handsome mister over there, 1,400,000 rupiahs!"

"Hell yeah, that sister looks like a soccer commentator," Lucky muttered while raising his bidder board.

It sounded that the bid amount more increased than before.

"1,650,000 rupiahs! 1,700,000 rupiahs! 1,750,000 rupiahs! A beautiful madam over there! Yup, 1,800,000 rupiahs!"

Lucky suddenly chewed his candy. It made Sebastian shocked.

"1,900,000 rupiahs! 1,950,000 rupiahs! 2,000,000 rupiahs! Let's see, is there anybody who still continue this?"

Oh, crap. Lucky bit his under lip, thought about their budget was only 2,000,000 rupiahs. Suddenly, Sebastian asked.

"How's our budget?"

Lucky whispered, "Not good. Only 2,000,000 rupiahs."

"Oh, okay."

The time of bidding was almost finished. That Soetedja's granddaughter still announced the bid.

"2,800,000 rupiahs! 2,850,000 rupiahs! 2,900,000 rupiahs! Thirty seconds was 2,950,000 rupiahs! Anyone?"

The atmosphere in the hall became so tense. No one raised the bidder board.

In five seconds,

Four seconds,

Without hesitation, Sebastian raised his bidder board with the participant number 028.

Lucky was shocked. And all the people around the hall looked at Sebastian. They became surprised.

Oi, the budget! Did he forget about the budget? Lucky shouted in his mind.

"Three, two, one. Finish."

That Soetedja's granddaughter closed announcing the bid. It went silent.

"The highest bid was 2,950,000 rupiahs. The winner is the participant number 028. Congratulations!"

All the people gave a round of applause. Both of Lucky and Sebastian sighed. Lucky stared at him, seemed a little worried about him.

"Why... you..."

"...I'm sorry. You can cut my salary for these two or three months. I'll explain it later."

Lucky couldn't say anything. He only stared at Sebastian and thought about what just happened with him.

Does he still feel uncomfortable because of that 'Uncle'... or what?


Lucky went to the terrace and picked up Kelana that was sleeping under the tree; waiting for Sebastian that was signing the payment receipt on the reception. He took out his smartphone and started to call Martin.

"Oh, it's you! How is your day—"

"I lost the auction."

"No way—"

"—but, he saved me."

Lucky stole glances at Sebastian; continued talking. "He paid the rest with his scholarship savings because your budget wasn't enough. You should return that to him, 'Uncle'."

Meanwhile, in Martin's apartment; he went silent for a moment. Then, he said something to the wavy black haired girl who was sitting on the couch and crying.

"You can say thanks to them, Mitha."


They went to Martin's apartment.

Lucky saw a wavy black haired girl became hysterical; suddenly surprised.

"Oh, my God! You really saved my grandfather's lovely album!"

She opened the red stamp album that won by Sebastian. She looked it step by step. Lucky and Martin stared at her.

"Oi, Martin. Why didn't you tell me the fact that someone who wanted Mr. Soetedja's stamp album is her?"

"I thought, you don't care about it."

"How can she come here?"

"That's about two days before I asked you to join the auction. She cried at me at the post office that her grandfather's album would be auctioned, but she couldn't ask anyone to win the auction for her because of her grandfather's popularity."

"Oh. Sounds complicated."

Mitha happily cried. She felt like she was dreaming today. Finally, she could save her grandfather's heirdom anymore.

"How should I say it... thank you so much..."

Lucky stroked his cheek. He thought for a moment.

"If you want to say thanks, say that to Sebastian."

Meanwhile, Sebastian loosened his necktie; looked at the outside from the window. At the same time, Kelana walked over him; stroked his leg and called him.

"Hello, Kelana. I guess you are tired, right?"


Suddenly, Mitha walked over him.

"Excuse me... are you Sebastian?"

Sebastian looked at her. He felt awkward at that moment.

"Thank you... for saving my grandfather's heirdom."

Sebastian didn't say something to her. But, he gently smiled. It made Mitha blushed.

Lucky, who was looking at Sebastian from the distance; he thought that it was almost never Sebastian showed his smile to others. Suddenly, he muttered.

"Double Super Rare."

Martin, who was confused what Lucky just said; he asked. "What?"


At night, in the guest room of coffee shop.

Sebastian slowly read an album on the couch. The color was yellow, with the title 'Theresia M. Fjell' on the cover. He opened the seventh page. So many stamps were neatly arranged on that page.

When he started to read it, Lucky came over him after finishing to take Kelana a bath. Looked like he got some scratches around his hands and cheeks. Sebastian was surprised without showing any facial expression.

"You two had a fight?"

Lucky sighed. He brought down Kelana; that calico bobtail cat ran over Sebastian. At that moment, Lucky saw a yellow album that were held by Sebastian.

"Whoa, what's that?"

"My mother's stamp album. She gave me that before she passed away."

Lucky sat next to him and felt curious. "May I look that?"

Sebastian nodded. He showed that album to Lucky. Lucky read it carefully; he opened the second page.

"Oh, these are many Indonesia stamps. Some of them are used. And there were the descriptions below the stamps. Did she always send some letters to her penpal?"

Sebastian only nodded and stared at him. Lucky still read the album seriously.

"Actually, I saw that girl talking to Kelana when the auction event were about to start."

"You mean, Mitha?"

Sebastian told Lucky about what happened to him this afternoon. It made Lucky surprised.

"It remembered me about this album. I don't know why, but I thought that I should help her."

"Sounds like you are an ESPer, Sebastian."

"I-I don't know, my instinct worked by itself."

Lucky chuckled. He continued to read the album.

When he opened the next page, he found a photo of his mother with a straight short black haired woman. It made him a bit surprised. He asked Sebastian about it.

"Who is it?"

Sebastian looked the photo.

"My mother's best friend, when she was in the college."

Lucky thought for a moment. He doubted of it.

At the first glance, she looks like... ah, no way. There are still other seven people who have the same face in this world, right?

Meanwhile, Kelana. He opened his left eye for a moment, then he closed back his eyes.

A sign that Kelana smelled something mysterious presence between them.

[chapter 3 – end; tbc.]