I haven't had much to really talk about in the past few days. This afternoon something just pushed me over the edge. Whenever I forget to flatten the cardboard for recycling I'm a bad person. "What do you think happens to it after you just leave it there? Do you expect it to just go away?" Did you really forget or did you just not want to do it?

But when my brother does something he's amazing for just getting his fat ass out of bed for a few hours a day and nothing is ever wrong with what he does.

If he's that invalid that despondent then maybe he does need to be in a care facility to better take care of his needs.

No matter how much he washes his clothes they always smell and so does he.

He's so smelly and I can't stand the stench of his pigsty of a room. He gets pizza for helping out around the house while I'm just supposed to do it and not get mad when he's treated well and rewarded for something he should already be doing. He's 24 for fucks sake and he didn't do college and can't get off his ass and find any job. So I'll probably be stuck paying for him after he's done mooching off our parents and grandmother.