It was a Monday morning at Brookline L. Elementary School. The kids were having a spelling test.

At free time, Jenny said, "Are you seeing Lena after school today?"

"Yes, since I got more time," said Buster.

"Good. I can't stay too long because Amanda's coming over for a house visit," said Jenny.

"We usually stay for about 30 minutes to an hour. What is she coming over?" asked Buster.

"At around 4:00 pm," said Jenny.

"We'll have enough time," said Buster.

"True," agreed Jenny.

Lena's losing her battle from cancer. She recently got forced to quit school. Mrs. Cooper, who was battling breast cancer, is also fading. She put her daughter in foster care early while she was getting worse. Jenny is currently living with the Hollowware family. Alex, Sr. and his wife, Samantha, have six kids: Alex, Jr., Manny, Danny & his twin, Lenny, Anna, and Alexis. The social worker, Amanda, lets Jenny visit her mom until recently when she got forced to stop them. Jenny also learned that her mom's phone got disconnected.

At lunch, Jenny said, "Can't wait to see you guys in hockey finals in Boston soon."

"We went there for basketball," said Manny.

It starts when Buster started skating as a five-year-old. He had just made the finals for the event that will be taking place in May when he took 2nd place and the top three will start getting ready after Spring Break. Plus, his hockey team won all three playoff games. Coach Franklin Gomes was letting them to get a week off before practicing for the finals. He will notify them about the teams they'll be facing along with the dates and times when they go back a week from today.

After school, Buster and Jenny walked over to Lena's.

On the way, she said, "I'm thinking about staying here instead of moving to Seattle."

"I don't blame you," said Buster.

"I haven't called my father or his parents," said Jenny. "I didn't want them to cut me off completely if they found out that I spoke up. I felt I did the right thing."

"I agree," said Buster.

At Lena's, Mrs. Brock said, "My sister and her family are coming down from New Hampshire tomorrow. Laura never knew about Lena's illness."

"Really?" asked Jenny. "I'm surprised to hear that."

Buster knew about the reason: "I know why. Lena didn't want to bring it up while we were on our class trip to enjoy it."

"You're probably right," said Mrs. Brock.

"Where's David?" asked Jenny.

Lena's parents are godparents to Jenny.

"He left us a couple of weeks ago," said Mrs. Brock.

"We didn't notice that during our visits," said Buster.

"Lena wanted to act normal around you guys," said Mrs. Brock.

Then, they went to see Lena for a while. On their way downstairs, Mrs. Brock said, "Buster, you mom called me and she's letting you stay over here for dinner to let you spend more time with Lena."

"Okay," said Buster.

"You're welcome to do the same, Jen," said Mrs. Brock.

"I wish I could, but Amanda's coming over soon, so I might as well leave now," said Jenny.

"That's okay," said Mrs. Brock.

"See you tomorrow, Jen," said Buster.

"Bye," said Jenny as she left there.

At dinner, Lena felt great to be at the table for a change. After dinner, Buster stayed for a bit longer until his mom, T.J., came for him.

"Thanks for dinner. I'll explain to Laura the reason when I stop by," said Buster.

"Okay," said Mrs. Brock.

At home, Buster was doing homework when the phone rang. That was when T.J. came in with the phone and said, "Buster, it's Frank."

"Okay," said Buster as he took it. "Hi, Frank."

"Hi. I was told that Mrs. Cooper only has a week to live. She has been in the hospital since the weekend on life support," said Frank.

"That explains why her phone was disconnected," said Buster.

"Yes," said Frank.

"Amanda was coming over and I bet that would be the reason," said Buster. "I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow. I don't repeat it to Jen that I knew about it, just my neighbors."

"Makes sense," said Frank.

"Jen hoped to hear her mom's voice one last times," said Buster.

After they finished talking, he went to put the phone away.

"What was new with Frank?" asked T.J.

"He was just telling me Jen's mom is on life support with a week to live," said Buster.

"Oh, really?" asked his mom.

"That's why Jen was unable to get a hold of her mom," said Buster. "I bet that's why Amanda's coming this after noon."

He went back to his homework. After that, he changed into his pjs and had spare time before going to bed at 9:30 pm. His dog, Goldilocks, sleeps with him every night.