The Superheroes: Rise of the Undead Nazis

"Ok, so let me get this straight. You're saying that Adolf Hitler, somehow has come back to life and is getting ready to plunge the world into World War 3."

"Yep, that's correct."

The young man in front of the monitor bursts out laughing and yells to his companion in the back, "Hey Elements! You got to hear this guy! He says Hitler came back to life!"

"Who the heck is Hitler?" yells Elements.

"Oh right. Forgot you're not from this planet. Of course, Plantken wouldn't teach you about Earth history. Or is it programmed?"

A guy wearing shades steps out from the back fresh out of the shower with a towel around his crotch and says, "I don't even want to think on that subject. Just be glad she programmed me with free will at all."

"Yeah, because the Tower of the Taken was surely your shining moment," teased the young man.

"Shut it," responds Elements angrily.

"Will you two keep it down? I can hear you all the way in here," yells a young woman who is out of sight.

"Yo Linda get this! This guy claims Hitler came back to life!"

"What?" yells the young woman before she runs in there.

The young woman has jet-black hair currently tied in a ponytail with jade eyes and wearing a green jumpsuit.

"Liking the new look by the way," says the young man.

"Thanks Jeremiah, but what's this about Hitler coming back to life?"

The guy on the monitor said, "Me and a couple of my friends got the funny idea to bring Hitler back to life using a spell book we found in an antique store. We didn't think that it was real. After we cast the spell, Hitler literally rose out of the grave, grabbed the book, and we ran for our dear lives."

"Ok, you didn't mention that part last time. Also how did you get this frequency? Civilians shouldn't even be able to call me," asks Jeremiah.

"I'm actually Hurricane's brother and I used to work Tech Support at the Superheroes," answers the guy on screen.

"Oh, Hurricane. I haven't seen him in years. How's he doing?" asks Jeremiah.

"He died a couple of years ago. A supervillain stabbed him in the heart."

Jeremiah looks down to the ground and says, "Dang. I'm sorry. He used to help me out back when I started working in the Superheroes."

"It's no big deal. Anyway, can you please stop Hitler? He plans to raise his entire army of Nazis during the full moon tomorrow and I'm not sure there's anything I can do about it."

Elements punches his other knuckle and says, "I'm game. It's not everyday you get to beat down a bunch of zombies."

Jeremiah looks at Linda who nods her head.

"Ok, send us your coordinates and we'll be there as soon as I get some supplies and Elements gets dressed."

"Thank you."

The transmission ended. Jeremiah gathered a bunch of supplies from his magic and spell-casting days back when he was heavily into magic plus a couple of glowing keys, magical keys that can open any door while Linda prepared weapons clutching her blue necklace all the while and Elements was getting dressed into his blue biker suit. Once they were ready, they stuffed their equipment into Jeremiah's infinite storage pockets as a garage door opened up revealing a small track and a motorcycle at the start. Jeremiah turns into blue slime and shapeshifts into a scarf around Linda's neck solidifying and regaining his color in the process. Elements and Linda hop on the motorcycle as Elements revs it up. He runs it across the course containing many twists and turns eventually jumping off a ramp at the end as the motorcycle opens a portal placing them in their destination. Jeremiah shapeshifts back to normal and says afterwards, "Ok everyone. Here's the plan. I'll go around the cemetery and set up an area-wide dispell. Elements will distract the zombies once they rise from the ground. Linda, you will ambush them using your shadows. They'll be in for a big surprise."

They both nodded and everyone got to work. Once the full moon rises, footsteps could be heard in the graveyard as Hitler's zombie walks into the graveyard. He opens the book and starts chanting something causing it to glow. All of a sudden as zombies rise from their graves a blast of fire hits the book burning it.

"Nein! Nein!" yells Hitler as he drops the book.

"I'm afraid I don't speak zombie," yells Elements on top of a mausoleum standing dramatically.

All of a sudden, a werewolf literally comes out of the shadows and slashes Hitler's zombie into pieces. More zombies come out of the ground. Elements makes the whole graveyard shake as spikes of Earth rise out of the ground and stabs the zombies. They just walk as parts of them fall off. Elements jumps down and makes an earth wall around him and the werewolf. The werewolf jumps into the ground and quite literally slips into the shadows. It quickly glides across the battlefield as a huge hand/paw grabs a zombie and drags it down into darkness before spitting it back out in pieces.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah is halfway done spreading the circle across the graveyard. No zombies have reached him thanks to Elements shutting up Hitler so quickly. Back at their location, Elements picks up Hitler's head who is screaming at him in German. He drops the head and stomps on its. He stomps the ground causing a huge pillar of stone to rise from the ground him launching him into the air. Elements controls the wind to propel him even higher before letting himself fall. The werewolf jumps out of the shadows and runs out of the area as Elements turns the ground all muddy softening his landing and trapping the zombies. He propels himself up a little bit with the mud before solidifying it trapping the zombies. The werewolf runs back there and Elements gets himself out of his own mud trap. The werewolf stops as Elements jumps back down as the zombies are trying to claw their way out of there to no avail. Jeremiah rounds the corner and says, "Great job guys. You sure made quick work of the zombies."

The werewolf suddenly turns into Linda who is now naked, "Yeah, Elements stopped him. Hold on."

She presses a button on her watch causing a green data sphere to form around here which uploads her clothes back on her. The sphere disappears.

"Much better. Anyway, Elements did most of the heavy lifting. I was just the surprise attack."

Elements comments, "Heck yeah. No zombies are a match for good ol' Elements."

"Except you're not that old and you still got rocks for brains," responds Jeremiah.

"Let me have my moment."

Jeremiah finishes the circle and activates the spell turning the zombies back into corpses.

"Elements, if you please."

Elements controls the earth and puts all the corpses back into their proper graves within a matter of minutes. Jeremiah says, "Good. Now let's go back home. Did you get the book?"

"It's burnt to ashes," answers Elements.

"That'll work," says Jeremiah.

They hop on the motorcycle and portal back home to Sector 17.