If anything beats the Law of Entropy, it's love.

Things fall apart. It's inevitable. It's even mathematical. Relationships, businesses, money, buildings, even our bodies, they fall apart. Entropy breaks everything in existence into smaller pieces, until there are only pieces that cannot be broken any smaller.

But I must believe, since our souls belong to a God who created the Law of Entropy, who created this universe for the purpose of it falling apart, that our souls will not fall apart. The one gift that God placed in our souls, not our bodies, is love. An infinite, unconditional love for God. To an extent, it can be reasoned that we can turn this immense love towards other souls too. To love another soul is something God has commanded His children.

I love you, with the love God has put in my soul. Our relationship could fall apart. Fine; things fall apart, and though I have accepted that, should we fall apart, I will still suffer. Yet, since I love you with my soul, that love will beat entropy, it will continue after my body has fallen apart, after the world has fallen apart. My soul will love your soul until the world vanishes with a whimper.

True love transcends the laws of nature since true love comes from God.