I don't know what this is. I was just bored. So I put some words on a doc, and this is what happened. I decided to post it, because like, why not?

The crickets are chirping, the robins singing.

The fish are swimming, and pelicans flying.

Mice scurrying, with ants not far behind.

But none of that makes us wonder:


Why are we here, on this planet, this earth,

Why do we exist, what's the meaning of our birth?

Some things you can explain, others not so much.

So why do these things happen, as such?

I wish I could tell you,

But the truth is I can't.

We can make suggestions,

Theories, even.

But it still stands that we have no idea.

To be honest, sometimes I think, sometimes I feel,

As if we're meant to be, meant to heal,

One at a time,

Rhyme by rhyme,

Waiting for our purpose to come.

It's as if we're here,

With things to fear,

And love that's something else.