Miss Davidson asked me to meet her at the end of the school day. She assured me that I wasn't in any trouble with my grades!

So, at 3:45, I went into her classroom.

"Hi, Miss Davidson. You wanted to see me?"

"Hi, Robbie. There's a contest called the State Essay Competition. First prize is a $1,000 school scholarship. I'd like to enter your essay 'Times Past' to it."

This shocked me. "Miss Davidson! Thank you so much!"

"But there are some things I'd like to go over with you about it—if you have the time."

"I have all the time you need!"

She smiled. "That's good!"

She had the essay on the desk. We spent the next thirty minutes going over it. She had me correct spelling and grammatical errors, and she suggested a few changes to the narrative. I promised to type up the essay by Friday and give it back to her. She in turn promised to send it in.

"Oh, I need to decorate this room for the spring festival. Would you mind helping me, for a few minutes?"

"Sure, Miss Davidson. After all, you helped me with that essay!"


I spent another thirty minutes helping her put stuff up on the walls.

I mentioned before that she often liked to slip her shoes off, in class. While we decorated the room, she went barefooted. At one point, she stood on the desk to put up a streamer.

Feeling a little naughty, I did something a little naughty; I rubbed her feet, lightly!

She laughed. "All right, Robbie, tickling my feet isn't helping me with the decorating!"

"I'm sorry, Miss Davidson!"

"You're forgiven!"

I made the changes to the essay, and she submitted it. I ended up getting second place for it, which netted me a $500 scholarship. Not bad!