Happiness is a will' o' the wisp

here and gone in a flick; haunting

the in between spaces

of the world.

Phantom lights a lantern

to guide the lost.

Mischief makers of the waterways

and lonely places.

Whispers without faces,

formless spirits of the hollows

and the hills.

Souls left to rove

watery graves.

Be prince, knight, or naves

they drown the same

without breath to breathe

sweet, sweet air.

Life cut short, a breath you live.

A breath you die.

and there,

at the bottom of the well

the creek, the river,

you forever lie.

Happiness is a will o'the wisp.

A soft glow, a phantom glimmer to chase

off into the endless night.

In search of that cold, cold

lantern light.