A few days later, Jenny found out the memorial service has been scheduled for her mother, which would be at the end of April, when Amanda came to sign the adoption paper on a Friday after school.

"Okay, good. I didn't want to miss out from Florida. The trip has been paid," said Jenny.

"I understand," said Amanda. "I scheduled for the judge to sign the papers, which would be in May. He was booked until then."

"Okay, that's fine. It would give me time to get my things to get ready to move in with Brenda," said Jenny.

"I told him that you would be staying here and didn't blame you," said Amanda. "He said your father's trying to fight for you and the judge denied it. He added it's your choice to remain here."

"I don't regret it," said Jenny. "What he and his parents were their fault."

"I agree," said the social worker.

On Monday, the kids had their reports back and they all had As and Bs. Buster had an A-, which is still good. He's happy with the grade.

At lunch, Jenny said, "Mom's service will be held at the end of April and the judge will sign the final papers in May."

"Oh, good," said Buster.

"At least I can enjoy the Florida trip, that's all I care about," said Jenny.

"I know," said Haylee.

"And, I don't mind because I can still get my things before that signing," said Jenny.

"I think we should have a party for you," said Buster.

"I think we should have a party for you," said Buster. "And, invite our Trenton friends."

"Good idea," said Haylee.

"My parents did that for the triplets," said Buster.

"That's right, they did," said Leah.

"It was our choice to be with your family," said Leo.

"I agree," added Lee.

"Which is a good thing," said Buster.

"I like that idea," said Jenny.

"My family did that to Kayleigh when they adopted her," said Kayla.

"That was fun," said Kayleigh. "I just found out my biological mom got killed in a car crash five months ago."

"Wow. How did you find out?" asked Haylee.

"Her parents found me and didn't like what my mom did, but they're happy that I'm a loving home with a loving family. They asked me if I want to continue my relationship with them and visit them. I accepted it," said Kayleigh.

"That's good," said Lenny.

"I really didn't care about my mom's death. I'm still mad at her for giving me away," said Kayleigh.

"I would be, too," said Jenny. "I know how you feel. I still don't know why my father left me and Mom."

"I don't sit around and thinking about it. I tell myself that I'm glad that I got adopted by a family who loves me," said Kayleigh.

"Exactly," said Kayla.

"It was a therapist who made me realized why I was angry all the time and made me see it was Mom's problem who did that, not me," said Kayleigh. "It was a struggle back then. It didn't help when I was bounced around until your family took me in."

"I agree with you," said Anna.

"Jen, you and I can see Lena after practice," said Buster.

"Okay," said Jenny.

After school ended, Buster and Jenny went to the rink so he can have practice. After that, they went to see Lena.

"You guys are lucky that you're going to Florida. I wish I could join," said Lena.

"Me, too," said Buster.

"Me, three," said Jenny.

"We can always tell you about the trip," said Buster.

"Okay, sounds good," said Lena.

"And, we can even show you pictures," said Jenny.

"Even better," said Lena.

They stayed for an hour before they left to go home. At home, Buster was doing homework when his mom came by and said, "We'll be going out for dinner shortly. Your father has an extra class tonight."

"Okay. I'll just do my homework when we leave," said Buster.

"No problem," said T.J. "We can go when you finish."

"I'm almost done anyway," said Buster. "Jen found out about her mom's memorial service."

"When is that?" asked T.J.

"At the end of April and the judge will sign the final adoption paper in May," said Buster.

"That's good," said his mom.

Buster told her about a plan that he and his friends would give her a party.

"That would be a great idea," said T.J.

"That's we did for the triplets when they first became part of our family," said Buster.

"That's right," said T.J.

He was able to finish it when his mom was ready to leave. She took her kids out to Friendly's. They had ice cream after they ate their meals. Then, they went back home after they finished.

At home, Buster was able to have free time. He put on his pjs and read a book until he went to bed at 9:30 pm.