There is a power hungry leader, a country in crisis, dying from a novel virus. The vaccine is coming in the next year. The world is pushed apart. Kept distant. People wear masks so they don't get infected. This isn't a movie. This is 2020. Somehow you want it all over. Somehow this dumpster fire of a year will be put out. It'll be put out...right. The dumpster won't burn away! This year will get better! The year will-well it has to! wont! It doesn't seem like it will! Nothing seems like it might go right! The world is screwed! The world-

Anxiety. Its like blanket swaddling the world. You don't want to die. You don't want to become infected. Your doing everything possible to keep yourself safe, but you don't know if your actions are enough. You don't know what is enough. Momentary things push this blanket away. They let you stick your feet out the end of the blanket and cool off. What is enough right now. What will let you escape this blanket.

"Even if humanity burns out the world will keep spinning. This is one moment out of millions. Everything has an end. A vaccine will come. The world will flourish again. Not everything is bleak." You tell yourself all this. It helps in the meanwhile. It helps.