The next day, at school, Buster said, "I'm done with the final draft, but I'm going to print it here. I don't owe a printer."

"That's okay. Feel free to do it now," said the teacher.

He went to use the computer to print the report as he gave it to her along with the flash drive.

"Thank you," said Mrs. Pierce.

Then, the principal announced to call Jenny down to his office.

"Amanda must have just arrived. She wasn't sure what time she'd be here," said Jenny as she left to there. "Brenda may be running late since she has to bring Lena to the hospital for Chemo."

At the office, Mrs. Brock wasn't there yet.

"After a lot of thinking, I decided to stay in Dover after being threatened," said Jenny.

"I have no issue with that," said Amanda.

"I'll bring that up to the judge

When Mrs. Brock arrived, she and Jenny told the social worker about the plan.

"I feel safer doing that," said Jenny.

"We can have that planned," said Amanda.

"Although you told me I can stay in touch with my father and his parents, I haven't called them," said Jenny. "I don't wish to hear from them, either."

"That's all taken of. The judge already told them not to have any contact with you after we reported it," said Amanda.

"Good. They should've thought about that before," said Jenny.

"I agree. I'll tell him that you choose to stay here. You were only in foster care temporary until you get adopted," said Amada.

"I recall Maggie picked me to either adopt or be her guardian. I didn't want to rush Jen while she was seeing her mom," said Mrs. Brenda.

"Understandable," said Amanda. "She had everything ready when she got sick. First was to locate her former husband and in-laws. Second was you, but she knew it would've been too much for you to handle when Lena got sick and didn't want to put a burden on you."

"I can understand," said Mrs. Brock.

"Foster care was the last option," said Amanda.

"Do you mind if we do it after Mom's service?" asked Jenny.

"I don't mind," said Amanda. "I haven't heard anything about her memorial service yet. Ashes can take about a week to arrive. I'll call Samantha when the memorial service is scheduled."

"Okay," said Jenny.

"I still can sign the adoption paper. That way you can have the judge to sign it after the service and arrange for you to be removed from the foster care," said Amanda.

"That sounds fair enough," said Mrs. Brock.

"When her memorial service comes around, I'll get the rest of my things at the house if that's okay," said Jenny.

"Sure," said Amanda.

"I didn't want to pack too much at the time," said Jenny.

"That's alright," said Amanda.

After they were done, she said, "I'll let Sam about the adoption plan when I come by next week. I got time now. I've been busy while being your mother's caretaker. I started with her after her illness forced her to retire. I did it until she landed in the hospital for her final days."

"I took a leave of absence for now after Lena couldn't attend school anymore," said Mrs. Brock. "Jen, you can return to class now so Amanda and I talk some more."

"Okay," said Jenny as she left for class.

"I'm glad you didn't mention about Lena's illness recently. It happened back in February. Jen was at school at the time when her mom and I talked about it. She understood that I couldn't take her daughter while I was having my hands full caring for Lena," said Mrs. Brock.

"I'm glad Maggie thought about you when she called me. She had to put Jen in foster care early when she was getting worse and it was a good thing she did that before she died," said Amanda.

Those girls are best friends just like me and Maggie. I do understand she haven't heard from Lena. Buster had trouble bringing her up because of Maggie and was worried about telling Jen. He waited until the time was right when you first brought her to meet her new foster family," said Mrs. Brock.

Later, at lunch, Jenny said, "Amanda didn't blame me for staying here instead of Seattle. It was a hard decision, but it's the best thing for me to do. I didn't feel safe after being threatened."

"Good," said Lenny.

"He will be notified that I'll be staying here since he didn't know about it yet," said Jenny. "I'm going to be removed from foster care after Mom's service and I'll be moving in with my godmother."

"Really?" asked Danny.

"Yes. Brenda's adopting me. She had already made arrangements with my mother," replied Jenny.

"That's cool," said Alex, Jr.

"She knew that Brenda couldn't do it while Lena was sick," said Jenny.

"Makes sense," said Haylee.

"Amanda's going to tell Samantha about it when she comes by and will let me know when the memorial service is scheduled. I'm going to get my things at the same time. I'm looking forward for it," said Jenny.

"At least we can see you more often," said Buster.

"I just hope that service isn't scheduled during Spring Break since that trip has been paid," said Jenny.

"I know," said Toni.

"I forgot to ask her since ashes take a while to arrive," said Jenny.

"True," said Anna.

After lunch, the kids couldn't practice because the field was too muddy.

"We might as well wait until tomorrow," said Buster.

"I know," said Alexis.

They ended up playing hopscotch.

"This can be a back-up plan whenever it rains the day before," said Haylee.

"Okay," said Buster.

After recess was over, the class watched a movie for the rest of the day until school ended.

"I don't want to tell Lena when I get adopted. I want it to be a surprise," said Jenny.

"Good idea," said Buster.

"I think she will be surprised," said Alex, Jr.

At home, Buster had a lot of free time since there's no homework until next week when all reports are passed in.

He went next door to hang out with them for a bit.

"Amanda had just called Samantha to tell her about Brenda's plan to adopt me," said Jenny.

"That's good," said Buster.

"I know," said Jenny. "She just wanted to do it that way to save time."

"Makes sense," said Buster.

"I picked a family member, which is my mother," said Jenny.

"That's a good choice," said Buster.

"It's almost done," said Jenny. "I started it after school."

He stayed for an hour before going back home. He put on his pjs and relaxed for a bit before he went to bed at 9:30 pm.