I brought baby Thymós back to Apollo's place, now with a couple of gallons of nectar also in the back seat. I parked in Apollo's driveway and got the bag, gallons, and baby out of the back seat. I walked up to the door and gently kicked it with my foot.

Kara opened up the door, looking more rested now. She raised an eyebrow when she saw how I was holding Thymós, the bag, and the gallons. She sighed and took Thymós and the diaper bag from my arm and let me in.

I put the gallons down on the kitchen counter while Kara restocked the diaper bag.

"So what did your sister say?" Kara asked.

"Basically, he's gonna grow really fast, but not as suddenly as gods normally do," I said. "He'll probably look fully grown by the end of his second month."

Kara almost dropped a binky. "That fast?"

"God stuff makes human stuff weird," I summarized.

"...Okay. Let's just go with that, then." Kara looked down at Thymós, who scowled back.

"Where's your boy toy?" I asked as I tried to figure out if nectar should be refrigerated.

"He got a call. He didn't say much before he was out the door."

"Understandable." I could certainly name a few fires I went on where I just ran out the door during dinner with Mom and Dad. I assume that responding to medical emergencies was the same.

Kara put Thymós in a playpen in the connected living room so he could get out some of his eternal rage by beating up some stuffed toy. She seemed to be thinking over something.

"...What?" I finally asked, since she didn't offer to say it.

"How am I going to get this done with the government? What would the DMV say? How are we going to explain this?"

I leaned against the counter and watched Thymós fight against a particularly large teddy bear. "Well...I don't know much about law stuff, myself, but Athena does. You could totally ask her for help."

"Athena is in this city too? How many deities are here?" Kara asked. I shrugged.

"Lots? I mean, the main Olympians are here, along with Persephone, Hades, my sons Phobos and Deimos, Thanatos...and so on and so forth," I said. I didn't want to list names all night. "But...yeah, get Athena to help you with this. She knows how this modern law stuff works, and she can help you deal with having a god in the modern age."

"Thank you."

I just shrugged. "Hey, it's no problem. I'm just here to chat. But I should probably get going anyway, I've got to wash some hoses."

Kara didn't let me leave until she got a container of cookies together, which I brought with me to the station and enjoyed before I started to clean hoses and the trucks themselves.