Long ago, a grand castle was built upon the sturdy snow of the north. Its complex architecture of twists and arches were complemented by its stunning accents of grey and blue. It looked as if the castle itself were made from ice rather than its stone, and if not for royalty, it would befit a place of worship.

The residents of the castle were seldom visible through the abstract windows: a king, his son, a maid, and a frail looking woman. The hallways were kept dark, per request of the prince, and so most was obscured by the shadows.

The king and his son were perceived to be very secretive and very quiet, and as such, there is hardly any information to speak of. Instead, the frail woman garnered all of the public's interest. Her name was Edna. Of unknown origin, she was rumored to be the king's illegitimate daughter, though she possessed no qualities that aligned with his nor the prince. Nevertheless, not much was known about her outside of rumors; She had only been seen by two delivery men passing by the castle's windows. According to these witnesses, she "had touched the glass and stared down rather than out, as if looking at the floor. She looked pale and thin; a sickly girl." Her appearance was peculiar, and it was often questioned whether or not she had been born with albinism, with her natural hair color concealed by hair dye— Her hair was a light shade of brown.

What hadn't been documented until soon after was that the king and his son had both fallen in love with her. However, both had their respective marriages put in place, and so they kept her isolated as a means of keeping her away from other men. Edna was surrounded by cold air and apathy.

Due to her isolation, she resented the two men, and didn't find much pleasure in her hobbies. Although she didn't speak much, it was apparent that she was constantly in a sour mood. Her body was at a disadvantage, and due to her poor eyesight, she put herself at risk every time she attempted to leave the castle. Though sympathizing with Edna's situation, the maid was powerless so long as she wanted to make a profit, and a royal job wasn't easy to come by.

Despite her disposition, Edna kept herself at work. She spent most of her days making small sculptures out of ice, her careful fingers carving intricate details which astonished many upon discovery. Her greatest piece was a bust of a woman. A butterfly rested on her nose, and it's large, transparent wings covered her closed eyelids. Beside the sculpture lay a slab of ice; it displayed a description transcribed in braille. It read:

The Glass Butterfly.

You are weak, but keep running. I will be here to guide you. So keep moving, run, go as far as you can.


Compared to this, her other sculptures were mundane. They were of small animals or insects. Furthermore, none of the others had a description.

The piece stood alongside a broken window, bloodstains on the scattered shards. The king and his son were pronounced dead, and the maid had been announced missing not long after. Many assumed this was the work of Edna, but how come? There is minimal evidence pointing to Edna's existence, but she was thought to be real. It is said she cracked under the pressure of her situation, committed the crime, and disappeared.

The throne was eventually taken by a rivaling country. There isn't much to note of the new king. Many had said he cried beside the sculpture every night, yet no one could explain why. From thereon out, everyone who held the crown of that country shed a tear for the glass butterfly.