It was a warm summer day in the Crystal Kingdom and in a marble looking castle the princess of the kingdom, Princess Mirabell was preparing for a journey. The journey was to the Steam Kingdom where they were advanced in machinery and into an arranged marriage with the young prince.

The rulers of the Crystal Kingdom were King Christopher and Queen Wilhelmina who had helped their kingdom thrive in recent times after the Great War with the neighboring kingdoms over the advancement of technology.

"Daughter are you ready yet?" Queen Wilhelmina asked as she knocked upon her daughter's door.

"Almost mother." She sighed as the servant put down the brush.

She glanced into the mirror for she thought herself not ready for such a big step. She felt nervous because this alliance will secure the future of her kingdom to reassure there will never be another war.

The servant smiled "You look beautiful your highness."

Mirabell nodded as she walked to the door and the other servant opened it the princess was face to face with her mother who looked crossed.

"You should had been ready hours ago."

Mirabell bowed her head slightly "I apologize mother but I had wanted to make sure that I had looked my best."

At her answer, the Queen softened a bit. "Well you have the right attitude. Now come, your things are already loaded into the steam carriage sent from the Steam Kingdom to fetch you."

Mirabell felt her hands grow clammy as she looked around her room for what might be the last time. It was all happening really fast and she didn't have a say in any of it.

"Princess, on behalf of Prince Wesley of the Steam Kingdom, I'm here to escort you," A stranger's voice interrupted Mirabell's train of thought. She looked over her mother's shoulder to see handsome young man with dark hair in a bow.

"My, how wonderful," the Queen purred, clearly enjoying the extra care the Prince took in sending a personal escort for her. "I'm glad to see the Prince has taken such precautions."

"Yes, your highness, the travel between kingdoms is known to be quite treacherous. Now, Princess, allow me to take your bags." The servant took the bags at Mirabell's feet. "Please follow me." He turned and walked away and Mirabell turned to her mother and curtsied one last time.

"Farewell, Queen Mother," She said.

"Make the King and I proud or do not show your face in this Kingdom again."

"Yes," Mirabell left to follow the servant then. When she made it outside, the man was just throwing her bag in the storage compartment of the steam carriage. When he saw her he quickly moved to hold the door opened for her.

"All ready, your majesty?"

Mirabell looked over at the mechanical horses strapped to the front of the carriage in wonder, but nodded. "Yes, but may I know your name?"

"I'm Armond, personal servant to Prince Wesley. If you have need of anything please don't hesitate to ask, though it will only take a few hours to arrive." He held out his arm and Mirabell used it to step up into the carriage.

"Thank you," she said just before he nodded and closed the door. Once he took position at the head of the carriage and the horses came to life with a great hiss of steam and they were off to the Steam Kingdom.

Back at the Steam Kingdom, Prince Wesley was so nervous about the coming of his bride that he kept pacing back and forth in the throne room.

He knew his coronation was days away and since the death of the king the people of the kingdom had turned to him the true heir for guidance.

His elder brother Lancelot was supposedly illegimate due to the rumor of the queen being with another king before his father King Victor.

But even if it were true Wesley still cared for him and thought that their bond was pretty strong.

As though Lancelot had read his mind, he had entered the throne room.

"Wesley what is the matter? You better sit down before I have the servants pick you up off the floor."

Wesley turned to his brother "I'm just nervous the coronation is days away and my bride to be is on the way to our kingdom now."

Lancelot's expression seemed to change but when Wesley looked closer it seemed the mask was in place once more.

"Little brother relax I will take responsibility while you finish preparing for the wedding. I will escort the princess in when she arrives and makes sure her needs are met by our staff." Lancelot gave him a smile.

Wesley wanted to be the one but at this rate he looked like a complete mess and needed some time to himself so he looked decent enough for when he does meet the princess.

"Very well notify me when she arrives." He took his leave to go to his chamber.

"I will rest assured little brother." Lancelot took his leave to go speak to his mother.

He walked to the other side of the steel castle to the queen's chamber and knocked. The chamber was locked and only the queen gave permission to enter.

He knocked and awaited the command to enter.

Inside Queen Myra was looking over some documentation and gave the command to enter.


"Lancelot this had better be important. You're interrupting my review of the kingdom budget." Queen Myra said putting the budget she was looking at over to the side and fully giving her attention to her oldest son.

"It's very important. Princess Mirabell arrives in less than an hour and Wesley's coronation is tomorrow." Lancelot practically paced the room as he mulled over this information. Queen Myra simply watched him.

"Yes, and we have no say in what happens next, so why care?" She asked.

"Well, that's just it, what if we did have a say?" Lancelot stopped his pacing as if a sudden idea struck him. Queen Myra had a bad feeling, but she had always doted on her oldest son and felt bad for the position he'd been put in due to her fooling around before her marriage to the late king.

"Did you have something in mind…?" She asked quietly. Lancelot smirked and glanced around the room to make sure no one was listening. Thankfully that blasted Armond was busy picking up Mirabell and had no way of overhearing them.

"What if the dear princess were to have an accident after arriving?" There was a dangerous glint in Lancelot's eyes as he asked and Myra hesitated, but deep in her heart she felt she owed Lancelot anything to make up for the scandal surrounding his birth.

"I have the acquaintance of an apothecary well versed in various poisons. She lives nearby but you must be discreet." Queen Myra wrote something down and slid it across the table. Lancelot grinned as he took the paper, it was an address in the town.


Meanwhile, Mirabell had just arrived at the Steam Kingdom.