Haka of Grace

I die, I die,

I live, I live.

Between sunrise and sunset,

I fight with my enemies.

Between sunset and sunrise,

I feast with my friends,

who were once my enemies.

May you live to sing and dine at my table.

We sing, We sing,

We feast, We feast.

Let us sing joy.

The boar drips honey,

The wine is dry,

The mead is sweet.

None shall leave my table for want,

I am a river to my friends.

We Fight, We Fight,

We Fall, We Fall.

I will not beat an enemy down,

You shall find help by my hand.

I will have you for my friend.

I find no enemies at my table.

When it rains, snows, or darkens.

You shall find comfort in my longhouse.

We die we die

Boys live, Girls live

You have feasted me

Your welcome is happy

I now return the honor

My daughter shall also be yours

Your son's children will be brave

Harmony is our children's reward.