Chapter 4

Officer Offense

Remaining silent, Izzy dashed towards the boy again. After doing the same, Asuke clashed blades with him.

"Your God should have put someone else on the job. You're too weak," the Zentic taunted, causing Izakiel to push harder.

As he did, Asuke's weapon flew out of his hands. The enforcer took the chance to aim for his opponent's collarbone, but Asuke threw away his weapon on purpose. The boy split his body, avoiding the katana, and threw his speedy left hand at Izakiel. The Patron's body naturally opened up to avoid the boy's hand. However, Asuke's sparks paralyzed the officer when they shot out of his hand.

"If you go any further, we'll be forced to act," Raqiel warned while Gastiel and Boriel prepared themselves.

Listening to her, Asuke ceased his lightning and quickly jumped away from Izzy before he could attack.

"Like I said, you're blinded. You better figure out your shit before fighting anyone."

The boy sauntered off as Izakiel watched in silence, gripping his katana in anger.

"Oh, Akura! We're leaving, so leave them alone," Danielle said.

The feisty fighter pushed herself off of Uriel's chain and sickle to catch up.

"I guess we'll finish this later," Akura said.

"Oh, the fun isn't over yet." Uriel prepared her chain for another throw, but Gastiel grabbed her arm.

"They're gone, Uriel. Stop it," he said.

"Did you just now blank on our code? They just fucking attacked two officers."

"You heard what Izakiel said. They're guests with Master Patton's blessing. You can have your fun against the actual criminals." Gastiel reluctantly let go, so the girl lowered her weapon.

"I fucking hate you. We better be leaving right now then."

"Still just want to charge in, cap?" Boriel asked Izakiel.

Without responding, Izzy turned, strolled to the captive red head, and stabbed through his stomach.

"You're going to tell us everything about your boss and hideout," Izakiel demanded.

"Fat fucking chance," the thug snickered.

As tense as he could be with hidden eyes, Izakiel continuously slashed through the bubble, making the red head shout in pain. Once in pieces, the orb shrank down until nothing remained. Izakiel then turned to their las prisoner.

"Damn you, Izakiel. You're lucky we have one left," Raqiel said.

"I-I won't talk?" the thug stammered.

Hours later, before the sun set, all five officers zoomed upstream with their weapons.

"From that criminal's intel, there are a total of twenty hunters. They also have multiple buildings around their main base," Gastiel planned. "Izzy and I will start the assault at their main base to draw out the others. The rest of you will keep the others away."

"As long as there's a few bodies for me, I'm satisfied," Uriel stated.

"You got your head on straight, right, Izzy?" Boriel asked.

"Sure," he responded after a moment of silence.

Right as the sun began to fall, the officers reached a large warehouse with a couple of other buildings nearby. Without saying a word, Izakiel strolled to the door, his katana in hand.

"Ah, Izzy. I guess we're starting. You have your jobs, guys," Gastiel said.

"Stay vigilante in there. Once we're finished, we'll assist you," Raqiel said.

"Thanks. See you guys soon." Preparing his giant, metallic lance, Gastiel followed Izakiel. "So, how do you want to start?" he asked the masked enforcer.

Staying silent, the man forcefully swung his katana upwards. The slash sent out a tower of water that cut through the building.

"Well, that's one way to start," Gastiel sighed.

"It didn't go all the way though," Izakiel informed.

Just like he said, the water only made it halfway into the warehouse. After peeking in, they saw a rock wall block the water while several thugs turned to the officers.

"Shit, how did they find us?" one asked.

"Don't matter. Just kill 'em!"

All of the movie extra prepared their assorted weapons.

"Wait!" a booming voice shouted, keeping everyone still.

Before anything could go down, Izzy's water whipped down and struck behind the wall, causing the thugs to dodge.

"So you found our base. That means our ambush didn't work," the same booming voice said. "It's probably for the best. Now I get to fight. Men! Do your thing!"

With a shared shout, the hunters all charged.

"Just to make it harder for you."

Right after the bodiless voice spoke, the ground under Izakiel opened up.

"Izzy!" Gastiel called out as his comrade fell in. The masked man quickly stabbed the wall to stop himself, so he had to watch his partner be attacked.

"You cops should have thought about this more," the voice said before the hole closed, shutting Izzy off into the darkness.

"You have a big mouth for someone who failed their ambush," Izakiel taunted.

At that moment, the Patron filled the hole with water.

"We'll get nowhere if we play like this. See me down below."

Izzy then noticed a light shine through his water from below. So, the man pulled his sword out and floated to the bottom. Once out of the water, he landed in a rough and rocky battle arena with stalagmites and torches that lit the room. After scanning the spacious room, Izakiel saw his opponent finally emerge.

Bandages waved from his short ginger hair, and his dark green jacket matched his gloves and headband.

"Let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard of the monster called Luke?"

Izakiel tightened his grip after hearing the question. "Of course. He's the criminal who disrupted the Gods' peace."

"Well, there's about to be a second legend, and his name is Antaro."

The ground under and around them rumbled as the hunter raised his hand.

"What the fuck?" Uriel questioned after cutting someone down.

"Everyone, don't lose yourself," Raqiel warned.

At that moment, the ground erupted around the officers. Giant stone pillars exponentially grew from the ground, lifting buildings and breaking the land.

"Stop him while you can, Izzy," Gastiel said as he repelled the hunters.

"What the hell did you do?" Izakiel questioned the boss.