The next morning Silvia got up early and pulled on her coat and boots. She was waking Alastiar only moments later.

"What are you doing, Slivia?" Her brother looked disgruntled and his hair sticking up in strange places. He narrowed his eyes as he looked her over. "You're heading out."

"Yes, I have a hunch about Lancelot. He has someone in town. I'm sure of it," Silvia's eyes sparkled and Alastiar nodded.

"That's a good hunch. I'll be ready in five minutes."

True to his word, Alastiar didn't waste any time getting dressed and soon enough the siblings were walking done the main road into town. Alastiar felt a sore need for coffee that he was trying in vain to push down.

"So, any idea where to look?"

"Well..." Silvia thought for a moment, "That herb that was used to poison the Princess was very rare for this time of year and region. It would have been very hard to get."

"Yes, you're right. So it would have to be someone with access to all kinds of herbs..." Alastiar looked around at the various shops that lined the road as if searching.

"I'm thinking a place that specializes in herbs. An apothecary perhaps." Silvia said as they came to stand in front of the town apothecary.

Persephone inside saw the two standing in front of her shop she had been researching what Lancelot had asked of her and so far nothing. But she also was still working on the medicine for the queen mother.

She put her research away and went to check on the potion that Lancelot was to pick up for the queen mother later today.

She heard the door open and Persephone yelled "Hello who is it?"

She didn't want to be rude as she tried to finish her potion.

"Hello I'm Silvia and this is my brother Alastiar we apologize if we are being rude but we would like to talk to you." Silvia noticed the girl was busy.

"No trouble at all I'm just finishing up my assignment so it would be ready for the queen mother."

Silvia looked at Alastiar whom he nodded "So you take clients?" He noticed that this girl's way of life was definitely different from that of the royal family.

"Yes I make my life by making potions sometimes herbal teas for those with severe health issues. I'm not paid much but I had put my case before the royals in hopes things will change around here." Her expression had changed like it was a look of sadness.

"Do you know of an herb that was used recently in the poisoning of the princess?" Silvia asked.

Persephone expression stayed the same as she continued her work "There could be many plants that could cause side effects if it's used in the wrong way. You can make a potion fit for any ailement with good intentions but if used in the wrong way than it will turn harmful in the end. Most of us aren't masters when it comes to plants and are still learning. There are too few of us who know everything."

She pulled the potion off of the fire to set up and walked over to the siblings.

"I'm sorry for the princess I really am. I hope she had recovered." Persephone told them.

"She has and thank you for your time." Silvia grabbed her brother and pulled him from the shop.

"Well that was useless." Alastiar grumbled as he really need his caffeine now.

"It's possible she didn't know the effects of her potion when it was made. She probably thought it wouldn't do the damage it done but we have to take this in front of the crown prince for both her and Lancelot need to be questioned by him." She told him.

"Fine but first I need coffee." He stopped at the tavern and she sighed for she really want to go see Wesley now but she was willing to wait.

"Alright let's also get something to eat." She could use a meal.

When the siblings arrived back at the castle the Prince met them coming back in. He walked up to them.

"How goes the investigation?" He asked.

"We've found the herb supplier where the poison was purchased," Silvia said. "She mentioned something about working with a royal family member. In fact, the owner mentioned to be making a potion for your mother, the Queen, while we questioned her."

"The Queen..." Wesley frowned as he said it. "My mother has been withdrawn ever since the death of my father."

"Yes, the apothecary mentioned that sometimes potions have side effects when they are misused. We have reason to believe your brother is involved with her." Alastiar said.

It was at that moment that the Queen entered the room. "Wesley, I'm sorry. I was the one to give Lancelot the apothecary's name," she said. Everyone was taken off guard by her appearance.

"Mother...what are you saying?" Wesley looked as though he couldn't quite believe what he was hearing.

"I'm saying that you need to confront Lancelot. I never meant for anything to happen to the Princess, but I have always felt sorry for Lancelot's situation and he was bitter about not being next in line to rule even though he is the oldest of you two." The queen finally admitted.

Wesley sat down for he was trying to process all of this "Mother how long have you known?"

"For some time now, I had been using a potion for my depression and your brother had funded it for me because he wanted to help me recover. But even though he helped me doesn't mean he's excused for what he's done. Wesley he's your brother and you must handle this with care because even though jealously is a powerful motiver, I don't want you to do something drastic that would cause a scandal and make the people second guess you becoming king." She advised.

Wesley understood that whatever he does next will determine what kind of ruler he will turn out to be.

"Very well I will summon the girl and my brother to the throne room." He got up and the siblings looked between each other than bowing to the queen mother as they followed Wesley.

Within a half hour Lancelot and Persephone both stood in front of Wesley.

"I summoned you both here because we need to talk of the events that took place recently. I understand miss that you make potions."

"Yes your highness." She bowed her head with respect.

"I also understand that you had convince my brother into helping our people in increasing your way of life due to the past."

"Yes milord our people need help in ways you don't see and most of us are barely scrapping by as it is. I had told your brother Prince Lancelot of our situation in hope of receiving aid."

Wesley nodded "Yes I had talked with the others on the matter and we are now working hard in helping all of you and I'm looking into better trade as well."

Persephone smiled a little "Thank you your highness but I wish to say something."

Lancelot gave her a curious look "I offered my services to the prince yes but I alone am responsible for every potion that is made and I know of the princess's situation I wish to help the healers with the side effects. If you allow me to and I will banish myself after in order to protect the honor of the royal family. I openly admit I like Prince Lancelot but I realized that I was a fool in believing that I can be someone of great importance to him. He is above me and I look to make everything right and I will pick up what is left of my home and leave the kingdom. I not only protect the one I care about but you as well your highness. No scandals or anything will come from me I swear on my family's graves."

Prince Wesley honestly felt sorry for the girl and turned to Lancelot whom was in shocked by the admission.

"Persephone please don't do this. I know you want to make things right with my brother and the kingdom which with my remaining power and my brother's blessing you can do so. But I'm willing to go into exile with you because I made a mistake against my brother whom most likely will never forgive me for. I'm sorry that you were put in harm's way because of my jealously and I'm willing to help you get on your feet again to help create a better life. I honestly have to admit that I came to care about you not because of your way of life but because you are a beautiful, caring person whom you didn't care that I was a bastard prince. You never mistreated me like most have and thought me cold hearted. I'm willing to make up my mistakes for both you as well as my brother. I'm really sorry for everything." He took her hand and gave her a small smile.

She blushed a little and nodded "I accept your apology."

He turned to Wesley "That is if my brother grants our wishes and get on with helping the princess's memory and onto becoming king. We will be out of the kingdom at nightfall never to be heard from again."

Silvia and Alastair were both practically speechless but Silvia thought it was cute on how they confessed their feelings for each other.

They waited to see what the crown prince would do.

"Lancelot, I'm sorry I never thought of your situation this whole time. I only thought you should be happy for me and never thought of how you would feel slighted because of your birth...I ask that you forgive me for that. What you did wasn't right and involved an innocent woman though...I can't overlook that. However, if you vow to leave the castle and work towards bettering the situation of the people of this kingdom then I am willing to let you go into exile." Wesley said.

"Brother," Lancelot bowed, "I'm forever grateful for your mercy."

Persephone fell into a curtsy beside him. "I will head to the healer's room to help the Princess recover with your leave, your majesty."

"You may go," Wesley said and waved her away. Once she was gone Wesley and Lancelot began to hash out the details of his exile and Alastiar, Silvia and the Queen exited the room.

"Thank you for your hard work," the Queen told them.

"It was our pleasure," Alastiar said.

"I'm just glad the Princess was ok and that there will be no further threats against her life," Silvia said.

"You have done a great service for the Royal family and we will never forget it. If we ever need help again we are sure to call on the service of the Craft Detective Agency the future."

"We are honored." Silvia and Alastair both did a bow and went to tell the Crown Prince they were leaving.

The Crown Prince thanked them giving them money in return as payment for all they had done.

The siblings hoped the future will be bright as they made their way home.

"You know I hope Lancelot gets a happy ending." Silvia told her brother as the carriage made its way back to their village.

"I'm sure he will especially how those two just admitted their feelings for each other." He smiled.

"So brother shall I find you a girlfriend?" She teased.

Alastair sighed "You know maybe one day but for now solving mysteries is what matters to me."

She stucked out her tongue "That is what an old man sounds like."

He laughed and hugged his sister "I'm sure I will meet someone even if my sister finds me someone."

She smiled thinking that she doesn't want anything to change their sibling relationship "So I say we use the money to fix up our place and help out others."

"Excellent idea little sister." He figured Lancelot might of inspired her just a little maybe he wasn't so bad deep down. Their future looked bright.

It was almost dark when the princess regained her memory thanks to Persephone and the head healer.

Persephone asked for the princess's forgiveness as she gathered up her stuff to go meet up with Lancelot near the front gate.

Prince Wesley walked out and handed her a bag "This is part of the finances I was working toward your village and now you both can use it to start over or split it evenly. I wish you both happiness and good health."

"Thank you brother." Lancelot took the bag for they will use it to start over together.

She gave a worried look which Wesley reassured her "I promise the rest of what has taken from the treasury will be handed out personally myself and Princess Mirabell. They will not suffer anymore Persephone I promise."

She curtsied "Thank you."

They made their way out of the gate and on the road to a village Persephone knew of to create their future. Wesley hoped the best for his brother as he made his way back inside.

The next morning Prince Wesley and Princess Mirabell handed out the money before the wedding of the year came that afternoon. Once the wedding took place they were coronated as King Wesley and Queen Mirabell.

They ruled over the kingdom for many years and the people flourished for King Wesley had kept his promises.