"You think they'll attack today?"

"Most likely. They've been attacking at least someone everyday for a month. Chances are they'll attack today."

I sighed, annoyed with the answer. "We beat them every time. Why won't they give it a rest?"

"Let's face it, Mist. When it comes to The Resistance…. They won't quit. They'll fight until the end. And you know that. We can't let them win though. We're titans. And we won't go down without a fight."

I thought through my best friends answer and realized that she was right. The Resistance, led by Luna, would always try to win against The Titans, led by me. The Titans, or The Cat Friends, as we're called around Kittensville. The Resistance knows us as The Titans and would do anything they can to take us down. me and my friends.

Shades. He's the strong and muscular one of the group. He's a dark gray cat with a leopard-like pattern. He's quiet, only speaks when he has to, but if any of us are in danger, he won't hesitate to bring out his claws. Especially with us girls and Fantasy.

Fantasy, she's a rare sight. A nearly pure white cat with black markings. You don't see that near Kittensville. She kind, sweet and can be very shy. She, like Shades, is very protective.

Echo and Ember. Twins. They're both brown, but Ember's lighter than Echo. They've been looking after each other since they were practically born. They know each other inside and out. Echo's more on the smart side while Ember can get her way out of nearly any situation.

And Specks. My second in command, my best friend. She's a dark brown cat with incredibly unique black markings. She knows how to settle my anxiety's and bring me down when I need to be calm and think rationally.

And then there's me. Misty. A gray cat with darker gray markings and a pure white underbelly. I'm the leader. Which means it's my responsibility to make sure everyone's safe and that everything runs smoothly. I carry this team on my shoulders and I have to live with that.

Specks and I walked through the snow-covered village in silence. Kittensville was always covered in snow year-round, but its winter so even more so.

I jumped over a rock, landing on a lake that was frozen solid. I looked at my reflection and I sighed, closing my green eyes.

"What if I can't do it?" I quietly asked my best friend, who joined me by my side in moments. "What if I can't lead this team? Us as Titans?... That's what we're supposed to be, but can I really lead us to become that?"

"You've taken us this far and none of us are dead. I know that you can do us. Fantasy, Shades, Ember, Echo and I, we all look up to you. As our leader and as our friend. And I promise if I see you start to fall that I'll catch you." She comforted me, linking her tail with mine.

"Thanks, Spec." I told her, looking her in the eyes, her amber meeting my emerald.

"Misty! Specks!" We turned around, a flash of light brown running towards us. Ember.

"What's it?" Specks asked.

"What's happened?" I asked at the same time.

"The Resistance! Their attacking the nursery!" She exclaimed as Specks and I both gasped, looking at each other. Looking forward, I narrowed my eyes, breaking into a run, Ember and Specks following shortly behind me.

"Echo, Shades and Fantasy?" I questioned.

"I already sent them, and I came to get you." Ember told me and I nodded.

"Good. When we get there, Ember, I want you and Fantasy to get the kits to safety. If it's not possible, fight The Resistance as much as you can. And remember. We're Titans. And Titans never fail. Get up, never give up, and rise above the nation. Copy?" I gave my speech and the two she-cats nodded and approval.

"We copy." They said in unison.

"Good. And remember, we do this together. We're The Cat Friends. We're Titans. And we never leave anyone behind. Ember, speed. Specks, bravery. Shades, strength. Fantasy, stealth. Echo, ambition. And me, leadership. Together we won't fail. We got this." We ran faster through the village and to the nursery. We stopped at the fountain to see Shades facing Storm, Echo facing Smoke, and Fantasy facing Mystic. Raine, Raven and Luna were trying to get in the nursery, but the kit-watchers were doing their best to make sure that didn't happen.

To my right, Specks growled in anger, speeding up towards Raine, taking her down and clawing her side, quickly drawing blood. I see Ember corner Raven as well, pinning her from attacking the kits. That leaves me with Luna… Perfect.

I unsheathed my claws, and ran towards her, jumping on her and pinning her down.

"Misty!" She growled, clawing at my face once we were up, which I quickly dodged. "What're you doing here?"

"The Titans were called to deal with a problem." I extended my claws onto her fur, leaning down towards her ear. "And so we shall comply…" Luna yowled and kicked me off of her, hissing at me, her solid gray fur standing on top of her neck. She looked behind her at her team, half of them down.

"Resistance! Fall back!" She growled, making a run for The Backlands. "You'll someday lose to us Titans! That I guarantee!" The gray fur blew in the wind as she ran off, her followers running shortly behind her.

I sighed, relaxing my haunches, cooling down and walking towards my team.

"Everyone okay?" I asked, looking to each team member, each seeming unhurt.

"We're fine." Echo told me and I nodded, satisfied.

"They came so quick; we never even saw it!" Daisy, a bright-eyed Maine Coon stated, a few kits behind her leg. She was the main kit-watcher.

"Well, their gone now. And they won't hurt you again." Shades lowered his head down towards one of the elder kits. "And if they come back, we'll send 'em running again." The young she-cat giggled, raising her paw up.

"Any idea how they got past the watchers?" I asked Fantasy and she shook her head.

"They came in so fast. Even your mom was perplexed." She answered and I nodded.

"Missy is one of the best watchers, certainly she has some kind of thought as to how their getting in." Echo spoke up and I nodded.

"My mom is very driven, certainly she would…." I mumbled, thinking aloud.

"She is very smart. Which she passed down to you. I think it would be wise to speak to her." Shades advised and I nodded.

"Let's go then." I told them. "Is she still with the watchers?" I asked and Echo shook his head.

"She went back to your house." He answered and I nodded, turning my head.

"Let's go then." I lead the way, Specks by my side.

"You really think she'll have an answer?" She asked and I sighed.

"I really hope so." I admitted, looking to my team. Specks was looking at me with worry, Fantasy and Shades were lost in each other's eyes, Ember was too quiet for her personality and Echo's head was in the clouds. My team is a mess…. But I guess their my mess. Even so, I need to find a way to balance them all out.

We shortly arrived at my house and we walked in.

"Mom?" I called out.

"In the kitchen!" She called out and we walked towards the kitchen. "Hey Mist! How'd you feel almost salmon for dinner?" When she saw that my team was with me, looking dead seriousness, she stopped talking, waiting for me to ask something.

"How do The Resistance keep getting into Kittensville?" I finally spoke up. She sighed, sitting down, her near-white spotted fur glaring against the light.

"I don't know. I wish I did, but I don't. I spoke to Knight and Caplan, and they haven't had the slightest idea." I nodded, trying to think this through. "Times like these, I wish your father was here." She stood up, walking towards the pantry. I bent my ears back slightly, looking down.

"I know you only want to talk about him when you want to talk about him but listen to me." I looked her in the eyes, her deep aqua eyes meeting my emerald. "Your father, he was a good tom. He knew what to do, especially in these situations. If he hadn't had died last spring, he would've already had an idea." I bent my ears back all the way at that.

"Ms. Misty's Mom, I apologize for speaking out of term, but I really think it would be best to get to the point." Shades, ever the gentlecat, spoke up and I gave a very small smile at that.

"Right. What I'm trying to get at is that your father always had ideas. But with those ideas, he also has balance. Your Uncle Caplan. Their best friend, Knight. And your father. Your Uncle Caplan and your father would do stunts together that would nearly get them killed. When they met Knight, there became a balance. Knight balanced them out. Maybe it's time you found your balance, because right now I can see it. You're not properly balanced."

I thought about what she said, and I agreed. We didn't have anyone to balance us out.

"So… What're you saying?" Echo questioned.

"A new member to help us become balanced?" Fantasy asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Let's be honest, it's not the worst idea. We don't have anyone to get us to speak out minds openly with each other. I mean, Echo and Ember, you speak to each other. Fantasy and Shades and me and Misty. But together, as a group? We don't have that because nobody pushes. And we could use another fighter against The Resistance." Specks spoke up, earning some approving glances.

"Alright, so how'd we go about this? We all became Titans by fighting The Resistance from attacking those poor elders. That's how we formed. That's how we grew. Finding a new member is going to take a bit more than that." Shades spoke up and I nodded. He makes a great point, but so does Specks.

"But we can't become a team if we don't listen to each other." Specks spoke up.

"Yes, but we already clicked with each other as well. Like I said, we became Titans together because we fought together, side by side." Shades calmly argued back.

"That doesn't mean we can't grow! Specks exclaimed; tail fluffed.

"Okay!" I exclaimed, stepping in-between the hothead she-cat and the calm argumentative tom. "There is no need to get into an argument about this. Yes, we could use a new member to fight against The Resistance and to balance us out. But Shades makes a valid point. We all clicked together the day we became Titans. But it also would be a good idea to place this idea to the side for now, focus on The Resistance. Am I clear?" I asked, the two of them nodding in agreement.

"Maybe we can use this time to map out our plans?" Echo suggested and I nodded.

"Great idea. Mom, we'll be in The Treehouse." I told her and she nodded.

"Be careful, alright?" She asked and I nodded as we walked outside and climbed up the treehouse.

"I will never forget the day we revamped this place." Specks sighed, looking around at this beautiful treehouse we fixed up. "Took a lot of convincing on my part to you." She smiled, looking at me.

"Well, it was my Dads. What'd you expect?" I half-chuckled and smiled, remembering the days when I was a kit, laughing and playing with him. I shook my head, wiping him from my thoughts, and looking to the board.

"Okay. In the past month, they've attacked townhomes, the nursery, some hotels, parks, nearly all the stores, and they nearly cleared our food storage in the last store attack, in the dead middle of winter." I briefed, pointing to the places with my tail on our map.

"Their up to something. Something big." Specks commented and I nodded in agreement.

"The question still stands; how are they getting in with The Watchers on guard?" Echo left that thought in the air.

"Unless…." Ember thought aloud, looking to her brother. "There's a guy on the inside."

"…You think someone might be letting them in on purpose?" Fantasy questioned.

"Exactly." Ember confirmed.

"I doubt The Watches would let that slip past them." Specks tried to reason.

"Unless they didn't know." Shades commented, in thought.

"Solid thoughts… But nothing we can prove." I looked at the map and hummed. "Fantasy." I looked to the white cat. "Your stealthy, you blend in with the snow. You think you can figure it out?"

"Well…. I can try..." The she-cat commented, and I nodded.

"Good. That's all I ask." I smiled at her and looked to Ember. "'Em, you're the fastest there is. I need you to run around the village, make sure there's no visible threats."

"You got it, Chief." She told me and I nodded.

"Echo, Shades. You're our muscle. Stand guard at the border. Recognize anyone from The Resistance, you fight them out."

"You got it." Echo commented.

"Anything to help." Shades complied.

"Specks. You're with me. We're going to go around the village, talk to the citizens, see what's what."

"Looking forward to it." She smiled and I returned the favor.

"Three jobs. Two objectives. One fight. You know your places. Be on the lookout for The Resistance. And any cats capable of becoming a new member of The Titans. We have our ideas. We have our pasts. We have our strengths. And we have our weaknesses. And most importantly; we have each other. We may not know eachother very well yet, but we will. And we'll fight through it. And we'll win." I gave my speech and everyone nodded in agreement. "Head out?"

"Claws to the ground." Ember bowed.

"Hearts to the sky." Echo smiled.

"Stay hidden in the shadows." Fantasy stood up.

"Fight 'till the end." Shades unsheathed his claws.

"Beside you 'till I fall." Specks stood at my shoulder.

"And we'll stick together for as long as we can." I looked into every single one of their eyes. Specks, amber. Fantasy, aqua. Shades, deep green. Ember and Echo, dark blue. And they all met my emerald. "Until the end?" I asked and they nodded.

"Until the end." They said in unison and we ran out the treehouse to do our jobs. 'fore we are Titans. And Titans never quit. We won't go down without a fight, no matter what The Resistance thinks.

And we'll win. Together.