I'm attempting the first draft of a story. No fix ups. There will be spelling errors, half finished sentences and plot points that get introduced before changing my mind and then getting ignored.
I wanted to share on FictionPress as a motivator to keep going. If you like the characters and general storyline, I'd love to hear it.


Water glistened on the windows and dew drops were waiting to fall from the ceiling. The wooden structure held enough steam within it to pass as an afternoon shower, and the scent of lavender and lemon sprayed on us as much as it did the clothes we were cleaning. I knew we should've been more careful. There is a danger in joy that makes you want to risk it all.

Penni and Mika had appeared in my life by the consequence of my sister's angry selfless heart. Penni came first, a fiery puma in heart, with denial of a lost mother sitting heavy on his shoulders. Penni was the puma and Mika was the prey, coaxed out of his tattered barn house and in the laundry room we'd let him fly. They would come after him and I if they knew.

Surrounded by clothes, steam and dirt we played in our haven, trusting that the empty factories next door would hide any clues to our games.
Water splashed up from the old bucket, soaking the garment in midair. The grey sleeved shirt held for mere moments before it started circling slowly. Mika threw us a cheeky wide grin, giving himself away.

'Duck!' Penni shouted with glee, upturning a chair on his way down to use as a shield.

I ducked under the first spray of water, managing to avoid the bulk of water but not the droplets that settled into the mess of brunette frizzy curls settled upon my head. With a grin of my own, I caught the next round of water on my hand and flicked it towards Mika. With a whisper of nerial energy I chilled the spray just before it hit his face.
'That was so cold!' Mika's eyes blinked as he tried to rid the water while still getting more water into the shirt to aid in this heroic battle between foes.

'Penni,' I insisted, not needing to say more as the lanky boy grabbed the garment and threw it towards Mika. As it was covered in water, Mika could gain control again at any moment. In a move almost perfected with practise, I sent a puff of heat and sent the steam into the air just as the shirt fell atop Mika's head, proclaiming Penni and I the winners.

With eyes rolling in jest, Mika spun the garment over his head as was the loser's privilege. With the ease of cool air I rid the last of the water from it before it was throw into the clean basket hidden under the table out of the way.

'Okay,' Mika conceded. 'You got me. Congratulations.' The last word was full of mocking sarcasm, but Penni didn't seem to mind as he tackled him into the ground.
A knock at the door sent them sprawling away for each other and without any communication we sent the room back into perfect order.
'Hang on a second!' Penni shouted.

Furniture was straighten, water swam back into the bucket, and I sent a refreshing chill into the air to counter any steam that remained. I reached for the door handle and began coughing, knowing I'd overexerted myself again today again but unable to regret it.