"I'm sorry, June, but the answer is no," Mrs. Wood told her daughter. "You can't take Spot to school for Show and Tell."

"Why not?" asked June.

"Well, honey, they don't allow pets in school. I don't think you could hold onto him the whole time he was there, anyway. He'd run away and get lost. And what if he had to pee or poop?"

"I could take him outside..."

"By the time you realized it, it would be too late and there would be a big mess to clean up. I'm sorry, but you'll just have to think of something else to take."

June stuck her bottom lip out.

"Why don't you take pictures of Spot." Mr. Wood got the photograph album out and opened it. "See? We took this one right after we got him, and then this one is from last week. Why don't you take both pictures and pass them around? That way, your classmates can see how much he's grown."

"Well...all right."

When June met her friends at the bus stop the next morning, she showed them the photographs and asked what they were taking.

"This is a maraca my Uncle Tomas brought me from Puerto Rico." Tom showed his friends the maraca. It was painted yellow and had a red chili pepper on the side.

"I'm gonna show off my monkey my Granny made me from a sock," said Marcy.

Soon the bus arrived, and the children climbed aboard. All the way to school, June worried that her classmates wouldn't think her pictures of Spot were as interesting as Tom's maraca or Marcy's sock monkey.

At last it was time for Show and Tell. One by one, Miss Sims called the children to the front. June was the next to last child, right before George Young.

"This is my puppy, Spot," she began. "He was just six weeks old when we got him back in June. Here's another picture to show how big he is now!"

She passed the pictures around to all the children.

"Thank you, June," said Miss Sims when the pictures were passed back up to the front. "George, you may come up and show the class what you have now."