The Broken Ones

I never noticed before

All the beauty hidden in your eyes.

Your needy soul revealed

All the Wounds of the suffering Savior.

Never did you speak a word;

Your gaze, often turned down,

Hidden within a hood,

Shielded from all your inner light.

Your cross you bore,

Your pain you buried deep.

In drugs and cravings

You sought a balm for your open wound.

The scars on the inside,

The scars on the outside,

Still hold a meaning

For all who have compassion.

How beautiful you are.

I look at you and see...

Only Jesus.

The One Who allowed Himself to be broken for all.

Coming near to you

How close one feels

To the Man of Sorrows.

You are kicked out on the street,

You overdose

In desperation and numbness.

There are dark nights with no light.

Jesus falls to the ground,

The cross on His Shoulder.

There is a long crucifixion ahead,

Rejection in many hearts.

Love pours out from His broken Heart.

If Christ walked the earth today,

Where would He go?

On whom would He cast His merciful gaze?

You are caught up and carried in the very Heart of God.