Every once in a hundred generations there is a human that has blood in their veins that has the power to draw a certain type of bond from someone else. This bond draws them together from the further reaches of the earth. The human doesn't know what is going on, lives their life like they have always lived. However the one that is bonded to them draws closer until they can get near the human and cement the bond. If they succeed in this endeavor they will become the most powerful couple to ever live, ruling over everyone and everything on the planet.

But what happens when the Human rejects this bond no one knows because it has never happened. The human usually accepts for their own reasons either it being power or fame, acceptance or love. The children that have been produced from these pairings have been powerful and rule parts of the world waiting for their replacements from the next generations. This is the story of the human in this generation and their bond mate, their journey, good and bad. Rejection, acceptance, heartbreak and love.