A Journey into the Realm of Complete Bollocks

A Letter to the Magistrate Part 1

To the Chelmsford Magistrate, case number 421800433482. I cannot afford to travel to court on the case hearing date, as I will be needing the money for food. As a statement I wish to confirm that I did not have my travel card on the date of travel, but I did own a card and I have included the receipts to prove I have always owned a travel card, and the two months I did not have one, was only because I was not in the country, and therefore would not require one. I told the arsehole on the train platform as much on the day and I'm not the criminal scum his statement has made me out to be. I informed the Railway legal team who fucked me about, and even went so far as to laugh at my request to stop the fine as I had a travel card just not with me on the day.

Now when you find me guilty in my absence, and then issue a £600 to £800 fine which I cannot afford to pay. You're then going to request my payslips bank statements, and a breakdown of my expenses so that you can bleed me white of money I can't afford to be without. However, in my wage slip your going to notice A £5 a week deduction from my pay for a parking space at Birmingham Airport, where I do not work. I work at Stanstead Airport and I don't own a car, and don't even hold a driving license. You might remember me from the train fine, and all those receipts for the last three years for public transport.

That means your going to have evidence of fraud, and not just you, Canterbury and Bedfordshire magistrate did the same thing to me last year. That's why I know how this shakedown is done, which makes you open to a well thought out plan. Now when I get my next court case I'm going to attend, and point out I would have an extra £5 a week if it was not for my company committing fraud against me, And then I am going to thank you personally for giving me the courage to come forward with the truth. That will be on public record and I will request that record.

After that court case I am going onto Stanstead Airports Facebook page to let my colleagues know you got all my money back. That is of course A big fat lie, but they don't know that, and it's not just my company that steals from their employees. Their all at it and when the employees think they are going to get their cash back, they are going to cue up at the police station to report the fraud and get their money back. Tell me do you think you will be able to sweep it under the carpet? It's such an obvious theft from the employees it's right there in their pay slips, they can't even be bothered to hide their crimes anymore.

When my company invite me to a meeting where they want to know why I did this to them, And I'm going to show them this original letter, which will show them that it was you who did this to them. You who threw your colleagues at Canterbury And Bedfordshire magistrates under the bus for keeping the evidence of fraud secret. I'm sure come the day they will say they didn't know they had it, but how many poor people are going to believe them? 5 billion a year is stollen from minimum wage and part time workers, and it's often done in their face. There won't be any denying what all poor people know anyway and doing so will just make you the big fat liars they already know you to be.

I have to say you are very courageous for exposing this decade long fraud, especially considering there is a police station right next to the main terminal. I wonder if those policemen will be embarrassed when you make them look like fucking idiots? I can guarantee your boss will want a meeting with you concerning your future, and good luck with that. I have nothing left to lose and so fucking all of you is my only pleasure left in life, and this is just the beginning of the fight. Please remember it's not me that's out to get you, it's the system, and I was apart of that system once and I can still play the game with the best of them.

P.S. You could have sent a self-addressed envelope you cheap bastards.

In your face most sincerely John Sheppard.