Miracle Era

I sat on the bench outside the club, as I stared into the water. A rainbow light lit up the edge of the river, giving off an orange glow where I was sitting. This was the place I met you, the one who stole my heart and fell in love with. It was a new year and things were already changing so fast. A lot of things were running through my mind. Am I going to be happy this year? Will i still have all the friends I have? Can I let go of painful memories? I've been through so much in the past year and I just wanted something, someone to let my heart feel at peace. I've been fucked over, messed with, played with, hurt, left out, lied to, so many of these things boggled my mind. Humans were so strange how they treat others. Some humans were so selfish and full of themselves and some I met were amazing and have become close friends I adore. I know I've become stronger, but I still feel vulnerable sometimes, shaken by traumatic events. I didn't know that this place, Castro District, would become my new home. So far it's been a dream come true. There are some sad things behind it, but mostly I'm happy now and found my place. But, how long will this last? Forever? A few months until some other villain ruins it? Who knows. But, I know I love you and you are my miracle, Meta...

I looked back at the club and saw everyone dancing. I could hear Liam's voice over the com as he spun his music, I could feel the beat pounding at my heart, filling me with joy. I smiled a little as I focused my sight on him in the back, dancing away and having fun. The set was almost over, but I needed a breather. Most of our friends were in there and also my orange angel. I looked up at the stars, filled with many possibilities. Many paths we can take, and this one brought me to you. I've never met anyone so wonderful and good to me, good for me. Meta is kind, sweet, funny, sexy, cute and makes me feel included in something, in someones life, I feel a part of something for once. So many villains have left me out, tormented me, made me feel like I'm nothing, expendable. That's why I love you, Meta. You make the loneliness go away, like I'm a part of something bigger. I looked down as tear fell from my face. I quickly wiped it away as you sat next to me. "Husband." Met said, as he sat next to me. I pulled him close and wrapped an arm around his chest and another on his lower tummy. Meta tingled as he leaned into me. I kissed his cheek as my heart began to race and fill with joy. "Hey baby." I said. He looked at me, totally in love as I looked at him feeling the same. I caressed his bare chest underneath his open white shirt as we gazed at each other. I could feel myself get hard as I held him. "What are you doing out here?" Meta asked. "Just taking a little break, you having fun?" I asked. "Yes, but was worried about you." Meta said as he gazed at me concerned. I just smiled at him and kissed his soft lips, holding him tight in my arms. He felt so good, made me feel so happy, I didn't want to ever let him go, I needed him in my life, forever. "I love you." I whispered to him. "I love you more then the color orange." Meta said as he rest his head on my shoulder. We snuggled there on the bench for a moment, just sitting quietly as people started to leave the club and the music died down. "Thank you all, love yourselves and love one another, be kind to one another. Take care!" I heard Liam say in the club. Everyone left for the night and all was quiet. I felt Meta relax on me as he moaned softly at my touches. This moment was perfect, I was home. He made me forget about all of the bad things on my mind, all of the pain I carried was lifted away. We loved each other so much, it was scary, because we had the power to even destroy each others heart, but I know that would never happen, he was my world and I know I am his.

"Want to go for a walk babe?" I asked, tracing a finger across his cheek. He smiled lovingly at me and nodded. I stood up and bent down a little for him to jump on my back. "Hope on baby, I carry you." I said, looking back at him. He giggled and jumped on me as he wrapped his arms around my chest. I locked my arms in his legs as I picked up and carried him down the street towards the coffee shop. "Weeeee!" He shouted, as he approached the bridge on the left the led to Rex's house. "Hey Rex... Love you.." Meta said as we both looked over at his house. He was a good friend, someone who we loved to talk to, hang out, go shopping. We all grew a bond together and I missed that. Lately things seemed to be drifting away after something that happened. I couldn't bare to think of that right now though. There was always some sadness behind everything good I found. Bay and Mikey were sitting at the coffee shop, having a date night. "Bay! Mikey!" I yelled. They looked over and smiled. Bay beckoned me to come sit with them for a double date. Meta hopped off and sat in the chair next to Mikey as I sat next to Bay, sitting in circle around the small table outside. I loved sitting here with everyone, just taking in the moments, feeling at home, being with the people I love. "How are you guys?" Bay asked. "We are good, how is your night?" Meta asked as we held hands over the table. "Good man, thanks." Mikey said. "Doing good! It's nice to see you two. How was the dance?" Bay asked. "Was fun, I always love Liam's sets." I said. Bay slid over a tray of donuts on the table for us to take. I smiled as I picked up one covered with pink icing. I bit into it and shared a bite with Meta. We looked at each other, munching on the donut, enjoying it together. "You two are so cute." Mikey said. We giggled as I fed Meta, watching him enjoy the yummy treat. I wanted to kiss those lips again as we finished off the donut. Bay leaned over and kissed Mikey, his face lighting up as he looked at Bay. They were so cute together. I'm glad Bay found someone so sweet and loving. We loved going over to their house by the water and all just hanging out together. "Oh Jed, thanks so much for that merman statue, it's so amazing. You are amazing." He said. "Anything for you Bay, I love you." I said. "I love you, Jed." Bay said. Mikey leaned on Bay's shoulder as he was starting to get sleepy. Bay just looked at him and smiled, watching his lover drift away into dream land. "It's getting late, I better take Mikey home to bed." Bay said as he stood up and lifted Mikey into his arms. Mikey smiled and closed his eyes, holding on to his man, feeling the chest hair against his face. "Good night you two. Be safe." Meta said. "Night boys, love you both." Bay said as he carried Mikey off down the street home.

"We have such good friends babe." Meta said as he held on to my arm. "We do. Let's go home too." I said, taking Meta's hand as I stood up. Meta smiled as he squeezed my hand and came close to me. We walked the night again, hand in hand down towards the bowling alley ahead of us. I heard the strike of a bowling ball smashing against the pins at the end of the lane. "Sounds like someone is bowling." I said. "Oh cool. Let's check it out." Meta said as our arms swung as we came closer to the building, just across the street from the pub. Inside, I could see our friends, Chris, Wesley and Dazo. They were all bowling together, chatting and having fun. Each of them had a different color ball. Dazo had green, Wes with blue and Chris with red. I smiled and waved at them. Dazo waved at me as Chris threw his ball down the lane and struck all the pins down. "Hey Jeddy, Meta!" Dazo shouted. Wes turned and smiled at me. "Hey sweets." He said. "Have fun guys, we're heading home!" I shouted. "Night boys, I love you!" Meta said. Just as we were about to continue home, Chris ran out to hug me and lift me up. I laughed as I embraced him. "Hey Jedie, pretty pinkie!" He said as he kissed me. I got lost in his burning eyes and rubbed my face against his sexy ginger beard, melting into his arms. He let me down as Meta ran over and hugged Chris next. "Mmmmm." Meta let out a soft moan as he wrapped his arms around the red-headed stud. Chris hugged Meta tight as I smiled at them, feeling the love. "Have a good night guys, I adore yas." He said as he kissed Meta on the cheek. "Night Chris." Meta said as Chris smirked and went back inside to take his next turn at the lane. I picked up Meta in my arms and carried him home as he nuzzled me with an arm around me. "My baby." He said as he kissed my cheek. "My baby." I said back, squeezing his butt. He moaned softly, resting his head on me, feeling safe and happy in my arms.

We were about to head in, until I saw a tall blond hottie come down the street to the right of us. It was Travis, my bestest best friend. Meta jumped up as we both ran to Travis, giving him the biggest hug, almost knocking him over. "Oof!" He wrapped his arms around us and pulled us in. "Hey Trav." I said, resting my head on his chest. "Yay Travis!" Meta said, gazing at me on his other side. "Hey boys, what's up?" Travis asked. "We're heading home, come." I said, as I grabbed Travis' hand and let him to the house with Meta. We climbed the stairs to the front door of our brownstone home and entered into the living room on the left. The fireplace opened up in front of us, as a picture of me and Meta hung above it, in a pink and orange frame. A lantern above us lit up the room, it was warm and cozy as we all sat down on the pink couch together in front of the three windows that looked out to the park beyond. Travis laid back in the center as Meta and I laid on his chest. He was wearing that green open sweater I loved, with the left side coming down his shoulder a little. Meta was on his stomach, looking up at Travis as I was on my back, looking over at my Meta, resting my head on Travis. Travis put his arms around the both of us, getting us all snuggled up tight. "I love you guys." Travis said, smiling wide. I leaned back to kiss Travis as Meta stared to unzip his jeans. Travis moaned a little as we kissed. Meta pulled off his jeans as his cock sprung out. Meta smiled and started kissing Travis' cock. "Goodness!" He said as he played with Travis. His cock started to get hard as Meta stroked it and licked the shaft up and down. I could feel Travis squirm beneath me as I saw the pleasure on his face. "Feel good Trav?" I asked, caressing his beautiful face. He nodded and kissed me. I turned over to take off his sweater and started kissing his chest now as I ran my hands all over his beautiful body. "You guys..." Travis said, as he was enraptured in our love. Meta started sucking his cock as his lips glided up and down his shaft, sending shivers and tingles through his body. I kissed my best friend up his chest, around his neck, to his cheek and to his lips as I heard his moans from my babe sucking him hard. It turned me on as I started to get hard. I got naked and wrapped my arms around Travis, kissing him deeply. Meta started taking off his clothes too, throwing them in a pile on the rug in front of the fireplace. "Damn, I love this cock, I want it in me." Meta said, licking around the head, tasting Travis' precum. I jumped up and lifted Meta in my arms as Travis scooted over on the couch to the left side. Meta lifted his legs in the air as I dropped his cute ass on the couch in front of Travis. Travis got up on his knees and pulled Meta close to him, grabbing on to his legs to meet his cock to my baby's ass. I wrapped my arms around my love as Travis slipped his cock inside him. I held on tight, kissing his cheek as he let out soft moans, feeling Travis slide in and out of him. "Oh fuck." Travis said, as he fucked Meta's tight ass. "Oh yes baby... so good. Give me that dick." Meta said as he relaxed on me. I pressed my hard dick against his back as I kissed him, enjoying seeing the pleasure on my babe's face. I slid my hand down his sweaty smooth chest to his dick. I grabbed it and stroked him as Travis pounded him deeper. Meta's moans filled the room as the love in our hearts grew hot. My best friend and my lover all wrapped up together in passion, making love to each other. Travis began to breathe heavier as he pounded Meta hard. I couldn't stand it any longer, I wanted in my baby now. "Turn around baby, I want in you too." Travis laid down on the touch as I spun Meta around to face me now as Travis' cock was still inside him. I gazed into my loves eyes as I slid a hand up his sexy body, kissing him softly. "I love you baby." I whispered as I slid myself into him, rubbing against Travis' throbbing dick. Meta looked at me with pure joy and pleasure, moaning in love. I held him up as I fucked him while riding Travis beneath us. "Oh baby... fuck me my love... oh yes..." Meta said as he wrapped his arms around me. "Oh fuck yes my love, you feel so good." I said, driving in deep, hearing Travis groan below us. His groans made my cock throb inside my baby as I fucked him hard. I grabbed his dick and stroked him, our bodies quivering with pleasure, shivering with passion. "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum..." I said as I panted heavily, feeling my baby's wet hole on my cock. "Oh yes, fill me up. I want you my love." Meta said as he kissed my neck. His moans heightened my flame as I felt my cock throb together with Travis. "Oh fuck.. Travis, you ready? Cum with me..." I said, holding my baby tight as I looked down at Travis. "Oooohh fuck, I'm gonna cum..." Travis groaned as I felt his juices mix with mine. I filled Meta with my love as well, flowing pink magic inside him, my body glowing pink with passion magic. Meta whimpered as he came all over my chest, his body shivering with pleasure and magic. "My love." I said, as we both panted together, gazing at each other lovingly. "I love you so much." Meta said, as a tear escaped his eye. I slipped out of him as I fell back on the couch with him in my arms. Travis' cock slapped against his stomach as he sat up. "Man, you guys.. so hot." Travis said. "Goodness." Meta said as he relaxed on me. "That was wonderful." I said, caressing Meta's back. "Indeed." Meta said, making soft moans as I touched him gently. We sat there in afterglow for a moment before going upstairs to shower.

We all stood under the trickling water as we washed each other, running our hands across our wet bodies. Travis ran his hands up and down our backs as we looked up at him, his blond wet hair in his face, so handsome and perfect. I pulled Meta close, kissing him as I ran my hand down his body, smelling the sweet scent of Travis' manliness on him. "I have to get dressed and go see master." Meta said as he kissed me. "Sure babe, have a good time with him." I said as I hugged him tight, feeling his wet body against mine. He made soft moans as we touched. "Be safe Meta." Travis said as he put an arm around my chest as I leaned back on him. I turned the shower off we were clean enough now. "See you later boys! I love you!" Meta said as he got dressed and darted out the door and down the street to the condo. I stood there with Travis for a moment, before we also got dressed and headed to the backyard. Donovan and Skittles came over awhile after and we all sat around the fire. Dono snuggled with Skittles as I sat in Travis' lap in the grass. The night was beautiful, the stars in the sky, the crackling fire, the arm of my best friend around me and my closest friends with me. I was happy, for the moment. Something dark was brewing inside me, but I couldn't let anyone notice. "You okay Jedd?" Dono asked, gazing at me through the flames. "Yes, just mesmerized by the flames." I said as I cast a pink flame into it, making it change color for a moment. Everyone gasped in amazement as I showed them my magic. "You're so magical Jed." Travis said as he kissed my cheek. I smiled as I leaned back on Travis, loving the feel of his strong body against me. I was happy Dono was back with us again, I missed him so much. Seeing him back together with Skittles made me happy. I watched them play and flirt through the flames, smiling and laughing. Everyone was chatting as my mind drifted somewhere else, just taking in the moment quietly hearing everyone's voice around me. Soon, the voices began to fade as I started feeling a sorrow come over me. Something wasn't right. A blank expression came over my face. Thoughts of Matt came through my head and I started to cry without realizing it. A part of me deep inside still missed him and I hated it, I hated how he treated me and not knowing if he really loved me or not, if he really was a friend or not. "Jed!" Skittles shouted at me as I awoke from my trance. I looked up at him and Dono with tears in my face. "What's wrong Jedd?" Dono asked. "Jed?" Travis looked at me concerned. I suddenly got up and headed for the door to the house. "Jed!" Travis shouted. I looked back at him and shook my head. "I'll be fine, don't worry. I need to do something..." I said as I ran through the house and our the front door.

I raced down the dark streets as it started to rain. My feet splashed along the wet road as I made my way down to the pub. The tears started pouring, mixed with rain, you couldn't tell I was crying. I stopped in front of the pub, as I saw Markus standing inside, my drow elf friend who I loved. "Hey hun, you're all wet." He said as I entered the pub. "I sensed you were here, what's going on?" I asked. "I'm sorry, I wanted to come see you." He said. I smiled and gave him a hug, pressing him against me. "I'm glad you came. I need you." I said, holding him tight. "What's wrong? Talk to me." He said. We sat in the booth next tot he window on the side and started talking. "Matt treats me like such crap. It's like we're not even friends anymore. We don't even hang out anymore. He's become so selfish." I said. "I think you should just let him go, he seems toxic hun. It's like he treats you just as a friend, but not as who you are. Does that make sense?" Markus said. "Yes, that's what he does. He doesn't care about me anymore or how I feel. He's heartless now." I said. "I'm sorry dear. You are better without him, you have Meta now." Markus said as he held my hand on the table. "I have to find him and end this..." I said. "Well, he's up in the strip club now, with Randy." Markus said. "Alright, I will settle this then." I said. "What are you going to do?" Markus asked. "Darkness is coming..." I said as I left the pub, starting to shake. "What the fuck?" Markus was confused as he watched me walk out into the rain. He sat their silent for a moment before taking off back home.

I entered the club and took the elevator up to the second floor. Randy was dancing on the pole as Matt sat there in the chair watching him. I quietly walked forward before Randy noticed me. I stood there, staring him down with pink flames in my eyes. "Hey Jed." Randy greeted me as he stopped dancing. Matt turned around in the chair to look at me. "Jed!" Matt exclaimed. "So, Randy is your new best friend I see." I said, trying to calm my flames. "We're friends Jed, yes." Matt said. "What about me? We never hang out anymore, you don't show me your house, you don't want to do things with me, cuddle or play or go flying, you don't introduce me to your new friends like you said you would. It's like I'm not a part of your life anymore. Where do I fit in now?" I said. "Jed, babe.. even during periods of separation, haven't I been a good friend, faithful, gracious?" Matt said. "You always avoid it. No, you have not been, at all." I said. "Well, I'm about to get laid tonight, I think. Good to see you, night night." Matt said as they both started heading for the elevator. "Night Jed." Randy said.

Just then, my body started shaking. I couldn't control it, feelings of sorrow, anxiety and rage all came together at once. All I wanted was to feel those special times again with him, become close like we once were. But it felt like it would never happen, it was over. I felt like I just completely lost control of everything and that time was over now. I wanted to scream, I wanted to blow everything up, but I couldn't destroy Castro, my new home. Matt noticed me go down on my knees with my hands above my head. "Jed?" Matt looked at me confused. I looked up at him with pure rage and sorrow as a dark magic escaped me, surrounding us with a strange force field. We were trapped in another dimension, a place of the past, it was the planetarium Matt took me to years ago. "What the fuck is this?" Randy asked as he looked around in confusion and terror. I stood up with pink flames in my hands as I looked at Randy with a smirk. "Your nightmare." I said as I hurled a fireball at him, instantly incinerating him to ashes. "FUCK!" Matt shouted as he ran up the stairs to the second level on the glass platform. "I'm so fucking sick of how you treat me! It's like you don't even fucking know me, Matt!" I yelled as I ran up the stairs after him. "You exclude me!" I shouted as I throw a pink fireball at him as he falls into a blue chair next to him on the platform. "You ditched me!" I yelled as I blew up the chair, hurling Matt against the rim of the platform. "Shit!" He shouted in pain as his back his the railing. "You never tell me how you feel!" I shout, as I blast the glass beneath him, falling to the floor beneath. I enjoyed watching him in pain. "You tell me things I don't want to hear because we don't do them anymore!" I shouted again as I leaped down on top of him on the lower level. "That fucking hurts, Matt! You fuck with me, telling everyone we are just friends, yet tell me we are a couple when you don't even fucking treat us like one!" I shouted down at him, smiling at the fear in his eyes, he was stunned. "You even brought back Ciel who caused enough trouble for me! All these things Matt! You are a piece of shit!" I yell as I bend down to punch him with a burning fist. "You are selfish!" I punch him again, burning his face. "You are broken!" I smash him again with more force, watching the broken expression on his face as if he's given up. "You don't even fucking love me anymore! Now you have someone new to mess with." I just stared at him as he laid there in fear, grasping at the burns on his face, squirming around in pain. He had enough of a beating so I didn't take it any further now. I calmed down a little now that my rage was out of my system. "I miss those days with you, Matt and seeing you with someone else, not doing anything with me anymore, excluding me from your life, telling me things I don't want to hear when we used to do those things. Why do you treat me like this? Why?" I just watched him squirm no words escaped his mouth. "I just wanted to bring some of that back but clearly you don't care for me anymore. We are done Matt Hall. No longer friends, you have no friends..." I notice his glasses on the floor and step on them, smashing them into pieces, tiny bits of glass scatter in front of him. "I just wanted it to be special again, cause you saved me, Matt.. that's why this hurts to much. I didn't want to hate you cause you did so much for me and it hurts that you treat me differently now, when once you were my angel, challenged me, protected me, loved me, played with me and now it's different and it fucking sucks. But now, I hate you, hate the person you've become. You can suffer in this planetarium dimension for all eternity. I don't ever want to fucking see you again. Fuck you, Matt..." I said as I teleported back to Castro.

It was still raining as I looked up and closed my eyes to feel the rain drip on my face. Thoughts of Matt ran through my head. It was over now and I was broken. He broke me. I broke down there, tears flowing out of me. I fell to the ground just as Liam came to my side and held me. I looked up at him, then cried on his shoulder. "Oh Jed, forget about Matt, he's not worth it." Liam said, as he embraced me, my best friend and my lover. I let it all out and I just wanted to be with the friends I have now that truly love me. "I love you, Jed." Liam said as he kissed my face. "I love you, Liam." I said, kissing my Liam in the rain, a gentle joy came over me and made me feel better. Liam took me home and put me to bed, before he took off back to his house. In the morning, I got up and went for a walk to clear my head. I saw Meta and Nicholas in the park on the bench. I walked over and sat with them, my new family. "Good morning." Nicholas said. "Morning baby." Meta said, giving me a sweet kiss. I kissed his nose back as I laid there on Nick's lap, sighing in relief. I was home, this was home now. They made me feel included, loved, important, like I belonged. That's the biggest thing I loved about Meta, always including his friends and happy to see them. I've been excluded for too long in the previous era and now was the time for change, for a better life for me. I loved Meta, so much, with all my heart and his master Nicholas is a wonderful loving person. They are my family now and I fucking love it here. I am glad I met you, my orange angel.