Almost Anything

I will not take up more
time than you wish
I won't steal your heart,
but I will steal a kiss.

I will not ask you to be,
the love of my life
I will not ask you to
make me your wife

I will not be
the girl of your dreams
I won't be the one,
but I'll be all you need.

I will not tell our secret,
that is just between us
I won't meet your parents,
and I won't fall in love.

I will be there for you
whenever you need me
I will make you feel special,
and you will always be free

Free to choose,
and free to find
the one who completes you
and quiets your mind

I will, if I have to
take a bullet for you
Take my life for your life,
It's not a hard thing to choose

I will cook for you even though
I am no domestic goddess at all
I will always be there,
to catch you when you fall

I will do my very best
to fulfill your wildest fantasies
I won't control you, ,
and you won't control me

There is not a whole lot,
that I would not do
I'd do almost anything you ask,
babe, almost anything for you.