Title: No Secrets
Author: Lioness
Rating: PG-13
Legal Stuff: This is my story. All the characters in it are mine and no, you may not use them without my permission. This storyline is mine, and no matter what you can't use it. Thank you for you cooperation.

I sat across from Galen Henley, my boyfriend of almost eighteen months. I had recently moved into his apartment, but not in with him. Purely roommates. When we were at home.

We lived in California. I was an actress. I had recently gotten my first big role. Galen was a singer, and was often out of town.

I had been living with my best friend, Jake Youngston. He was an actor. He was a darn good actor, and had found himself in fame a few years back. But Jake had a large house and when I moved to California I met him, and then moved into his guest bedroom. He was happy to have me for a year and half, but then, we had a rather large fight and I moved out. Things were better now, but I never did move back in.

Jake was eleven years older than me, but for some reason that didn't matter to us. Friendship was like love - it has no age. And I was grateful things worked out they way they did.

Galen and I sat down to dinner that night. He had been recording his newest CD. He told me of all the things that happened at the recording studio that day. I began to feel left out. He had come into fame and success and so had Jake. I felt as if I'd never make it big.

Galen caught onto my feelings. "Daisy? You okay?"

I looked up. "Yeah. I'm okay. Just thinking about how Jake and you have hit it so big, and I'm still stuck here in Nowheresville."

He smiled and shook his head. "Do we have to through this every time I start talking about the 'office'?"

"Yeah…I just feel so…low."

He got up and walked over behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek. "You're going to make it big. Don't worry about it anymore. You're going to plastered all over Seventeen."

"Yeah, you and me both."

"Not like I'm not already…" He said, trying to sound superior. He wasn't really succeeding, but it was cute.

I smiled. "Thanks, but you happen to tell me that every time we go through this."

"So you're as sick of hearing it as I am." Galen said.


"It's okay. You'll make it. I know you will, you are an amazing actress, and I know you can make it."

I sighed. "Okay. You win. I'll stop moping."

"Good. Now, can we finish dinner? I was kind of thinking about going and maybe seeing a movie or something of that sort."

"Movies? With all those big-time actors?"

Galen cocked his head at me. "Daize…"

I smiled sweetly. "Yes?"

He grabbed me and held me in his arms for the rest of the night. We forgot about dinner and the movie. This is how our relationship worked. I start something, Galen finishes it, and we end up kissing and falling asleep on the couch. This is how it has always been. I didn't think that it could ever change. I basically figured that I was going to marry Galen and that would be that. I never thought that anything there would change.

The Next Day… I sat down on Jake's couch. "Aughhhhhh!!!" I screamed.

He walked in. "What is it now, Daize?"

I looked up. "Nothing. It's just Galen and me…"

"What? Are things going bad? Is something wrong?" He sounded concerned.

"No, no, no…It's just that I feel like we're having a…" I blatantly stalled.

"What is it, Daize? You know you can't hide from me. It'll come out sooner or later."

"It feels like we're having a teenage drama relationship." I said as fast as I could.

Jake grinned.

"This isn't funny, jerk!" I said.

"I know it's not, but it just seems that you and Galen are the perfect couple. And I'm happy for you, no matter how you feel. And as long as you're happy, I'm happy." He sat down next to me on the couch.

"Oh, Jake. I really feel like an idiot. An idiot in a teenage drama."

"You aren't an idiot, Daize. A little crazy, but not an idiot. You know what you're doing."

"What if I don't? Jake, what if really, I don't know anything? Oh my god…I'm a fool."

Jake sighed. He knew that there was nothing to do at this point. After 'idiot' it was all over. I didn't feel bad or anything that he didn't try to comfort me or anything. We have had been in this same conversation many times before. I complain and feel sorry for myself, and he helps me through it. He was kind of like my own shrink.

"I guess I should go back to my teenage drama life, huh, Jake?"

"Not unless you want to. You know if things go bad with you and Galen you can always come back here. We could reconcile our differences."

I smiled and hugged him hard and long. "I know Jake. And if I need to, I'll take you up on that offer."

"I hope you never need to, Daize."

That Night… I had been lying in Galen's bed for the past hour. We had spent the entire time talking. We did this from time to time, and if my mother knew she'd have a fit, but the only person who knew was Jake, and he wouldn't tell anyone. Not even nosy reporters who wanted the inside scoop.

I had my chin on his right shoulder and my right arm lying across his chest and gently rubbing his left shoulder. My other arm was around his neck.

I don't know what it was, but Galen didn't seem too interested in talking. In fact, he was rather quiet, and didn't even seem to listen.

"Galen, you okay?" I asked, moving my hand from his shoulder and massaging his neck a bit.

He nodded. "My throat hurts."

"You've been working a lot lately. Let me go get some throat spray." I ran my hand over his throat. "Oh my god, Galen, you're burning up." I ran my hand over his forehead and over his chest. " You're burning up all over. Let me get the thermometer too." I got out of bed and ran for the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

I came back in and flopped down on the bed.

"Ohhhh…don't shake the bed." Galen groaned.

"Sorry. Here." I said putting the thermometer in his mouth. "You cold?"

He nodded, and I pulled the blankets up around him. Then the thermometer was done. I pulled it out of his mouth. "Oh my god, a hundred and seven, I'm calling the hospital."

I got out of bed and called the 911. While I waited for the ambulance, I called Jake, and he said he'd meet us there.

Three Hours Later… I was laid across four chairs. Jake was sitting in the first one, my head on his lap. He sat and stroked my hair as we just sat there in the waiting room. We had nothing better to do. It was the middle of the night, and there was no one else there.

Reruns of "Jerry Springer" blared from the dusty black and white TV bolted to the wall in a high corner. Back issues of magazines scattered the tables. They lay unread with perfect spines. A fresh pot of coffee percolated loudly behind us on an artificial wooden table. The sound of nurses echoed throughout the halls, with their white plastic shoes squeaking on the spotted hospital floors.

I had never really given any of these things much though before. I didn't really give them much thought now.

Just then a tall black man walked in. He held a clipboard. "Daisy Kellick?" He asked, looking at me, as Jake and I were the only ones in the room.

I sat up. "Yeah, that's me."

"I'm Doctor Denis Madison, Galen Henley's doctor."

I stood up. "Is he alright?" I asked urgently.

"Calm down, Ms. Kellick, he'll be fine. He has a nasty virus in his throat. It's going to need lots of special care, and rest. Particularly if he wants to keep his job."

I smiled. "Right. So when can he come home?"

"In two days. Until then, there is no need for you to be here. I suggest you go home. He's under the best care here. You can come and see him tomorrow afternoon." Dr. Madison said.

"That's great. I'll do that. Thank you." I shook his hand and then Jake did the same.

A few minutes later I was walking out the door with Jake.

"Daize? You want to stay at my place? The guest bedroom is always open." Jake asked, starting up his car.

I thought about it for a moment. I really didn't want to go home. "Yeah, Jake, that sounds great. I don't really want to be home alone…especially tonight."

"Yeah…well, let's see. And I'm not going into work tomorrow. I'm going to stay home with you."

"You don't have to do that. I'll be fine by myself. I've been at your house alone before you know."

"I know, but I didn't think that you would want to be alone." Jake said.

One Hour Later… I walked into the bedroom that only a few months ago was my own. It looked so much less…homey since I had left. It seemed as if I hadn't ever lived there.

Jake came up behind me. "Strange looking, isn't it?"

I nodded.

"And to think I have to look at it everyday…it's been different without you, Daisy."

"I would think it would be."

I could practically feel Jake smile. He kissed the top of my head. "You settle in, and I'll come in and check on you in a minute, okay?"

I nodded and closed the door behind him. I changed into my silk nightgown. I cuddled down under the warm blankets.

Just then Jake opened the door. He had already stripped down to his boxers. He smiled as he saw only my head peaking out from under the covers. He walked over and lay down on top of them.

"Hi" he said softly, touching my hair a little.

I smiled. "Hey." This is how things were when we lived together. Jake would come into my room (or vise versa) and we would just talk. Kind of like what Galen and I do, only more…intimate and personal.

"How are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm okay…no I'm not. Jake, I'm scared. I was thinking about how really, Galen and I aren't the match made in heaven. Really, I don't think we're supposed to be together. But after this, I can't tell him. I mean, what if he died? Then what would I do? I'd feel awful."

"Daize, it's just like with any relationship. There are the ups and downs and you're in the downs, I'm afraid. If you feel that you and Galen aren't for each other, then I say go with it. You should get out of any relationship you don't want to be in before you get so caught up in it, that you can't get out."

I nodded. "You're right." I reached up and hugged him. He held me tightly for a few minutes. He pushed me back a little and kissed me. This wasn't completely odd. Jake and I had kissed before, but this kiss was different. I had never kissed back like that. Not with Jake, not with Galen, never with anyone.

I could tell even Jake felt a difference. "Wow." He said breathily as he pulled away.

I smiled and kissed him again. I suddenly felt out of control. Like this wasn't really happening, but was only a dream and no matter what I did, I wouldn't feel a thing and I could wake up if it got too scary.

But it didn't get scary.

Jake pushed his way under the blankets and I felt out legs intertwine. His arms slipped under my nightgown and up my back. He rubbed my back, pushing fabric out of his way until he finally pulled my nightgown over my head and tossed it on the ground.

I felt a bit nervous, but it quickly passed as Jake looked at me for a second, like he was reconsidering what we were doing. I smiled and he smiled back, and then proceeded to pull off his boxers and kiss me again.

All nervousness floated away.

My hands ran over his tight chest and flat stomach. My lips caressed his neck.

Then we became two in one.

I moved around, not even realizing what was happening to me. It was a weird, warm feeling. Something I had only thought happened in the movies and in cheap romance novels. I had never felt better in my life.

Then it got scary…

The Next Morning… I woke up with blankets up to my chin, covering all of me except for my right leg which hung bare over the side of the bed. I sat up, the blankets falling around my waist, showing everything above it. I didn't care.

"Oh my god." I looked to my left. There Jake lay, asleep. I shook him. "Jake, wake up!"

His eyes opened slowly. He looked at me and smiled. Then suddenly he got a strange look on his face and sat up quickly. "Daize…we didn't…you know did we?" He looked at my bare body. I suddenly got rather modest. I pulled blankets up over my breasts. "I think we did." I said.

He held dropped his head into his hands. "Oh my god, Daize, I'm so sorry."

I tried to smile reassuringly. It didn't really work, but I tried. "It's okay, Jake. It's not all your fault."

" I know, but I took your…"

"I know, and it's okay, Jake. It's all going to be okay. I'm just thinking more about how we didn't use any protection and the chances are there…" All my thoughts were running so fast.

"Oh god, Daisy, if you're pregnant, I'll stick with you every step of the way. I promise you."

I kissed him gently on the cheek. "I know you will."

"Not only do I have teenage drama relationship, I have a frikin teenage drama life!" I said out of the blue.

"What about Galen?" Jake asked, my outburst making him think of this, I'm sure.

I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. Worse than the one I got when I awoke. It was like someone tossed a boulder down my throat. "I didn't even think about him. Damn, we're going to have to tell him."

Jake looked at me for a second.

"Shit, I'm going to have to tell him." I felt really strange. I never cussed. I always thought it was crude and made the people who used them sound stupid for not thinking of another word to use in it's place, but right then I didn't care. It was the last thing on my mind.

That Afternoon… I walked into the almost empty room. It contained a bed, two plastic chairs with fuzzy material just covering them, and a TV bolted in the corner of the room, so no one who wanted to see it could even possibly consider it without having to invest in a neck brace. And the bed contained Galen, the bed propping him up, so he could be in the sitting position.

"Hey," I said walking in, "how ya doing?"

He smiled. "Better. My throat doesn't hurt and Dr. Madison says I should be out tomorrow."

"That's great." I said, sitting down on one of the hard, fuzzy chairs.

Galen gave me a long look. "Is there something you want to tell me, Daize?" he asked, taking my hand.

I took a deep breath and tugged at my hand to get it back from him. I didn't deserve for it to be held. I nodded slowly. "Yes, Galen. I have something to tell you."

He let go of my hand. "What is it?" he asked, giving me a concerned look.

"I don't really know how to tell you this."

"Just tell me straight out. Whatever it is, we'll make it through." He said, giving me a smile.

"Not this, Galen. This we can't work out."

The smile dropped off his face. He gave me a concerned look. "Daize? What is it? What are you stalling so badly to hide?"

"Oh, god…Galen. Last night Jake and I slept together. It just happened. We didn't plan it or anything, I swear."

"I believe you," Was all he said in response.

"I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. It just kind of came, I can't really explain it."

"Then don't."

"God, Galen, say something more. I mean, what - what are you thinking?"

" I'm thinking that…we're over."

I felt my eyes burn with tears. "I know."

"And I think…that you should be moved out of my apartment by the time I get home. And I think that it's time you leave."

I nodded, the tears spilling over. I got up from the chair. I didn't want it to end like this. I reached for the doorknob, but before I turned it to leave, I turned around. He looked up at me, his eyes emotionless.

"Have you ever had to break your own heart?" I turned back around and walked out the door.

Reflections… As for Galen Henley he stayed in the light of fame for about fifteen more years. He married at the age of twenty-eight to a young actress. The actress who could have been me. They are still married and had two daughters.

I did see Galen again, passing at award shows or running into each other at charity fundraisers, we never said anything past 'how have you been?' and it was never for more than a few seconds. 'I'm Sorry' never pass our lips when talking to each other.

As for Jake Youngston he went onto being an actor for the next twenty-five years of his life, and them devoted himself to writing. Though Jake took my virginity and I loved him dearly our relationship never went past friendship. He married when he was thirty-two and had a son. He named him Jacob Kellick Youngston Jr. Jake Jr. is now a well-known actor like his father.

Jake's wife died last year.

I used to see him every so often, but as the years past Jake and I grew apart. I haven't seen or heard from him in about five years, aside from the book covers. Life moves on, I suppose.

As for me, Daisy Kellick, I became an actress as I planned and I loved every second of it, and I still do as I'm still an actress. I never really thought of doing anything else with my life. I never did marry. I only had sex the one time in my life. The thought of making love with someone besides Jake blows my mind.

Epilogue… I sat on my back porch in the sun. It was a lovely spring day, and all I wanted to do was bask in the glorious sunshine. If it hadn't been such a lazy day I would have gone into the house and gotten my swimsuit on and swam in the pool, but the chair I was in was so comfortable, I couldn't get up. Well, I could get up, but I certainly didn't feel like it.

I heard my doorbell ring and forced myself up and went through my house to answer the door. I opened it up to see a tall handsome man standing there.

I broke into a grin. "Oh, Jake!" I swung my arms around him, as he did to me.

I pulled away from our embrace. "What are you doing here?" I asked him, inviting him in.

"I don't know. I was thinking about you and here I am."

I smiled. "Well, I'm glad you're here."

"Me too…"

"Is there something you want, Jake?" I asked.

"It's just been so long since I've seen you. Daize, I missed you."

"I missed you too."

"The whole way here I thought about what I would say to you when I saw you, but now it has all just left me."

I smiled. "Anything you say is welcome here."

He shrugged. "What would you say if I wanted to...."

I caught his drift. We went up into my room. I felt so young. Hardly forty-five, so I told everyone.

He sat there on the edge of my bed. "How did we do this before?"

I laughed. "I started under the covers and you laid down next to me wearing nothing but your boxers."

"You remember all that?"

"I could never get it out of my mind."

"I want to warn you…my tight stomach from twenty-five years ago has developed a slight…gut."

I laughed again. "I love you so much, I don't care."

He leaned in and kissed me, and I tried to give him the best kiss he had ever felt. The reaction I got made me that that I succeeded there.

"God, Daize, why didn't this work out before?"

"Would you have wanted it to?"

He thought. "No. But I'm glad I'm getting a second chance with you."

There, we became the two in one we hadn't been in over twenty-five years.

A relationship past friendship was more plausible then for some reason.

Jake and I married two weeks after that day.

I knew that my life wasn't a fairytale, maybe it was more like a teenage drama, but I lived happily ever after…