After dinner, I dragged Sisyphus out by the scruff of his neck while Finch came in and helped Thanatos out to the van. I sat in the back and made sure Sisyphus didn't jump out while Finch drove us back to Hades's morgue.

Once we got there, things wound down. Hades poofed Sisyphus back to the Underworld for the Erinyes to take care of, Thanatos got some ice, and Makaria didn't have to pull another shift. Hades wrote out a "get out of the Underworld free" one-time use coupon for Finch as payment for her help.

I was just going to head back to Mom and Dad's house, but I got a text from my sister asking to meet up down in the harbor, so that took priority.

Eileithyia doesn't live with Mom and Dad like I do, but she works at the hospital that's quite a drive away. She works as an all-around nurse, but specializes in – you guessed it – childbirth and delivery. She wasn't hard to find, sitting on the bench. She has black hair like Dad, but she got her darker skin and brown eyes from Mom.

I sat down on the bench by her. "So what's with the text?"

"I figured you should know that I delivered another baby demigod today," she said.

"One of Dad's?" I guessed. She nodded.

"Mom's going to be pissed, but I guess Dad expected that this time. He told me that he's gonna let the baby demigod become one of Mom's champions, like the Argonaut." Eileithyia was folding and unfolding a square piece of paper. First, she turned it into a crane, then a little hat, then a duck that could drink from a bowl. "She's so small, though. I was worried that she was born too early, but she seems to be fine..."

"What's her name?" I asked.

"Adira. Her mortal mother picked it out. I thought it was a beautiful name," Eileithyia admitted. I mused over that for a few moments.

"...Yeah, I've got to agree. She sounds like she's going to have a rough upbringing, though. Mom gets really mad about this stuff." I was just thinking aloud, but Eileithyia was still paying attention.

"I just hope that Dad's plan works. It always hurts to see such small children go through such stressful things," Eileithyia said. I nodded in agreement.

"It'll be fine, I'm sure. Most demigods don't have to worry about stressful monster stuff until they're teenagers," I said. I wasn't sure I believed it, honestly.