A man was sitting in a chair in an office. Beside him was a combination safe.

A man and a girl entered the room.

"Hi, Robert."

"Hi, Frank. This is Eva Teslov. Eva, this is Maj. Frank Worthington."

"Nice to meet you." She shook his hand.

"Thanks for coming. Think you can open this safe?"

She looked it over. "Ah, yes. It is indeed a Russian safe. Yes, I believe I can. Let me sit here, please."

"Of course."

She sat down. And then, she did something odd; she took her right shoe off and put her foot on the safe dial!

Frank looked at Robert questioningly; Robert shrugged his shoulders and smiled back.

Seeing their expressions, she also smiled. "A little trick I learned. Toeprints are harder to trace than fingerprints."

"Ah!" said Robert.

She carefully placed her toes on the dial and began her work. She worked slowly and methodically. The guys watched in fascination.

Within five minutes, she had it open!

Inside were various documents. The men pulled them out and begin looking through them. They were in Russian. Eva also pulled out one and looked at it.

"Troop movements in Poland," she said.

"Thank you very much," said Frank.

"You have a very talented foot, Eva!" said Robert.

"And I have a second one just like it!" She kicked her left shoe off. The guys smiled.

"I'll need you to help me translate these documents," said Robert.

"Certainly. What about my reward?"

"Dinner at McCartle's Restaurant!"

"Perfect!" She got up and kissed Robert. "Would you like to come, too?"

Frank smiled. "No, thanks. You two enjoy yourselves. Thanks, Miss Teslov."

"Anytime! Oh, carry my shoes, Robbie!"

"OK." He picked them up, and they started to leave the office.

Frank smiled. "Do you often go barefooted?"

"As much as possible!"

"Thanks, Robbie!" Frank said, teasingly.

Robert smiled. "You're welcome, Frankie!"

They shook hands. Frank also shook Eva's hand.

Before leaving, Robert picked up the documents from the safe.