Ronald Swanson looked out the window one morning. It was a beautiful day today.

Ronald smiled, happy to see another day of His creation of the world.

He woke up a little after eight this morning, so it was still early.

He now heard Kristin get out of bed.

Kristin was his daughter.

She wasn't the only child he has. He has a few others, but doesn't see them very often like he does with Kristin.

Ronald poured himself a second cup of coffee while Kristin was on her way downstairs. She came down within less than five minutes.

"Good – morning, Dad."

"Good morning, honey. How did you sleep last night?" Ronald asked.

"I tossed and turned a lot. I was doing some thinking."

"What have you been thinking? Do you want any coffee?"

"I can help myself, Dad, but thank you anyway."

"I've been thinking myself," he told his daughter.

"I'll go ahead and share like you asked.

"I was thinking about how much I've been doing with Christ Jesus lately in the past two weeks. Something is changing me."

"I thought about God too. In what way is He changing you?" Ronald asked.

"I haven't figured it out quite yet, Dad. I'll see what will happen today. What have you thought about Christ?" Kristin asked.

"About how well He takes care of us let alone with creativity of His. I admire Christ."

"So do I. I guess that's the only person we have to admire," she agreed.

Ronald couldn't argue about that.

God loves His children, no matter what.

"How do you communicate with God?" Kristin asked.

"Out loud when I'm alone in this house. I pray in my head," he answered.

"I pray in my head sometimes. I guess this is the first time I've ever done this."

Ronald never grew up in faith, but that came later. He does spend time with the LORD a lot. We all need this from God.

Ronald wasn't so sure about where he gets his creative side from Him. He's not much a fan of music, but is now writing a song. He's keeping it to himself and not share except for Kristin.

Even she doesn't know about his trying something new that he's never done before. The both of them aren't sure what God is doing with creativity for them.

"I do enjoy seeing the creativity that God has made into this world."

Ronald once again agreed with his daughter.

"God always said that it was good," Ronald said.

"He helps us who need creativity, Dad. That's something we all need."

"Looks like I have one of those going on right now. Something new."

"Sounds exciting. What is that new thing?"

Ronald has a memory that involved music a few years ago. He didn't care where the rock group is today.

He happened to be a candidate for a job that was open for managing a rock group. The manager before him found something else in another state. This was a group he's never heard of. This is why he turned the job down.

"Songwriting. I'm not sure why God wanted that to happen."

"How is it going so far?"

"I'm not sure yet, Kristin. I'm looking forward to see where God is leading me to. I don't plan to become famous."

"I think God wants me to be starting a journal or something. I'm not into that, Dad. I don't like writing anyway."

"I've never been crazy about it either, but something made me change that."

"Are you reading sheet music? I thought you had to do that when you're writing or singing."

"No music sheet, Kristin. Just writing is all I've been doing."

"Do you want me to hear it?"

"Maybe later," he answered.

He wasn't sure if this song needed a title like several of them out there do.

"Tell me about your song, Dad."

"What do you want to know about it?" Ronald asked.

"I was curious what it's about and if the song has a title," Kristin answered.

"Just about family. No, it doesn't have a title. I don't think that's necessary."

"Since I think God wants me to start a journal and I don't know how to start writing a journal."

"I understand. My uncle Tom has done that for as long as I can remember."

Ronald's Uncle Tom is still alive, but is now in his early nineties, which is impressive, and he admires that about Tom.

"How long ago did God want you to journal?" Ronald asked.

"Maybe about as long as you have with your song."

"And neither of us have paid much attention on how we have changed and didn't know God was there," Ronald said.

"I guess you're right, Dad. I have started something with an opening on my first entry."


"By using a verse," she answered.

"What verse was that?"

"I can't remember in my memory at this moment. Sorry."

"That's all right."

"Whenever you're ready to share your song, I will looked forward to it."


"You're welcome."