I was having an excellent morning, I got all my paperwork filed, had hot coffee, and a delicious breakfast. I also had a man interested in a job I wanted to start. He would be here any minute. As I sat, I thought of all the adventures we will have, as long as everything goes well. I was disturbed by a loud knock on my door.

"Come in," I called.

As he came strolling in, the first thing I noticed was how shiny his shoes are. They were extremely polished and had a pleasant jingle as he set his foot down. His pants were freshly ironed and not a wrinkle to be seen. His belt had the appearance that it too, was polished. His shirt was neat and plain but was like a pancake, not a wrinkle in sight. He wore a blue bowtie, which I assure you was perfectly tied. His bushy mustache was neatly combed along with his hair. His eyes were a deep green and seemed gentle like. "Hi, there. Are you Mister Robert P. Richard?" he asked in a scratchy voice. He almost sounded nervous.

"That I am. How may I be of assistance?" I replied.

"My name is George Richard Vennis. I was wanting of a job and called yesterday." He answered.

I started to study him more. As I did this, George seemed to get more and more nervous. "You start Monday morning." I told him.

"Oh, thank you, thank you." he cried excitedly.

"One more thing," I called after him, " no more of that silly outfit."

I had been automatically pleased with the outcome. George seemed like he would make a great sidekick to the 'soon to be' greatest detective on the block, maybe even the only detective on the block. Soon enough, George and I settled into the life of detectives with our first case, which I entitled The Adventure of the Locked Trunk.