The tavern wasn't that busy as Prince Lancelot sat down and ordered a few drinks for his friends and himself.

They engaged in light conversation but what Lancelot heard from his friends was not what he expected.

"The princess is awake." The one guard told him which Lancelot gave a smile and thanked him.

He soon excused himself and told his friends to enjoy the rest of the evening that he still had work to do in order to improve the trade.

As soon as he was out of the tavern he made his way down the dirt roads to the home of Persephone and knocked.

She let him in "Good evening my prince." She curtsied.

"Good evening how are things?" He asked.

She could tell he was still worried "It's not ready yet I had to search for an ingredient but if you wish you may return tomorrow."

He didn't expect to hear this but he knew she was doing the best she could. "It's fine I will return sometime tomorrow and if anyone suspects I will just tell them that I found a new treatment for my mother's condition. The princess will hopefully will have amnesia."

"It's possible my prince that her memory might be fuzzy as a side effect." She told him as she continued with her potion.

He nodded "I told my brother about the conditions of the village and the way of life on how you all had been struggling. He will hopefully help improve relations and improve your way of life in this village. I will continue to do my best on my end."

"I appreciate your hard work." She gave him a small smile.

"Good evening Persephone and if u see anyone suspicious I want you to protect yourself because I will not allow you any harm." He knew the detectives were getting close now that the princess was awake.

"You look after yourself my prince I will hate to see you in any danger. I will protect you from those detectives and your brother because you shown kindness to me than most people have ever done." She told him.

He gave her a real smile thinking how similar they are even though they were from different statuses.

"Thank you it is you whom shown me what a friend truly is. Just send a message with one of my guards. They are sworn by honor to not open royal mail and they know what awaits them if they do. " He took his leave.

He made his way back to the castle through the secret passageway and made it up to his room. He immediately pulled out the paperwork to try to figure out the whole trade situation for he could tell this was going to be a long night.

Meanwhile, having heard that the Princess had awakened, Prince Wesley, the Craft siblings and Luca had all rushed to the infirmary. Zia met them just before they could barge into the Princess's room. She had a stern look on her face and instantly had the whole lot of them looking like sheepish children.

"Prince Wesley, you go in first. I don't want to overwhelm her straight off," Zia said.

"Thank you," Wesley told her and the others stepped back and allowed him to go into the room alone. Once he entered, Mirabell gave him a weak smile and Wesley could tell she had really been through a lot. "I'm so glad you're awake, and there is no way I can ask for your forgiveness but please trust I will find who did this to you and make them pay." Wesley told her.

"Prince...I appreciate you coming to see me, but can I ask a question…?"

"Yes of course." Wesley was a bit taken aback.

"...what happened at the dinner? Why am I in the medical ward? That is where this is...right?" Mirabell wrung her hands together in the sheets that still covered her even as she sat up in the bed.

"You don't remember?" Wesley thought about it for a moment. Mirabell had just been eating with them and then she had collapsed. Of course she would have no idea what happened in that time.

"No, I mean, Master Zia explained that I had been poisoned, but I can' someone angry with me?" Mirabell's eyes grew glassy. "I'm just here to help our Kingdoms, I'm not trying to hurt anyone."

"Mirabell..." Wesley embraced her as she started to cry. "I'm sorry...things weren't supposed to go like this. This is my fault. If anything whoever is doing this is after me and doing it to harm my rule. Unfortunately there is a lot of discontent surrounding this Kingdom. Please don't blame yourself."

At the same time, Luca and the others were waiting outside the room and they knew it might be a while.

Lancelot had been disturbed by the knock at the door and he groaned as he knew he wasn't getting anywhere at the moment.

"Yes who is it?" He answered.

"Prince Wesley has a message for you my prince." It was a servant girl.

Lancelot took the message and thanked her. She took her leave as he opened the message.

"Princess Mirabell is awake and gone to see her. If you aren't busy come to the infirmary please but I understand if you are busy with what we had talked about." Lancelot sighed.

He wrote a response "Up all night working on what we had talked about and will see you in the morning in your study if you wish. Give the princess my regards for I am indispose. I give her these flowers as a get well gift." He called for the servant to deliver it to the prince along with flowers from their greenhouse and gone back to work.

The servant made her presence known and Zia took the letter and flowers inside of the infirmary.

"From Prince Lancelot your highnesses and a message to you my prince." She gave the message to Prince Wesley and went to fetch a vase for the flowers.

Mirabell's expression changed "Beautiful flowers."

"Prince Lancelot chose these from our greenhouse princess, it says he sent these as a get well gift for he is indispose with his work. He wishes you well." Wesley told her which she nodded.

"If you don't mind I would like to rest more." She told him.

Prince Wesley wanted to spend more time with her but understood "If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask."

"Thank you."

Prince Wesley took his leave from the medical ward. He had to make an arrangement to meet his brother in the morning to discuss more of their work.

He returned to his room and sent out one final message telling his brother to meet him in his study in the morning. Than he turned in himself for he was exhausted after the day's events.

Once they found out Mirabell wanted to rest, Zia sent everyone away until the Princess was up for more visitors. Alastiar was immensely disappointed that their investigation would be put on hold until tomorrow.

"We should get some rest too, brother," Silvia suggested as they walked back towards their rooms. Alastiar sighed.

"Silvia, you turn in for the night. I'm going to look around a bit," he said and Silvia' eyes widened.

"You're going to snoop around the castle? At night?" '

"Yes, even if my interviews are on hold I can still see if any evidence is around the castle. Besides, Prince Lancelot is curiously absent from the Princess's recovery. Busy or not, a near brush with death is a huge scandal for this Kingdom and a lot rests on her recovery. If Prince Wesley can be there with the duties of a King on his shoulders then Prince Lancelot could surely spare a moment or too. It's a bit suspicious."

Silvia saw that look in her brother's eyes that told her Alastiar could not be talked down from this venture and she sighed knowing she would tag along to watch his back.

"Alright, I'll come along to keep you out of trouble."

Silvia hoped that Prince Lancelot wouldn't be upset with their late night arrival. Sometimes she wished that her brother wasn't so headstrong and jump into things immediately.

They found out from a servant boy on which room was Prince Lancelot's room and they found it without any trouble.

Silvia grabbed her brother's arm "Let me do it I can be more friendly while you look like you are ready to knock someone out."

Alastiar didn't realize he looked the way she described him and he took a deep breath trying to regain some composure and try to have a calm state of mind. He was thankful he had a sister like her.

"Who is it now?" Lancelot grumbled under his breath.

"I apologize Prince Lancelot but it's Silvia and Alastiar Craft may we speak to you. I promise it won't take long." She glared at her brother who put his hands up in surrender.

"Yes enter." He stood up and made himself look presentable. By the moon in the sky it was pretty late and he didn't even notice how late it was or what he probably looked like.

Silvia and Alastiar entered which Lancelot "I apologize for the way I look."

The siblings both noticed the clothes and the hair looked messy and he looked tired like he hasn't slept in some time.

"We are sorry for disturbing you this late but just wanted to ask a question why weren't you at the infirmary?" Alastiar asked.

Lancelot made eye contact "I had been busy for days trying to make the people's lives in our kingdom better by figuring out on how to bring in better trade so they don't have to worry on rather or not they will survive another day, another year. Our kingdom had a terrible sickness a few years ago, I go out to the tavern with my friends and I never fully noticed on how much things haven't changed since medieval times. Sure the castle and the royal family live in luxury with technology that reached it's peak in recent years. But we aren't doing our part to help improve the kingdom. I felt a deep regret and a failure for as a prince of this kingdom I promised to myself that I would do everything in my power to help them. I even took it upon myself to pay extra money for the ingredient in the princess's dessert just to help the struggling family that raises that ingredient and I brought it back myself because I'm not afarid to be among people. Also I am also trying to be the support for my brother who is going through a lot while he gets ready to be king. I brought my brother's attention to the problem of our people so he can use part of the treasury to help out our village as well as our mother. I'm working even now not on the trade part but finding a better cure for her condition. Our mother hasn't been the same since the King died and she keeps herself locked up in her room with limited access to people. I apologized to the princess and to my brother for not sparing a moment tonight. I will make sure to stop at the infirmary tomorrow if possible. Also I will make sure the cook has access to all of the ingredients to make whatever she wishes. So please excuse me I need to get back to work for being Head of Trade is never ending and I have to meet my brother in the morning. good night." He turned back to his work.

Silvia saw something in his expression the way he talked about the village like he had a personal connection himself. "Good night prince Lancelot we are sorry again."

She shoved her brother out of the room and shut the door behind him.

"Wow I wasn't expecting all of that." Silvia said.

"Well he's definitely not what I expected him to be." Alastiar told his sister as they made their way back to their room.

Once inside of their room Silvia spoke up "He has a personal connection with that village brother you could see it in his expression. Maybe he has someone he likes in the village and he doesn't want anyone to know. I mean his birth was a scandal and he probably feels with whoever he's involved with he doesn't want to burden anyone with in telling."

Alastiar didn't think of that "Maybe we are quick to judge Prince Lancelot it seems like he has many sides of himself and he just puts on the facade to protect himself. Maybe he's afraid of being hurt because of his past and he doesn't want people to know his true self. But I'm not ruling anything out yet."

Silvia rolled her eyes "This is why you don't have a girlfriend yet."

She went to bed and Alastiar sighed for his sister really knew how to speak her mind at times.

"I know so you keep reminding me." He told her and gone to bed himself.

Back in Lancelot's room, the prince felt sick to his stomach. He hoped he was convincing to throw the detectives off of him, but he had seen the look in the girl's eyes. She looked like she had an idea from their meeting even though Lancelot did his best to throw them off. They were getting way too close to him. Not to mention now that Mirabell had woken he was in the worst possible position.

If it came down to it the Craft detectives would have to meet their end before they exposed him. Only time would tell.