The Twelve Eyes

A Mathematical Horror

From beyond the boundaries of the multiverse, various entities roam the void. Many have gone by countless names, while a few never even had one at all. Some sought to feed on cruelty, pain, and pleasure, like EXE, the Red Hellbeast, and the Darklord Gablor. Others saw tiny lifeforms as equally insignificant, like Zalgo, the MissingNo Entity and its lesser brother, the King of Worms.

One of these beings is known to many as merely the Twelve Eyes; the Four Tetrahedra, each corner a face and voice of its own; the Twelves Faces and Voices, each a major archetype of Humankind and all intelligent life.

The first, a Fool, always laughing with fiery water, whether in moments of comedy or even tragedy.

The second, an Actress, always trying to keep a smile yet weeping tears of watery fire.

The third, an Observer, always watching and listening without reaction, like the airy earth.

The fourth, an Old Woman, experienced and wise, gives and takes knowledge through earthy air.

The fifth, a Warrior, ready to dominate, ready to set off in rage like the fiery earth, and ready to fight, even if a solution calls for no violence.

The sixth, a Slave, willing to submit, even to earthy fire. Warm and friendly, even against the face of cold cruelty.

The seventh, a Child, delicate and innocent, its eye-catching smile and smiling eyes always glisten like watery air.

The eighth, a Patriarch, acting better than the rest and commanding with airy water drooling down.

The ninth, a Logician, always thinking and pondering, streaming conscious like airy fire, sometimes knowing too little, other times knowing too much.

The tenth, a Joker, always throwing a witty remark with fiery air, always game for a laugh.

The eleventh, an Enchantress, luring and seducing like watery earth, its mind forever blowing.

The twelfth and last, Mother Nature, laying and sleeping deep in earthy water.

Both the most naïve and most sophisticated of minds alike mayn't be able to fully comprehend this appreciation of mismatched logic and emotion, whether the Faces are in constant conflict with each other and one another in a state of disharmony, or in some way the Faces agree as one mind under a strange and twisted form of concord...