Chapter 2

Patron Police

"W-What is the God of water Patton doing here?" Danielle questioned.

"Thank you for being so devoted, but these people are fine," the short man said as his light blue hair waved like water.

The helmet-wearing fighter stayed kneeling while Patton approached Asuke.

"I'm sorry about my officer. He takes law enforcement very seriously."

"No shit," Akura commented.

"His current mission was supposed to be finding a band of criminals, and not harassing tourists." The God looked over to the officer who was still kneeling.

"Why not end them yourself? You could just snatch them up since you're a God," Asuke pointed out.

"If I wanted to avoid all conflict, I wouldn't have created life. With my eyes, I want to see my people develop and overcome conflict until they make their own peace."

"So she was right about that," Asuke mumbled.

"What have these criminals been doing? You can see them, right?" Danielle asked.

"The criminals are hunting down Chosen and stealing their weapons. As for my vision on them, none of them are Patrons, so I can't see through them."

"Gee, that sounds really problematic, but we don't live here," Akura directly said.

"Akura," Danielle immediately scolded.

"No, I wasn't even thinking about asking for help. Even if there are foreign criminals, my people will handle it. I'll let you all get back to your relaxation. I hope you enjoy Unami."

Even as Patton walked away, the visitors couldn't relax.

"No more attacking these folks, Izakiel. You have a bigger mission to handle."

"Yes, my lord. I'll complete it with no hassle."

"Round up the other officers and get to it. Lives depend on you."

Then, astral mist carried Patton away, finally allowing Asuke and the girls to calm down.

"Chosen hunters. What do you think sparked their interest? Could it be another Luke incident?" Danielle asked.

"Ah, who the fuck cares? I'm on vacation," Akura said.

"Aren't you the one always looking for a fight?" Danielle questioned.

"Did you just miss what I said? I'm taking a break from fighting for a while."

"Even though you were ready to fight Izakiel."

While the girls went back and forth, Asuke noticed the enforcer leaving without a word. Stepping away from the two, Asuke strolled to Izakiel.

"Hey," he called out. The masked man slowly stopped and spun. "How many people you have looking for those criminals?"

"As Lord Patton said, it's none of your concern. Please focus on your vacation."

"Are you too confident or just listening to your God?"

"If Lord Patton said it's Patron business, then it's ours only. I would be grateful if you didn't become an obstacle."

Without saying another word, Izakiel trotted off.

"Did you actually just try to help someone?" Akura questioned as she caught up.

"I'm glad you're trying, Asuke. Beating Luke really was good for you," Danielle said.

"I'm just thinking if it could be another God controlling those hunters," Asuke said.

"I don't know. When Luke lost, Marces withdrew. I hope it's not the same or worse, someone breaking the truce."

"Well, he said it's not our problem, so let's leave it to them."

While the Zentics, Asuke and gang, relaxed on the beach, Izakiel strolled through town, his eyes still covered by his helmet. Even with his eyes obstructed, he kept a steady gaze on everything happening around him.

"Focus on the main mission. Focus on the main mission," he repeated to himself.

Sadly, he stopped dead when he noticed a suspicious individual.

"Don't bother, Izzy," a voice said while grabbing the enforcer's shoulder.

Izakiel turned to see a rough man with an eyepatch over his left eye.

"Boriel, why are you stopping me?"

"Because we got info on the Chosen hunters."

"Then let's hurry to the others."

Izzy brushed off Boriel's hand as he ran off.

"God damn it. Wait for me."

With Boriel a little behind, the officers reached and entered a two-story building with the words "Wamopa Law" on the front.

"Is everyone already here?" Izakiel questioned as he entered the meeting room.

"Why else would we send Boriel to get you?" someone waiting in the room said.

The speaker turned out to be Uriel, a lady with long white hair, freckles, and her boots up on the table.

"About time you got here, Mr. Enforcer," she said.

"Get your feet down," Izzy ordered.

"I don't have to abide by the laws in your head, asshat."

"Her feet are not the important issue here."

Izzy glanced to his left and spotted Raqiel speaking, a dark skin woman with golden eyes and black hair. She stood tall beside the table with her arms behind her.

"We know where the hunters will be. Gastiel, would you relay everything you gathered."

"Yeah, Gassy. Tell us your stinkin' plan," Uriel teased as she turned in her chair.

"Could you please not call me that?"

On the other end of the table, a young man with blond hair and blue armbands pointed down at a map of the region.

"I learned that their main base isn't here in Wamopa. It's in the next town over, Ludan. At least ten people entered and exited the building, and they all were Chosen. I think that a little more surveillance is needed."

"We can watch them in Ludan. Let's go," Izakiel ordered.

"I suggest we let the Luden officers defend until we arrive. With their numbers, we need a plan," Raqiel stated.

"Raqs is right. We run in there, they'll just jump us with all those weapons," Boriel agreed.

"They need to be taken out immediately. Lord Patton ordered us to erase the threat as quickly as we can."

"I feel like you added that last part," Uriel commented.

"Izakiel's right. These murderous criminals need to be handled before they can kill even more," Gastiel agreed. "But, if we die, there are even less people to stop them. We need a plan before going in."

"I won't let these criminals get away with breaking the law. Even if I -"

A loud banging interrupted Izakiel, forcing the officers' attentions out of the room.

"Regular civilians don't just knock," Boriel said while grabbing his gun.

"Yeah, a lot of people follow Izzy's dumbass appointment rule," Uriel said as she hopped out of her chair.

"Prepare yourselves now." Izzy spoke with his katana fully drawn as he approached the door. The other officers, even Uriel, remained quiet until the door cracked open.

"It's the police! Open up!"

Instinctively, Izakiel threw the door open and thrust his blade out, but his view became nothing but flames.

"Izakiel!"Gastiel called.