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The hospital was an interesting place, and I was told that everyone there was truly cordial and friendly. As they should be; they definitely should be – our society was built upon friendship and trust.

The blood on my head had been clotted. So there was just one temporary scar there. Again, while I appreciated his charity in taking me here, I couldn't help but feel curious with Tory.

"Tory, can I ask you a question?"

"What?" He said gruffly.

"You don't seem very content with life right now."

"That is not a question."

"I'm just concerned why so? Can I not help you in some way?"

"What was your name again" He asked gruffly, but it seems he's more involved and inclined in talking to me now…


"Well, 7891, I do not think there is any way you can assist me right now. Thank you for your offer… But I'm on my own…"

Well, we were never alone in today's world. The man continued to surprise me more.

At this point we, we had walked through the main doors of the hospital, and we saw the ever effervescent waiting area.

"Emergency appointment, Sir?" We heard the voice of the receptionist.

"Yes, please," Tory said.

"What is this case?"

"There is a wound on this man's head."

The receptionist looked at my head, and then gently said,

"I am afraid it does not look like critical. I hope you understand." She smiled, "There are many serious cases. We have limited time and resources."

Tory did not seem to be too happy with this response. But I said, "So be it. She is right. I am hardly in any danger."

We sat on the chairs, waiting in anticipation, when suddenly another man approached us, wearing the typical white coat of a doctor.

"Ah, Tory!" He jovially said

"Doctor." Tory acknowledged him.

"And your name, dear friend?" He asked me.

"I'm 7891, Doctor." I offer a smile.

"Ah, you an odd name for yourself. Likewise for me: I'm Doctor Destroy."

"That is quite paradoxical," I said. "Shouldn't your name rather be, 'Doctor Restorer' or 'Doctor Healer'? Why, 'destroy'?'

"Well, I look at my task of getting rid of unwanted things, whether diseases or contagions or tumours… or…"

At this point, Tory coughed.

"Ah, yes," He said, as if correcting himself as if going too far deep into a tide of a sea. "Anyway, Mr. 7891, your head is hurt? I was told."

"It is, Doctor."

"Well, Hop into my office, please."

We did just that.

His cabin was most austere, quite plain rather than what we were used to.

"Here, no problem. I have secured the development of a serum that can cure your head. There is no need for any bandages, much less surgery, or antiseptic."

"Just take this tablet," he said.

In about fifteen seconds, I began to feel better – the pain withdrew.

"This is just like magic!"

He laughed. "Indeed it is."

"Anyway…" he said.

"What is new with you, Tory?"

"Nothing at all."

Knowing fully well, I could have been pushing some boundaries, I decided to ask right then and there the same question I had asked Tory.

"Why is he always so unhappy? I have never quite met a man like him."

"I do not have to share my personal inclinations with you, stranger," Tory reacted coldly.

Destroy, however merely chuckled and then said,

"Tory wishes to react to certain facts, with gloom and depression. I, on the other hand, feel nothing other than to be empowered with a possible truth."

"But this possible truth is nothing to be empowered from, Destroy! It is hardly a mirthful one!"

"What truth?" I immediately blurted out, very curious and excited.

"Whether this is fact, hearsay, a theory or not, I feel both enfranchised and unchained by knowing more than others. And I feel our source, also believes so."

I immediately inquired who the source was.

Destroy merely smiled, still cheerily, but there was a way, his cheerfulness rather than masking, seemed to emphasise the very seriousness of what was just being discussed. This 'possible truth'.

This very fact, after I deduced it, stunned me a bit. Most certainly. I was unused to anything 'grim' ever.

"I hate everything," said Tory, standing up, out of the blue and waving his arms around like a duck. "I hate this society! And,"

He suddenly turned to me and said,

"And hate you, whatever your name is – 7891!"

He then collapsed back into his chair.


That was what I said at that point.

My cognition seemed to be outstripped by the sudden explosion of events.

"You must excuse our friend, 7891." Destroy immediately said. "He is clearly in shock.

"And I must be fair," he said. "Most, even you, would most likely be overwhelmed by such knowledge. I am the exception."

"Oh, believe me," I said, finding myself more and more intrigued despite having been subject to an insulting barrage. "I am an exception too."

Tory walked, storming out of the room.

"Please, Doctor Destroy, let me know it. What is this, whatever you call it, this 'truth'… that you're taking about… that has turned my friend Tory… so tumultuous?

"- A surprisingly excessive alteration to his already established personality."

"Well, I cannot tell you that, dear friend," he answered, finally losing his smile, but retaining courtesy and professionalism.

"Well, then you two did a very poor job in keeping anyone's suspicions out of it."

"Well, you pressed on, 7891." He said, a little hard, "I expect you do it often, and you clearly saw Tory as he was and yet you still did…"

"Although… It was my fault as well," he said, as extending some more graciousness. "I should not have lit up that fire either by casually and carelessly indulging your whims."

"But please tell me." I said. ""I will not tell anybody. I am just curious. Nothing will leave a sealed casket of confidentiality."

"How is lay childish curiosity a justifiable cause for you to be let into this 'casket'? Only if you truly wished to know more about society – a determination to introspect and modify the existing apparatuses we are familiar with, would I perhaps be inclined to reveal to you, whatever I know, and believe me, these are scatters of claims, and theories, that some people have just strung up very, very recently - just this month, in fact. It is even further than the 'possible truth', we have termed to be very politically correct.

"Tory was a regular patient of mine. He was not like us all, and that would surprise anyone, though we tend to forget about the odd ones left out by our beautiful civilisation. But we become friends nonetheless, and somehow I found myself entering a very odd and obscure circle. Almost like a cult.

"You would not take them very seriously, 7891."

"Really," Destroy said, "It is not worth your time, effort or energy to even be in our queer company."

I sighed in.

I noticed myself somehow differently. It is difficult to stress the extent of such a change, in an auto-biographical account, where there is no third party observing, examining and recording me. But I had never discerned another psyche within myself that I was presently discovering.

"I want to find out the truth, Destroy. I have to. I do not know if I profess so many myriad intentions and motivations that you do, but I cannot leave this room, or even continue living my animation if I do not know the most significant thing that has ever been brought up in my entirely one-dimensional life, and I believe I have lived for a very long time."

"You seem to be in your late twenties." The Doctor said trivially.

"Well, I'm even younger than that. I am only 21."

"Ah, I see," he said. "Well, here is what we will do:

"I think if I ask you to come later, you will go to your home and forever reminiscence over the incongruent experience you have had, and that may in fact be tortuous.

"So, since in any case my serum has not be approved, medically speaking, we will file it in, that you are here, resting in anesthesia for your wound to heal. The process take about five days, generally. So stay and sleep here.

"Rest, enjoy your dreams. Tomorrow, we will see more."

"Just be, aware," Destroy continued, "That Tory may not take kindly to us letting you into this cabal. But it is not his decision. We are all free to do what we want. And we have all the liberties required."

"But that is obvious. That is guaranteed by the Commune," I automatically responded.

"Well, yes," he said. "But there never has been a time where it has been put to the test, has it?"