Idly, she remembered
A friend of hers or two
And recalled, however, faint

The last time she saw heard from them

She didn't know that would
Be the last time that she'd
Spend with them

If she knew
That would be the last time
She would have made the most of it

If she knew it would
The last time she and a friend hung out
She would have asked to

Play a game more of her speed
Just that once

If she knew
That would be the last time
She'd speak to one of them

Then she would have taken the time
To wish them well in whatever
Their endeavors were

One could guess
She knew they'd pull back
And withdraw from her

That time would drift them apart

If she knew
Those would be the last times

She'd see or hear from them again
Then, as only she figured, she would
Have made the most of it

Made it count
Anything to not
Have wasted it

In her time,
Alone, with her thoughts
And in what she remembered

She wished she had