Later that evening, Ronald put a phone call to Uncle Tom.

"Hi, Uncle Tom."

"Hi, Ronald. How are you?" Uncle Tom asked.

"Just fine, thank you. How about you?"

"Good. Just been tired lately."

"I understand, Uncle Tom. There's something I would like to ask you about. I'm asking for Kristin on this question."

"What are you two up to now?"

"Different things. Both of us have been writing a lot lately."

"You never have been into writing, Ronald," Uncle Tom reminded him.

Then Uncle Tom asked another question.

"I read your mind now, Uncle Tom. You have a question asking what we've been doing with writing."

"Yes, Son. Tell me everything."

"There's really nothing much to share. I remember you loved Jesus."

"I still believe in Him, even in this crazy world."

"I'm sure you do."

"Another question I have for you, Ronald, is this: what is giving you the idea about Jesus Christ and writing? You've never been much into religion, from what I remember."

Uncle Tom might be in his nineties, but his mind is still sharp.

"True, but somehow something's making me change from what Jesus has been doing lately to both of us."

"Continue please," Uncle Tom said.

"I have been spending a lot of time with Jesus lately."

"How long ago have you started spending time with the Father?" Uncle Tom asked.

Ronald could tell he's full of ideas during this time with starting his story.

"Well, maybe a couple months now. I remember you saying something about how much God loves His children and has given everyone creativities in His own way for all of us. That was something I thought about lately in the past couple weeks."

"You mean you turned your life around to find Jesus on your own after all of these years? You going to church?"

"Not going to church. I never really planned on it."

"You should go sometime and check it out from what ministers have to say about Jesus."

"I know, but staying home works better for me. Can I continue without anymore questions, Uncle Tom?"

"Sure. I'm still listening. Jesus is listening to this phone call right now. Did you know that?"

"Yes. Just stop talking for now and let me tell you what's going on with us."

"All right, Son. I'll stop."

"Well, as I already said, Kristin and I have been spending lots and lots of time with God during our writing."


"And Kristin has started journaling and doesn't know how to start. She's been adding Bible verses to her entries."

"Good girl. How about you?"

"This is why I'm calling for both us. The journaling and one other genre."

"What's the genre?"

"Music. You know I've never been much of a music fan," Ronald reminded him.

"I haven't forgotten. You were more interested in watching TV."

"I still am, but not very much anymore like I used to."

"That's where Jesus comes in?"

"Uncle Tom, I already asked you not to ask anymore questions."


"I've been spending time with Psalms lately."

"I am reading through that right now. What gave you the idea to start there?"

"It's something I am working on for that song."

Uncle Tom was still listening, but thought about asking more questions.

"Well, I'm spending time with the thirty – third psalm."

"I memorized that verse a long time ago. What verse is it?"

"Psalm thirty – three verses one through three."

"You chose a good one there. You mean what God says is:

Good people, cheer GOD!

Right – living people sound best when praising.

Use guitars to reinforce, your Hallelujahs!

Play his praise on a grand piano!

Invent your own new song to him,

Give him a trumpet fanfare."

"That's the one, Uncle Tom. Very good memory for your age."

"Thank you. What's making you stick with that verse?"

"That's something I'm trying to figure out, Uncle Tom. Kristin hasn't shared any of her journal verses with me."

"Maybe she doesn't want to. Could I hear your song or is it still in progress?"

"I'm not done with it yet, Uncle Tom. Right now I am rewriting it. Jesus somehow told me to do that because it's not religious."

"Good job, Son. You're listening to Jesus. What about your job in between?"

"I haven't been busy lately. I don't have any calls from customers asking about houses."

"That's a shame you don't have any listings."

"I know. I like houses. I watch those shows on TV."

"I know what you're talking about. God does build houses for people like us to live in."

"I never thought about that one. I somehow figured out later after meeting Jesus for the first time, I haven't thought of Him building a house."

"There's a verse in the Bible saying when our time comes, He will send us to the mansion in the sky, so that is one house we live in, and Jesus has made it big enough for us to live in, religious or not."

"The house is called Heaven, right?"


"I'll be sure to tell Kristin to call you sometime and tell her what to do with the journaling."

"I'm glad to get her started. Is that what you're doing with your new song?"

"No. Just writing is all, but no matching verse."

"Maybe you can give it more thought while rewriting your story. You could add the word house to your song."

"It's about family, Uncle Tom. Now you've got me thinking for that song. I'll work on it for a while starting now."

"All right, Ronald. It was nice hearing your voice again. If you're ever stuck, just go ask God for help. He likes helping His children, no matter how hard of the situation could be."

"I'll keep that in mind, Uncle Tom. We'll talk again soon."

"Have a good day now."

"Same to you."

Now Ronald had a lot to think about during that conversation with Uncle Tom. He was a smart person, and Ronald appreciated that from him. Uncle Tom came from his mother's side of the family.

That's when he heard his phone ring.


"Hi, Dad," Christopher said.

"Hi, Christopher. I haven't heard from you lately."

"I know, Dad. I've been busy with the church and my job. Anything new?"

"Actually, there is."

"Tell me," Christopher said.

"You know how I never been a religious person?"

"Yes. What? Are you starting to change, Dad?"

"A little. So is Kristin."

"Wow. I never thought you would change your mind about Jesus."

"Well, something is making it happen. I'm not sure what it is for the both of us. Neither is she."

"Do the rest of the family know?"

"Just Uncle Tom and a neighbor of mine."

"I see. Please tell me what's making you guys change. I want to hear."

Then Christopher continued before Ronald could start his story.

Christopher is part of the Nazarene church out here, but it's not very often Ronald hears form him.

"Well, you know how God gives us all different kinds of creativity?"

"Of course I know, Dad. God talks about that in His Word a lot in both old and new testaments."

Then Christopher added, "You should read the Bible, Dad. Do you have one?"

"No," Ronald answered.

"You need to get one. How did you figure out about who God is and finding your gift from Him?"

"I somehow heard a Voice and wasn't sure what it was in the beginning when I figured out it was Him."

"Sometimes God surprises us. I guess He decided to do that with you and Sis."

"Probably. I never really gave it much thought."

"I think you should, Dad. I am looking forward to the day of meeting him face – to – face and Heaven. I've been reading a lot about Heaven in the Bible."

"That's something I heard about. Kristin and I are somehow discovering God through writing lately."

"Awesome! Dad, I thought you never really cared for that sort of thing. Did God tell you do try it?"

"I guess so. I've only been spending time with God for a few months now. I guess Kristin found Him at the same time."

"That's awesome! I knew about God from some of my friends before becoming a Christian and going to church for the first time. I thought I didn't understand or what I liked hearing. This is something new to those who are discovering God for the first time like you and Sis."

"I'm sure that's true. I have a couple of neighbors who talk about Him whenever I see them. They believe too. I talked about this with his wife not long ago."

"How long ago did you talk with Uncle Tom?"

"Right before you called. Tom shared something."

"What?" Christopher asked.

Before telling Christopher, it sounded like he wanted to ask another question that wasn't about God.

"Dad, I heard from Jonathan."

"How is he?"

"Good. Jonathan is deciding to come out here for a while. He put in two weeks' notice before taking vacation time."

"When does he plan to come?"

"I don't have an exact date. It would be fun to see him again."

Jonathan is one of Ronald's kids.

"I told him about Christ the last time we talked."

"Did Jonathan say anything about that?"

"Not sure. I don't remember what his reaction was. Please continue to what made you guys discover God through writing."

"I'm not sure what made us figure it out from God. We're still trying to," Ronald said.

"What are you guys writing about?"

Ronald could see that Christopher was starting to act like Uncle Tom with questions.

"Uncle Tom asked the same question," Ronald said.

"He did? What else did Uncle Thom say?"

"You know how old Uncle Tom is, and he can still write for his old age. He doesn't have good eyesight anymore," Ronald reminded his son.

"I forgot about that. What did he say on advice for you two?"

"He quoted a couple of lines from the psalm I was working on."

"What do you mean by working on it?"

"I don't know. She's starting to journal."

"That's cool. Uncle Tom was good at that."

"I remember it from my childhood too, Christopher. He's been doing that as long as I can remember."

"I bet. Tell me what verse he quoted."

"The thirty – third psalm with verses one – through three."

"I'll look that up. Thanks, Dad. You still haven't told me what got you into writing since you just mentioned Sis."

"Songwriting. I've never been much of a music fan."

"Music's fun, Dad. You need to listen to music."

"Not my thing, Christopher."

"What's your song about?"

"Family, but I never planned on it to be religious."

"Does that mean I can hear your song?"

"Not yet. God is telling me to rewrite it and have His Name in. I don't know anything about that."

"What else did Uncle Tom say about this?"

"He also pointed out that God gives out creativity in His own way. He did mention that God has a mansion in the sky for everyone, religious or not."

"He has a good point, Dad. Maybe you should go ahead and read scripture."

"I don't know about that. Work has slowed down lately."

"How come?"

"I don't know. You've always enjoyed your job."

"I still do, even if it means slowed down."

"Oh. What do you do when you're not working?"

"Lately, it's that song and spending time with God."

"How much time do you spend with Him?"

"A lot."

"That's good. I can give you one of my Bibles I haven't been using. Next time I come over, I'll give it to you."

"Thanks, Christopher. I better get going, so I can work on that song."

"Before the conversation is over, does your song have a title? A lot of things have those."

"I told Kristin I don't think that song needs a title. I'm not planning to send it off for somebody to hear it."

"Do whatever you want, Dad. I'll go now. I have a few errands to do."

"Nice talking to you, Christopher. I shall look forward to flipping through that Book."

"I'm excited for you to try something new."

That's when the conversation ended.