Chapter 9 - Julian

My name is Julian Tate and I grew up in a pack that was strong and ruthless, the Knight Pack. My Parents were the second in command family and since I was little I was expected to be like them. I hated how they would beat and punish anyone that did the slightest thing wrong. If someone didn't agree with the Alpha or anyone in command they would be put into a small room for days. Then taken out in front of the rest of the pack and beaten until they could barely move.

The first day I shifted I knew I was different, my wolf was Silver, and I had never seen a Silver wolf before. The same day I changed my eyes turned purple and my hair turned Blue, and they never changed back to my original Blonde hair and blue eyes. I thought I could just lie to my parents and say I was wearing contacts and decided to dye my hair now that was older. They knew I was lying, they knew I was a Silver wolf and from that day on I wasn't really a part of my family.

They threw me into my room and locked it from the outside and put bars on my windows. I had no idea what I did wrong but I knew it had to do with my wolf. They threw food and water into the room when I needed to eat and ignored my pleas and questions. How could they do this to their own child, I would always wonder. Then one day my Father came in and grabbed me by my hair, pulling me out of the room and to the Alpha's house.

I was scared, I didn't know what was going to happen to me. I had not seen the sun in days and it hurt to open my eyes. When we got into the house my Father threw me down onto the floor, but kept my hair in his hands. He wanted to make sure I wouldn't bolt out of there.

"So this is the little one that has turned Silver?" I heard the Alpha's voice ring.

"Yes Alpha. This is my son, Julian." I heard my Father speak.

"Bring him closer." The Alpha stated and I was lifted up by my hair and pushed towards the man. I was shaking and trying not to cry.

"Open your eyes." He said and my Father lifted my head up, but I refused to open them. I felt hands come to both sides of my face and start to squeeze.

"I said open them, Now!" The Alpha barked at me. I slowly opened them and saw him standing in front of me. I was always afraid of being around this man, He was very tall and muscular. He used to break Wolves legs with one hand and not even sweat.

"Amazing. So the change to his eyes and hair happened when he shifted, I am assuming that is how you know he is a Silver." The Alpha asked looking at my Father.

"Yes Alpha. He came home the morning after his first change and tried lying to us. To think we would think he would dye his hair and wear contacts." My Father laughed.

"Well now we need to find his mate. Then we will be rulers of this whole land." My eyes widened at that. What was he talking about?

"There will be two mates Alpha. Silver is to be the third, to bring together the soul bond mates and provide heirs since one of them will be human." My Father told the Alpha.

I didn't want to have children. I never wanted to bring a child into this world that I was forced into. Definitely didn't want to bring them into this pack. I drowned out the rest of the conversation they were having around me and was trying to think of a way to get the hell away from my pack. I had to try, I had to get away from here. After they were done talking my Father brought me back to one of the rooms in the Alpha's house and threw me in.

"You will be coming to pack meetings and sitting next to the Alpha. He will want you to shift in front of everyone to show them we have the link to power." My Father told me.

"Why is my wolf so important?" I asked. He laughed at me.

"You will be giving us power over every Pack and Human, that is why your wolf is important." After that I went to several meetings. I shifted in only the first meeting, making everyone else cheer and congratulate the Alpha. Then I woke up one day and was dragged out into the hall. I saw three other teenagers standing there staring at me as I was forced to the ground.

"Julian meet my son Roku and two of his pack mates Jazlin and Jaxon." I looked up and suddenly wanted to run. I remembered Roku, he used to torment me all the time along with his two friends. I hated them with everything inside of me.

"You will be going with them to the Peyton territory and will meet your bonded. Once we get him established with you, we will take the bond away from his original werewolf bond and transfer it to Roku. So get used to being around Roku, you are to produce us Heirs." Alpha stated and I looked up and saw the smirk on Roku's face.

A couple of weeks later the three of them left first to situate the place we were going to be staying and start at the school there. They wanted to secure the human and intimidate whoever he was bonded to. I went to them a couple days later and everything changed for me. I met a Human. Lea Adler, and the moment I looked into his green eyes I wanted him. He tried to talk to me but Roku pulled me away and into his room.

"You will be staying in my room, with me. You are not to talk to Lea or anyone else or I will hurt him and you. We don't want him to know what is going on just yet. I need to get him to trust us. His original Werewolf bonded is Skylar Peyton. We found out he has his own pack now after being disowned from his original one. He knows about Lea and he will figure out about you, I have no doubt. If I ever catch you talking to him or his pack I will kill you and Lea and deal with my father after. Do you understand?" He asked and I just nodded.

I just figured out that I would be living with one of my mates and around him all of the time and I couldn't even say a word to him. My wolf cried and it was tearing my heart apart. Then to figure out that my other mate was an Alpha of his own pack, one that would probably love and cherish me, all I wanted to do was run towards them. I couldn't do that, I didn't want Lea to get hurt.

"Can I go for a run in the woods tomorrow while you are at school? I don't want to go just yet." I asked and amazingly he agreed since there wouldn't be anyway for me to be around Lea or Skylar.

The next day I shifted and ran in the woods for hours. I ended up near a pond and sat staring at the water. I suddenly felt a tingle throughout my body and my heart started to race. I slowly glanced up and saw two wolves staring at me, quickly retreating when they saw me. I knew one of them had to be Skylar, and he just saw my Silver wolf. Does he know what I am. I quickly ran off and went home. Dreading the next day at school.

The next day I found out that I didn't have every class with Roku like I thought would happen. He couldn't even make the school do that, thank goodness. Skylar tried to talk to me in one class but I ignored him and ran out as soon as the bell rang. At lunch Lea tried his hardest to talk to me, I wanted to say something to him but every time Roku would step in and start talking. I could feel eyes on me the whole time and knew Skylar and his pack were watching me.

Later that day Skylar grabbed me into an empty room and I freaked out. He was going to get Lea killed, He was going to get our mate killed. I almost slipped by telling him that but I didn't. He doesn't know I am one of his mates, he would have said something if he did. He only wanted to make sure I was safe and offered me to go over to their pack. I couldn't do that, I couldn't tell him why either. I only feared for Lea's life.

I ran out of the room and was thankful that Roku or any of the others were not around. When I got home the others were having a meeting inside and I could feel that Lea was in his room. I just sat outside and listened, I knew when I walked in they would stop what they were talking about, and I wanted to know.

"What is your plan Roku?" I heard Jaxon ask.

"I know that Skylar wants Lea so he won't give up the bond willingly. I think we will have to kill him, but we need to get close to one of his pack mates to be able to do that." Roku stated making me angry. I would not let him kill either of my mates.

"Well I noticed that Xander is the outsider of them. I was given him as a partner for a project and he is supposed to come over tomorrow. We can talk to him, feel him out and possibly use him." Jaxon stated.

"Sounds like a plan. Now where is my little Silver wolf?" Roku stated and I heard him get up. I quickly went to the front door and went inside.