[2012. Cad House Living Room. The room is decorated to show the family's wealth. Mr. & Mrs. Cad enter, with them are Servants carrying their luggage. Their teenage son Ernest "Ernie" watches and helps.]

Mrs. Cad: Now remember Ernest, we'll only be gone for three days, so if you need anything, we'll be home soon and the servants should attend to you.

Ernest: Yes Mom.

Mr. Cad: Also, just because your mother and I will be on a weekend getaway to Lake Erie, doesn't mean we'll expect you to slack.

Ernest: Understood Dad.

Mr. Cad: Also, no wild parties! The servants will tell us if anything happens.

Ernest: Understood. I'm just inviting some friends over. No need to worry.

Mrs. Cad: Which friends?

Ernest: Marcus, Ferris, Courtney, Ebony and Vincent.

Mrs. Cad: Why do you hang with the latter two?

Ernest: Because they're my friends.

[Mrs. Cad sighs]

Mr. Cad: Make sure they don't get into trouble. Or else.

Ernest: Understood. Have a nice trip.

[Mrs. Cad hugs Ernest]

Mrs. Cad: Take care, love you. I hear there's a bad storm coming.

Ernest: I will, love you too Mom. Bye.

Mrs. Cad: Bye Sweetie.

Mr. Cad: Bye Son. [Hugs him]

Ernest: Bye Dad.

[Mr & Mrs. Cad leave. Scene changes to a room designed for chilling, a basement or game room. There's at least one couch, an air hockey table, a coffee table, space for dancing, and plenty of other games. Ernest & 24 of his peers are there having fun. There's a storm brewing outside]

Ernest: (To Courtney & Vincent) I can't believe I let you talk me into inviting all these other people.

Courtney: (An easygoing young man in the same grade as Ernest, who's also one of his BFFs and the right hand man of Ferris) Relax Ernie, you worry too much.

Ernest: No I worry just enough! If my parents find out…

Courtney: So there's more than you told them. That's what teens do.

Ernest: They told me, no wild parties. And I don't even know most of the people Justin brought.

Vincent: (An artistic young man in the same grade as Ernest & Courtney. He has a bottle or can in his hand. He's not rich and has a crush on Ernest.) They're his cousin's friends. He insisted she come to help with her social skills, and she wouldn't come unless they came.

Ernest: I know that. But why?

Vincent: Justin's our friend too. Sure he's not in your "inner circle", but he's still in our group.

Courtney: And his cousin Alice is hot. What, she is.

Ernest: And taken.

Courtney: There could be a breakup.

Ernest: I doubt she'd want to date you.

Courtney: (acting hurt) That hurts.

Vincent: (changing the subject) Come on Ernie, let's enjoy the night. Not too often we get a chance like this.

Ernest: And you wonder why my parents don't like you.

Vincent: It's cause me and Eb are poor and have you wrapped around our fingers.

[Vincent drags Ernest to the others and makes him enjoy the party. Soon, the power goes out. Everyone panics.]

Alice: (A pretty, somewhat shy Eurasian young woman who's a grade below Ernest. She has dark brown bangs the rest of her hair is a natural color scale from brown to bright red) Don't worry, I've got a flashlight.

[Alice takes out a flashlight and turns it on.]

Courtney: Thank you.

Alice: You're welcome.

Ernest: The storm must've knocked the power out. The generator should be on soon.

[Servant enters, carrying a flashlight and several candles]

Servant: Are you all ok? The storm's really fierce, and the generator's malfunctioning.

Ernest: Really?

Servant: Yes. Only the fridges, security system and two rooms are getting power.

Courtney: At least we won't starve.

Ferris: (A young man in the same grade as Ernest who's his other BFF, and right hand man.) Well you're here.

Courtney: Hey. [Hits someone]

Marcus: (A rich boy in the same grade as Courtney) Ow!

Courtney: Sorry, thought you were Ferris.

Marcus: Courtney!

Ferris: Calm down!

Marcus: I am calm! He's—

Servant: Excuse me!

Ernest: Yes?

Servant: Are you all staying here?

Everyone: Yes.

Servant: Good. It's not wise to go out into a storm like this. I brought candles for you.

[Servant sets up the candles and lights them]

Ernest, Marcus, Alice & Ebony: Thank you.

Servant: You're welcome.

[Servant leaves when done]

Vincent: Now what?

Jean: (Goes by "Crétien". A shy but brave rich young man that everyone likes but dresses badly. Is in the same grade as Ernest) Music and dancing?

Ernest: Crétien we can barely see.

Alice: Why don't we tell stories?

Jean: Great idea! Who goes first?


Ernest: I'll go. Everyone gather round.

[They all sit down in what looks like a circle]