"Hey Ares, I need a favor."

I always hated it when people started a conversation like that. No "Hey, how have you been, I heard you got kidnapped recently," or "Hey, good job rescuing Thanatos again, heard it was really awkward." Just "I need a favor."

I just stared at Apollo and gestured for him to go on. He gave me a nervous grin.

"Do you think you could talk to your sister and get her to send me a bottle of nectar?"

"What goddess did you have a kid with?" I asked bluntly.

"Um...well, actually a mortal...but you're right, there's a baby immortal. So can you just text Hebe?" Apollo asked. I just crossed my arms and leaned against the wall of the ambulance barn.

"Not until you fill me in. She asked for important outreach only."

"Fine, fine. So I may have fathered a daemon of wrath and I need some nectar and a babysitter," Apollo said. "I know Hebe still has nectar with her at all times, but I thought you could help out too? Since wrath and rage is basically your thing?"

I ignored the double-sided compliment. "So you've got a wrath daemon. Lovely. Why is that my problem?"

"It's not your problem, buuuut it could be," Apollo offered. "I mean, you've had kids, right? You're good with them."

I don't know what gave Apollo the impression that I was any good with children, but I knew he was just going to pester me until I gave in. "I'll call Hebe."

"Thanks man, I really owe ya one."

I stepped outside of the ambulance barn and selected Hebe from my contacts. I put the phone up to my ear and waited.

She picked up after three rings. "Ares. What are you calling for?"

"So as it turns out, Apollo had a baby immortal recently. He wants to know if you have a bottle of nectar he can have. And apparently I'm now on babysitting duty."

I pulled the phone away from my ear when Hebe laughed. It wasn't a bad laugh, it was just loud. I put the phone back to my ear in time to hear her talk. "How the tables turn. I remember when I was helping Mom change your diapers."

"So you'll give Apollo the nectar bottle?" I asked carefully.

"Sure, but I want to meet this little baby that I'm hearing about."

"I'll, uh, drop by with him," I promised.