Organic Chemistry 2 class starts soon again and I'm terrified that no matter how much I study or want to do well in this class that I will always fall short and fail over and over again and that I cant graduate or transfer into a 4-year college and that I'll never get a job and be able to be financially independent.

It's much later after class that I get the results of my online quiz video question that I thought that I had done well enough on only to see that when he graded it I had gotten 4/10. I had worked backwards to find my answer which was apparently the wrong way to go and now I feel that no matter how hard I work in this class that I will always be wrong an that I'm going to fail out of this class never going to get into a college and be a disappointment to my parents and be a financial drain on them like my oaf of an older brother already is.

Sometimes I feel like I may have a mental disorder then I feel like I'm stupid for even thinking about that. There's so many other people who actually have those and then I shouldn't compare myself to those people because I'm nothing like them and why would I have anything wrong with myself.