Elemental Warriors: Beyblade Elemental Force

Beginning: It is the started of the Elemental Warriors before they got their power & abilities, when they met two of their friends and go on a big adventure of Beyblade & battle against of lots of players and sacred spirits in tournament.

Chapter 1: Starting Fresh:

In time of History, players battle with skill, technique, & powers in many different sports around the planet, but now there is an epic battle of new Heroes with mythical Elemental Spirits during this era and before the Elemental Warriors awakened their powers. As a young boy with brown spiky hair & red eyes was looking through the Attic to found a thin small memorial with the center is a picture of a dragon on it. The little boy went with the small memorial down in his grandparent's house living room.

Then a man smooth hairstyle said, "Hey TJ, did you find something you like in the attic?" "Yeah Grandpa, I find this thing." as he shows the small Memorial to his grandfather. (Gasp) "Oh that is the family sacred beast spirit." "Sacred beast spirit?" said TJ. As his grandpa explain this to his grandson, "This is the spirit of the blue dragon of fire & wind, Dragoon that been passed down from generation to generation and now he is your now." "For real?" said TJ. His grandpa said, "Yes, and Dragoon will alway there, if you need help." as his grandma walk in and said, "Hey Curtis, we out of cheese & eggs, can you send TJ to get it from the store?" "Sure, Clare." as his grandma to give him the money & he grab a white top with four dragon head, a blue launch shooter, & a red string like winder with him to the store.

After he gets the cheese and eggs, some kids with a stadium dish & one of them said, "Hey kid, time for you get ready for battle." "What battle?" "Battle of these." said the boy holding a light yellow-green top. "Huh, Beys eh." said TJ. "Oh come kid, are you ready to fight." "Oh, right, let's do it!" as put the groceries on a bench, Put the red winder in the blue launch shooter, while the white top is thrown in the air. TJ grab it load on the launcher & get ready to battle with go do the other boy. TJ said, "Get ready?" "My name is Hever and I'm good to go." The little girl said, "Ok, ready 3… 2… 1... !" Then Both TJ and Hever said in union, "Let It Rip!" as the pull the ripcords to launch the tops in the Stadium dish. As the three kids watching the battle. The beys begin to hitting each other, then TJ's bey go for the finishing move to knock Hever's bey out the stadium & landing on TJ's right hand. "Uh, How you got me so bad?" said Hever. TJ said, "Hey the bey is good in battle, but you need more practice on this.""But, why you're good in beyblading toy?" "Oh, My grandpa given this bey after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, I have been working hard on it to get something awesome." said TJ as his pick his bey & groceries. Hever said, "Hey, where are you going?" "I am going back to my grandparent's house, see ya." as he ran back to the house.

As TJ made it to his grandparent's house, two kids were at the front door & TJ know them. There was a brown haired double ponytails girl with orange eyes and a brownish gray buzzcut haired boy with gray eyes, then they both said, "Hey, TJ." "Shelby, Steve, nice to see you guys." as he let them in with him. In the living room, TJ introduced his friends to his grandparents, "These are my friends from Centennial Elementary School, Shelby Scott & Steve Lekas and guys, their are my grandparent, Curtis & Clare Griffin." "It's nice to meet you two." said both Shelby and Steve in union. Suddenly they hear some of lot knocking from the door.

TJ walk up to the door & open to see who is calling, it was the three kids that with Hever that challenge him by the grocery store. The girl in blue & green dress said, "Help TJ, there is trouble in the park and someone is stealing our beys!" as she crying & hugging him. Steve said, "What someone is stealing beys from kids in New Orleans that is rude and mean." "Come on guys, let go find out what is happening," said Shelby. As TJ, Shelby, and Steve follow Hever's friends to the park to see a gangster kid stealing the kid's beys from their battle. TJ walk to him & said, "Hey jerk, give everyone here their beys back!" "Flat Chance, kid there is no way you can beat." said the gangster. As TJ pulled out his bey from his right pocket & said, "Ok I will battle you for them, if you got the guts to back it up?!" "Fine, but don't cry when I take your beys from you & the name is Randy Jones." when the two get to battle, a short black haired boy with goggles carry a beystadium & said, "Wait a minute, I got something to show." "What is it?" said TJ. As the goggle boy show TJ, Steve, Shelby a zig zag & swirl spin move marks on the stadium then said, "TJ look at this beystadium, the movements are different from other bey' spin movements in battle." "Huh?" said the three kids in confusion. "Come Randy, I sure your blading skills goods, but just them to show I mean." said the goggles boy. Randy said, "Yeah, if that boy have better words to fight with?" Then Shelby walk up by the boy with goggles & said to Randy, "Oh yeah, well TJ got some good skills in his bey back in School!" then the goggle boy stomp on Shelby's left foot to quietly up. Then Randy pick up the stack of stolen Beys & said, "I don't have any time for nonsense." "Hey, you are now leaving?" said the boy with goggles. Randy said, "Yeah, I be going now." Steve said to Randy, "Go ahead & try you chicken coward, TJ is going to beat you!" Then the goggles boy did the same thing on Steve's right leg zipped his mouth.

Randy said it to TJ, "We fight under the big high way bridge by the train track at 6:30 pm, got it?" "Yeah, I got it but, if I win, you have to return those beys back to their owners," said TJ. as Randy said, "I'm sure you get a huge battle beat down after I am done with you." As he walks off away Shelby & Steve whack the goggles boy on the head, then said in Union, "Hey, that hurt you knows!" "Ah, sorry about that, but I have done that before you two get things more worse." said the goggle boy. TJ said, "Ok, But who are you, dude." "Oh my name is Raven Storm Mack or Raven Mack & I'm here in New Orleans with family on a vacation, then learning about beyblading in this city," said Raven. TJ, Steven, and Shelby said in unison, "Learning about Beyblading?" "Yeah, I got data about the three of you guys." As Raven pulled out a light blackish gray laptop to show a beybattle video of Hever & Randy's beys in the stadium. Raven said, "You see the green one is Hever's bey and the orangish brown one is Randy." "That battle look epic excited in there." said TJ. Steve said, "Hey wait, look at that." "Keep watching the video." said Raven as the Green Beyblade top hit the Orangish brown one & knock out on upside down. Shelby said, "So, the winner is Randy." "Hey, that is the reason why, Randy's bey is heavier then Hever's and heavy beyblade can last longer in the beystadium different from regular ones." said TJ. Hever said, "Wait is that bey is heavier, how you going to beat that?" "TJ must launch his bey, faster like 4 or 12 times faster to beat, but it can;t possible to do it." said Raven. TJ said, "I will try it & do harder to do a technique that make my bey faster like a shooting star!" As him stand up on the floor. Shelby said, "You sure about this?" "I am." as he ran back to his grandparent's house.

During Dinner time, TJ said to himself, "Go faster, go faster (X3)" Curtis said, "TJ . . . TJ . . ." "Yes, Grandpa." said TJ. His grandpa said, "Listen your mind & think about how to find the answers." as TJ look at his fork & thought up an idea. "Thank grandpa, later." said TJ as he went to his room. He glue stick two ripcord winders together as x3 times longers & test it on the bey's rotation. As TJ launch his white bey top on the stadium & said, "Ah man, It going three times faster & I don't know how to get 9 time more to that jerk. Great, now . . . How can I beat Randy?" When he thinks about of to win against Randy's heavy bey, he saw a light blue & red lights in the night cloudy sky, TJ run up to the window to see a blue dragon with fiery red wings on it. TJ said, "Is that the Wind Fire Dragoon the blue dragon & what he doing?!" as the blue fire wind dragon heading toward TJ, he walked backward as the dragon went through the window in a bright flash of light, when he awake & said, "Woah, that was a dream or it telling me something?" as TJ look at his bey & remember the dragon, he got an idea, "Hey, that might be the answer!" said TJ. He got his bey, launcher, ripcord winder & a white gadget with him to the backyard.

In the front door, Curtis Griffin let an 8 years old Orange-Red scruffy haired girl with a 1 years old baby girl, a jackabee pup & a Tabby Coon Kitten by her in the hall. When they hear a voice, the pup run to the sound, while it owner & Curtis follow him, as they enter the backyard to see TJ doing a new launching technique as him fell down, while the pup lick TJ on the right cheeks & he said, "Ok, now try it again." "Excuse me, sir My sister & I going to the place to get some sleep." said the 8 years old girl. Curtis said, "Sure thing, I think your puppy is going to stay watching my grandson." When TJ's grandpa took to their room, TJ fell down again & said, "I got to master this technique to beat him." as he try it again, while the jackabee pup get to catch his bey.

As the next day at 6:30 pm, the kids were gathered by the train track yard with a big beystadium. Shelby said, "Where is TJ?" "I don't know?" said Steve. Randy said, "Where is that kid, I don't got time for that shrimp." "I just got here, you stupid!" said a voice as the kids look from the left to see TJ with a jackabee Pup & his owner following him. He walked by the other side the stadium for battle, while the girl stand by Shelby, Raven, & Steve in the crowd & said, "Hi, my name is Ichigo Barica, over there is my puppy, Popper." "Oh ok, Now we see the battle in hand." said Raven as he getting his laptop ready to record the battle & check the data. TJ said, "Let get the beybattle started!" as Randy & TJ get ready to battle. The gangster see TJ's Ripcord winder look longer & said, "Ha ha, you made your ripcord winder 3x times longer, but that won't work on my beys." "Let see is that true?" said TJ. as he attach his bey into his launcher & take 6 steps back to be ready. Randy said, "What you try do, little boy?" "You will know & watch it." said TJ. Hever's Friend, Adam, the boy wear a yellow and brown short & black pants walk up to be a referee, then said, "Alright, guy get ready . . . Let it Rip!" as TJ run in top speed, then jump about 6 feet in the air & launch his bey, while Randy launch his. As TJ's white bey headed down to the stadium like a shooting star, Raven said, "Wait a minute, I got it, By making ripcord winder three times long with TJ's running & jump technique, He got his bey to spin 18 times faster." "Woah!" said TJ friends. TJ said, ``Go get him!" as the two beys begin to battle in the stadium. "Hey, I have more time, if you give me your bey." said Randy. Shelby said, "Wow, check TJ's bey spin rotation in the stadium." "Yeah, it have more speed then Randy's." said Raven.

As the beys started to hit each other in battle, the white bey hit super hard on orangish brown one cause it to hit the wall to lose some spins, one of the kids in the crowd said, "Wow, that bey got nailed hard." "What, how can a bey be so powerful & speed?" said Randy. TJ said, "Finish this!" as his bey use a powerful attack on Randy's bey and sending out of the stadium. As the orangish brown top fall to the ground, the crowds cheered for TJ's victory. Raven, Shelby, Steven, Ichigo, & her pup run around TJ to celebrate his win, while the kids get their beys back. Raven said, "TJ, That was a great battle and the powers you put into your bey is amazing." "Oh, no problem that way very good & you guys help me out in this battle." said TJ. Ichigo's puppy, Popper started barking at Randy from running away with the remaining beys in the bag as the kids chase, they stop to a mystery boy in a Navy blue hoodie cloak and he walked up to Randy to said, "I'm disappointed for you, Randy." "No, come on please wait, don't!" said Randy as he got slapped down by the mystery boy & some throw out of the bag. TJ run over the stranger, then said, "Hey, you, what gives you to hit someone that lose the battle!?" "I am the Ocean Flame Phoenix, second hand of the Bey Creature Sharks." said the mystery boy. TJ said, "Ok, come on let blade." "Wait TJ, Don't battle him, I about that gang, they baddest group of bladers in this area." said Raven. Ocean Flame Phoenix said, "I accept that challenge with you in battle, but meet my bey, Dranzer Flare." as he shows a blue beyblade top with an image of a red fire phoenix in the Bey Bit. TJ thought, "Wow, that look like Dragoon's on that memorable in my Grandparent's house." as The two boys get ready to battle as TJ said, "Let it rip! As he launches his bey in the air, while Ocean Flame Phoenix launch his on the ground. TJ said in his head, "Let go, buddy." "Time to see, what you got, TJ."

Now TJ is versus a mystery blader with a blue bey in the stadium, but how TJ can beat this bey?

Chapter 2: The Rise of the Fire Wind Blue dragon spirit

As the battle has started, TJ thought to himself, "Alright, with my bey spin 18 times faster, that dude can't beat me." when his bey hit Dranzer Fire Changer into the air, but it fell down slowly on the safety. TJ said, "No way." "Impossible, Ocean Flame Phoenix's bey is draining some powers from TJ's making the two battle same equal power and strength." said Raven. As the two bey tops headed, TJ said, "Full Power Attack!" "This fight is about to end." said Ocean Flame Phoenix. As the beys hit each other so hard, but Dranzer Flare jump into the air, Raven said, "Woah." "What is that boy doing right now?" said Ichigo. Then Ocean Flame Phoenix's went back down to the stadium & smash hard to destroy TJ's white beyblade in 1 million pieces outside the stadium. TJ said it in shock, "My bey." as got on his knees and said, "(ah x3) He totally destroyed my beyblade." "See that, Randy. If the opponents thought for the upper hand for a moment & take it from them, you can win." "Get back you, hey let me go!" said TJ as he runs after the mystery boy & being stopped by Steve & he said, "TJ, calm down, I know that got broken your bey spirit, but we will help and you have to make a plan to beat him." "I just you are right, Steve & that dude, got inside of me for my weakness, but I can make one to defeat his bey, O.F Phoenix, I will get you!" said TJ.

In the next morning, Shelby, Raven, & Steve headed to TJ's grandparents' house to see how TJ doing from his battle with Ocean Flame Phoenix. As the kids went to the door, Ichigo was wearing a pink shirt & light yellow short to open the door for them, then said, "Hey, you three. What brings you guys here?" "We here to check on TJ's conditions." said Shelby. Ichigo said, "Oh, well he is very upset & depressed about his bey being completely destroyed, now he is on the sofa with head down in thinking for a new plan." "Oh." said three kids as they went inside the house. On the sofa, TJ was thinking a way to beat Ocean Flame Phoenix in battle, while Ichigo's little baby sister, Apriell trying to cheer him up. TJ was talking to himself, "How can I beat a bey so strong? Like how?" as he see some blue lights from the memorable of Dragoon with some red light around the circle. TJ grab Apriell in his hands to look at the dragon & said, "Hey Dragoon, can you hear and what are you telling me?" as the dragon shout a roar inside his head & TJ felt some type an energy flowing inside of his body. Shelby, "(TJ x 3) where were you space out in?" "Oh, sorry for the space out thing, I was hearing a dragon roar inside my head." said TJ. As the 4 kids went to the room that TJ is sleeping in & Raven said, "We are here to see you because we're sorry about your bey being destroyed." "Thank you guys for caring for me & do any of you know about that gang?" said TJ. Steve said, "I heard about from Adam, The Bey Creature Sharks is a group of baddest bladers that they searching for an ultimate beyblade in the area." "What type of bey, do that gang are looking for?" "I heard from others, that they are looking for a special bey with ultimate thing called a Bit Spirit inside of it." said Raven. Shelby said, "What are these Bit Spirits?" "I have learned about them in some book from Archaeologist of different, they said, they are ancient animal spirits of many animals like tiger, eagle, lion, & bear, some are human warriors, while others are mythical creatures like dragons, unicorns, & pegasus, but I bet they're looking for one of those in some beys." said Raven. TJ jump from the bed & said, "I think we need to stop them from looking for that bey, but I'm no good without a bey." Then his Grandpa, Curtis & said, "TJ, come here." "Yeah, grandpa?" said TJ. as his grandpa holding a light blue & white box in his hands, then said this to TJ, "Listen, I you love this bey that I given you so much, then I think this one will help you out on your battle." as he give the box to TJ, inside it, were white beyblade parts, & his grandpa give a special blue bey launcher with an L on it. TJ said it in confusion, "Hey Grandpa, what the L stand for?" "Oh that mean for left rotation or counterclockwise give the more powerful hits & speed." said his grandpa. As the three kids said in unison, "Wow, cool." as TJ's grandpa left the room, TJ turn to his friends & said, "Alrighty, guys. Looks like we are going to make this bey to beat O.F Phoenix." "Wait a minute, What the heck, you mean we?" said Shelby. TJ said, "We, I mean the four of us." "Excuse me, I think you mean the five of us, because I want to help you with your new bey." said Ichigo. TJ said, "Ok, let's get to it." "Yeah!" said the 4 kids as they started to build TJ's new left spin bey.

Back at the Bey Creature Sharks' hideout, Randy getting a punishment for losing to TJ & he said, "Wait, I really very sorry." "You have degrate us, Randy, normal we never have someone to be defeated in battle." said the boss of the gang as some of the members stop Randy from saving his bey & said, "(No x 2) please, you don't do this to me." "Too bad, so sad." said the Boss. Randy said it as he begging, "Please, anything then this!" "Do it." said boss to his bladers as they said, "Spike Saw Shark, Let it rip!" as they launch their beys to hit Randy one at a time, when the beys were hitting on Randy's, he said, "No, stop it, not my bey!" As the three beys keep hitting the Orange brownish bey in the stadium, then Randy's bey was scatter into hundreds of pieces. The boss said it to Randy, "You have disappointed me & the gang, Randy." as three boy carries Randy out of the hideout & the boss speak to his Spike Saw Sharks, "Well boys, did we have report for that bey in this areas?" "Yeah, one of the members told us, that kid from your second hand's battle is building a bey & a boy named Raven Mack have got some smart for beyblading." said one member. The second member said, "I think he got the data in his computer laptop." "Good, I be leaving to Russia with some Bladers, make sure get that boy & his computer." said the boss. The Spike Saw Sharks said in unison, "Yes sir." While in TJ's grandparents' backyard, TJ was testing out his new bey with Steve, He is holding the new left spin blue beylauncher & white bey, ready to launch the same thing with Steve, as he holding a black beylauncher, an orange ripcord winder, with a purple bey. TJ said, "3 …" "2 …" said Steve. TJ said, "1, Let it rip!" as the two boys launch their beys into the stadium for a test battle. TJ's new bey spin in the left & attack with powerful hits, Steve said, "Go get him, Strata Dragoon!" "Go, Full Force!" as The white bey was going super fast speed like a blue whitish blurr that hit Strata Dragoon out of the stadium. Steve said, "Wow, your new bey is powerful strong against my Strata Dragoon Earth Spike." "Thank, Steve." said TJ. Raven said, "Look at the stats, your bey power is half to Ocean Flame Phoenix's Dranzer." "Only half, not bad keep doing it & your bey will catch up to Dranzer's level, TJ." said Ichigo. Raven said, "I know that bey have power to Dranzer, but how do we find a way to beat it?" "Well, I'm not giving up that easy, because grandpa & you guys help me out with this new bey and I will be going to master this one to beat O.F Phoenix' Dranzer bey for a rematch." said TJ. Shelby walk to him, holding an orange bey and said, "Ok pal, how about battle me & my Bison Charger bey next?" "Hey guys, sorry. I going to the hotel, I check some of the data for your beyblade power level." said Raven. TJ said, "Sure thing, see ya later." as Raven left TJ's grandparents' house to the hotel, but before he reached the hotel, three beys surround him & the Spike Saw Sharks appear in a triangle shaped ambush.

Raven said, "Hey now, who are you three." as they grab his laptop & take he to their hideout, two of Hever's friend saw this happen for Raven and they both said, "Let get, TJ!" Back at the Griffin's backyard, TJ's white left spin bey has hit both Strata Dragoon & Bison Charger out of the Stadium in one strike, TJ said, "Alright, this bey making some results from our battle." as he holding his new bey. "That bey is going to surprise Dranzer in battle." said Shelby. Steve said, "Let go for another match." "(TJ x 5) where are you, pal?" TJ, Steve, Shelby, & Ichigo run around the house to see Hever's friend by the front door. TJ said, "Hey two, what's going on?" "TJ, Steve, Shelby." said the boy & girl. Shelby said, "What, you two totally serious about it?!" "We saw the Spike Saw Sharks ambush Raven." said the girl in the blue & green dress. Steve said, "Where do they take him?" "I think to their hideout in a abandon factory house." said the boy in yellow shirt & red short." "I think if we follow them that lead us to save Raven, But there will be many more in the hideout." said the girl. Boy said, "We better hurry, I think Raven will be serious dangers." "Oh those Stinky Bey Creature Sharks!" said TJ in anger. Ichigo said, "Wait a sec, TJ where are you going to." "Huh, what you think, I going to their hideout to save Raven!" "But, TJ there are no way you can beat the gang second hand blader alone." said the boy. TJ said, "What, we can just standing here doing nothing for our friend, mmm, wait a minute. My new bey is left spin one & I think we're going to slave the sharks, then rescue Raven." "Said what, you crazy, dude." said Steve. Shelby said, "TJ, listen that bey have almost Dranzer's power about 5% from each other." "I know, that would be impossible, but I going given it with all powers into it." said TJ. Steve said, "Are you sure, I do not like you will lose another bey." "Will like they said, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." said TJ. Ichigo run to TJ and said, "Hold on, TJ. We don't you go doing this, alone & come on, let go save our friend." "Yeah." said TJ. As the kids join the other kids to save Raven from the Spike Saw Sharks, everyone expects TJ. TJ walk back inside to the living room & said this to the memorable of the Flame Storm Seiryuu, "Hello Dragoon, I came here because our friend, Raven is in mega big danger and I don't know how to do it. Grandpa told me, I need from you, cause you been in my family for many generations, so Dragoon, if you can hear me, give a sign to help me & my friends, thanks." as He see baby Apriell & popper by him, while TJ pick Apriell in one hand, the memorable started to glow in bright blue light with Rudy red flame, make Popper to barking at it and TJ turn around to see it happen. As a beam from that lights went around TJ, Apriell, & popper to released it's dragon form with blue and red flame wings looking at TJ as he said, "Woah, this is just crazy, last time that was dream of the dragon, but this is for the real thing. Ah man, he is going toward me!" as the fire wind dragon spirit headed toward them, but he entered TJ's new bey, while the three of them floating in red & blue stellar outer space. After that, TJ fell down on his butt and look at his bey to said, "No way, Dragoon has went inside to my bey." as the Bey bit started to glow, then show an image of a blue dragon with fiery red & sky blue wings on it. TJ got on his feet, then said it from looking at his bey' bit piece, "Woah, this is your answer? Dragoon, you want to be inside my bey. Huh, well, Ok."

At the Bey Creature Sharks' hideout, one of Spike Saw Shark's members was holding Raven's computer laptop & looking for the data of beyblading, then said, "Let find that data." "Hey, hand off my laptop." "Forget it, kid." said the other members. Raven said, "Why you!" "Huh, that's it. Where is the rest of that data." said the first member. Raven said, "Oh, the rest is in my head, but I not talking." As the group of kids have arrived in the entrance & TJ said, "Hey, creeps get off on our friend." "TJ, you guys." said Raven. One of the Spike Saw Sharks said, "Huh, looks like we got a mod of little brats & small fries." "I take you all on, win over you jerks!" as he showed off his new bey at them. Raven said, "No TJ, don't do it, that bey only is half powers to the Bey Creature Sharks gang' second hand." "Raven, don't you worry, because I got a buddy in this, that like to say hello." said TJ. Raven said, "Cool." "Hey boys, time to see what these kids got against us." as the rest of the Bey Creature Sharks appear anywhere to battle the group, when Ocean Flame Phoenix appear in front of Bey Creature Sharks to said, "Hold on, I take his challenge." as he look at TJ's new bey. On a giant big beystadium about the size of four pool table, TJ & O.F Phoenix were on their positions for battle. Then TJ said, "Hey buddy, this time, I will beat for my friend, Raven." "You sure about it, TJ?" said O.F Phoenix. Both Shelby & Steve were confused about their friend knowing his name. TJ said, "Wait, how do you know about my name?" "Oh, that maybe because know about you, TJ." as he removed his cloak to releashed a boy with short black hair and blue eyes that surprise TJ, Shelby, & Steve in shock and in unison, "Ethan Lee?!" "You three know this boy?" said Ichigo. Shelby said, "Yeah, he is our classmate from Centennial Elementary School in Plano, TX." "Ethan, what is this, you the second hand of this gang & why you do this?!" said TJ. Ethan Said, "Because my big brother is the boss of the gang & he have left to Russia for a visit from his friends, I have followed his orders for something that he wants." "Ethan, I felt sorry for you because your brother is a jerk to treat his own little brother like a tool to get what he wants, but I am your friend, so let's have a battle right now!" said TJ as he pulled out his New bey with Dragoon on it. Ethan did with his Dranzer Fire Changer and said, "Ok, Let do this." as the bey bits started to glow & reacting to each others because of the spirits inside their beys. Raven said, "TJ, be careful!" "If you can hear me, Dragoon. We are going to at a battle for the first time together, I need your help & give me a sign please, Let do this, partner. Hey Ethan, you're ready?!" as both TJ & Ethan loaded their beys onto the launchers and said, "3 … 2… 1…" "Let it rip!" said TJ. as the boys launch their into the stadium going around & around in different rotations.

"Left spin rotation cool, but you can't beat with that!" said Ethan TJ said, "Oh yeah!?" as the two beys hit each other, as Dranzer Fire Changer jump into the air and try to smash Dragoon just like TJ's old bey, then he said, "Dragoon, look out!" as the white left spin bey begin to go around super fast to generate a tornado of fire & wind elements in it. Shelby said, "Wow, TJ's new bey have made a fire tornado." "Yeah look, Dranzer F.C is headed to the outer wind of the tornado." said Steve. As Ethan's Dranzer hit the fiery wind to falling to the beystadium. TJ said, "Yeah, I got ya!" "No, this is far from over, Go Dranzer!" said Ethan. As Dranzer Fire Changer landing back to the stadium. Ethan said, "Let's see which bey will win." as both the blue & white beys went around the stadium, then Dranzer's bey bit begin to glow in bright red with a blue outline around it. TJ said, "Hey Ethan, your bey started to lift up like a light." as Ethan's bey begin to hit, TJ's bey begin to glow bright blue with a fiery red outline." TJ said, "What the heck is going on here?!" "I don't know." said Ethan. As the beys bit started to glow brighter & brighter like two giant ultra light bulbs. TJ said, "Woah, that getting weird." as the bey bits releashed a blue dragon with fiery red / sky blue wings and a red phoenix bird with aqua blue / magna red fire wings out of the beys, then surprise the kids around the stadium.

Raven said, "No way, those two beasts are something incredible." as the two beast spirits headed to each others in a headbutt, then a blast of red & blue energy cause the beys to fly back to their owner, Ethan caught Dranzer Fire Changer & TJ got Dragoon. TJ said, "Wow, that was cool." "Dude, that was awesome." said Steve. TJ said, "No way, you saw Dragoon, he & a red phoenix bird was about to headbutt each other." "That might be the dragon spirit in that memorable from your grandparent's house and how he gets inside your bey?" said Ichigo. Ethan walked up to Ichigo & said, "Let me explain, TJ's blue fire-wind dragon and my red water-fire phoenix spirits are two outs of the 4 Legendary Elemental Sacred Saint Beasts that chosen the two of us as partners." "Woah that cool." said both Shelby & Steve in unison. Spike Saw Shark & Bey Creature Sharks launch their beys at the group, but TJ, Steve, Shelby, and Ethan launch their against them with full force. TJ said, "Go Dragoon!" "Take them down, Dranzer!" said Ethan. Steve said, "Strata Dragoon, full power!" "Attack, Bison Charger!" said Shelby. As Ichigo & other kids from the park watch the four beys taking down the gang's a lot at a time, Dragoon & Dranzer cut the rope to free Raven & get his laptop back. Then some of the members run away to somewhere else.

After battle, on the sidewalk to TJ's grandparents house, Raven said, "Hey guys, thanks a lot for saving me." "No problem." said the four kids in unison. Shelby said, "TJ, Ethan, look like me & Steve got spirits in our beys." as they both showed the two boys, their bey bit images of a Golden dragon with rocky shadow wings & an orangish brown bison with earth elemental armor and horns. Steve said, "Hey Ethan, where are you staying?" "I'm staying at my Dad's brother place." said Ethan. TJ said, "Oh Ethan, one day, when I meet your big brother, I am going to teach him a lesson that he will never forget." as he pulled out Dragoon. Steve said, "Are you sure your bey have enough power to battle him?" "It's will." said TJ. Raven said, "I think we need to check it's power level with that dragon spirit inside of it." "No thank, I think Dragoon like it inside my new bey." said TJ. Ethan said, "Hey, do you want to name your bey?" "I think, I will name mine, Dragoon Cyclone!" said TJ. Raven said, "I like it, you sure think that through because it generate wind & fire in the attacks." "Yeah, Dragoon. I think you and I are going to have a great adventure & battles together."

Now TJ got a new bey, an old friend and his very own spirit to help him to battle the world, what TJ & Ethan going to meet the other two bladers with the other 2 beast spirits in the future.

Chapter 3: Arrived of an old friend

On a sunny morning, by the park's near the bridge, TJ said, "Alright Dragoon, let's get to it! Let it rip!" as he launch Dragoon to the top of wall & fall back down to TJ's hand. Shelby said, "That was close enough, right Raven?" "Not enough to win the tournament." said Raven. As Ethan & Steve launch their beys to the top for the highest, but Ethan's win to challenge & said, "Yeah, look like I have win." "Ok, you and TJ try the next one." said Steve. As the two boys launch to the top, then said it in unison, "Yeah, Let it rip!" Raven said, "Now that TJ & Ethan got two of the legendary Elemental Saint Beasts in their beys that mean there are two more out in the world."

"Where do you think those sacred beasts will be?" said Shelby. Raven said, "I don't know about that." As they looked at the laptop, Popper caught Dragoon in his mouth & played keep away with TJ, when he said, "Hey Popper, give back my bey!" "Hey Ichigo, your puppy is trying to do something with TJ's bey." said Ethan. As Ichigo ran to her puppy & said, "Come on Popper, let that top back to TJ, here you go." "Aw, Dragoon got dog drools on it." said TJ as he rubbed the drool off of Dragoon Cyclone. Ichigo & Popper walk by the river, while TJ said, "Well that's something to learn, never let a dog take your beyblade." "Oh yeah, that's something good." said Raven. Ethan said, "If I have a dog, I will keep Dranzer away from any dog's drool on it." "Dido." said both Steve and Shelby in unison. When a blonde custard curling haired girl in white, yellow, & gray clothes appeared on the track and said, "Hi guys, nice to see you guys in New Orleans." "Katie . . . Katie Scherer?!" said both TJ & Ethan. Raven said, "You two know that girl?" "Yeah, she is a friend & classmate of our in Centennial Elementary School in Plano." said Shelby as Katie ran down to see them.

(splash) as Ichigo said, Hey guy, Popper is in trouble, save him please!" as Popper was on a raft of drift woods. TJ said, "Oh no, let's save him!" "I will try?" said Ethan. As the two boys run to catch up to Ichigo's puppy. Ichigo said, "No, Popper!" as he splashed in the water and tried to swim. TJ saw the end of the river to said, "Woah the current is getting faster, we got to step on to max. Ah man that one chance, we get!" as he saw some logs in the river.

As TJ & Ethan loaded their beys, when Raven said, "What are you two doing?" "Doing this to save Popper." said TJ. Then the two boys launch their beys at the logs. TJ and Ethan said it was a union, "Do it now!" as Dragoon Cyclone & Dranzer Fire Changer on the logs in the left and right to block the river water on the bridge, but the middle one didn't turn. TJ said, "Oh no, we got two of them, but the third one don't get hit!" "I got that one, let it rip!" as Katie launched a green bey from an orange beylauncher attached to a greenish gray bey launcher grip. The green bey uses Dragoon's reverse rotation to get to the third log for direct hit in place. When Popper put his front paws on the logs, Raven said, "Don't worry, boy. I got you, Popper."

As Ichigo ran to Raven and Popper, Katie said, "Ah, yeah!" "Way a go, I think the three of us make a good triple team, let go find our beys." as the green bey and Dranzer Fire Changer on the grass, while Dragoon Cyclone in the water. As the kids were on tops of the hill, when Popper was licking Katie on the left cheek, when TJ said, ``Woah, I never knew you got a beyblade like us, Katie?" as he held Dragoon in his left hand. "No problem, I've been trying it out for some time in this city & worried nothing ruined your bey designs from the water." said Katie. TJ said, "Don't worry about it, the water washed off the dog drools my Dragoon." "Hey guys, let's go to a hobby toy shop in Central New Orleans that some people show me." said Katie. As she grabbed TJ's left hand to take him to the shop, Steve said, "Wait, do you know where the shop is in central New Orleans?" "Yeah, I drew a map for it, let go!" said Katie. Shelby and Steve said in unison, Cool!"

As they went to the shop for Dragoon, the owner checking out TJ's bey & said, "There no damage on your bey, I think Dragoon will be fine." as he handed Dragoon back to him. TJ said, "Thank you, sir. This place is awesome, check out the parts, gears, and stadium." "The shop has a place for battle & practice." said Shelby. Steven said, "We will get gears from here in tournament time." "Hey Katie, let's go one to of those stadiums for a little battle." said TJ. Katie said, "Sure." as they walked to the practice arena, the owner said, "Hey, my sons have made a lot of different stadiums in the special room in the practice arena." as he led them to a special room in the back, as they were shocked in joy to see a lot of never seen design beystadiums in one room. Katie choose a big gray beystadium in the middle center & said, "I think the two of us can battle in this one!"

When two boys appeared from the left side, the older one in light orange shirt, green pants with black glasses walked up to Katie and said, "Hello there, my name is Mike Gearson & this is my little bro, Rach." "Nice to meet you two." said Katie. TJ walked up to the Gearson to said, "Hi, We are wondering if both of us will battle in this big stadium to test my bey spin after your dad checks it out." "Wait, this very strong big stadium, we even know how the bey move in it?" said Mike.

Steve said, "I think we will try it out." "Ok Bro, let them battle out." said Rach. Mike as he put on his glasses said, "Fine, time to see what you two got." When TJ and Katie got ready to battle, Rach started the count down and said, "Ready to go, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . begin!" "Let it Rip!" said both players in unison. As the two tops went around the big stadium at high speed in both directions. TJ said, "Full power attack, Dragoon!" the white top begins to attack with strong powers on Katie's green bey top in rapid movements. Shelby said, "Wow, that is a good attack pattern in battle!" Steven said it by looking at the beys, "Hey guys, Katie's bey is a defense type." "Huh, a defense type can block any attacks from an attack type even at high speed on this beystadium." said Mike, when she looked at the beys.

TJ said, "No way, my attack didn't have some effect, not bad Katie." "Thank you, some players say that a defense block is a best power offense" said Katie. TJ said as his bey began to charge up for a strong attack, "Time to get serious with power & speed!" When Dragoon uses a powerful and fast attack pattern on the green bey. "Wow!" said Raven, Steven, Ethan, Shelby, Ichigo, & the Gearson bros in unison.

Dragoon pushed the green bey with that attack pattern near the edge of the stadium. "Dragoon full power on the attack, get every speed and power on it! Just a little more, partner!" said TJ. Katie said, "Sorry, but your bey has lost rotation." as his white bey stopped spinning & landed on the center of the stadium. Ethan said, "Look like Katie defeated you in defense power." "Woo hoo, best battle ever!" as TJ and Katie exchange 12 points from each other with their Bey Log Pointers, Katie looks at her green Bey log Pointer to said, "Awesome, 312 points that is cool! How many points have you got left?" "15600 points left in mine." said TJ as he looked at his white one.

"What, that a lot of points, if you battle a huge gang of people or something!?" said Katie in shock. Shelby walk to her to said, "Well we did battle a bey gang to save Raven from them, so me, TJ, Ethan, & Steve got about 15000 point each from that." "Cool!" said Katie. TJ said, "Katie, let go again, my Bit Spirit, Dragoon is ready to battle." "Yeah." said Katie. When a man with a middle size mustache in a navy blue suit enters the special room to send, "Excuse me, two you, will your beys need time to rest before starting another battle?" "Who are you, dude?" said TJ. as Mr Gearson walked to him and said, "Oh, nice to see you again." "The room of this shop is very nice for your son's creative ideas for beyblading." said the man. The owner said it to the kids, "Ok kids, this is Augustus Rolando, he is a chairman manager of the B.B.S.T.A." "No way, the B.B.S.T.A. (Beyblade Battle Star Tower Association)." said Raven in shock.

TJ said, "Woah, you heard about that?" "Yeah. That a Beyblade Organization, with to spread beyblade to different places in the world and they even find skillest players in their best." said Raven explained to his friends. Steven said, "Say sir, what brings you to this store?" "Oh, I'm here to show you kids for a big event in New Orleans' central city area." said Mr. Rolando as a suited man appeared beside him & rolled out a poster to them, then the kids said, "Wow, American Beyblade Super Star Battle Tournament!"

"Yes, this is the American Regional Tournament that is being held in the Mercedes Benz SuperDome, where a lot of people will like to see a new champion from there." said Rolando. Raven said, "Man that's going to be a lot of data for the other players in the tournament." "Sweet, that would be awesome!" said Katie. Steven said, "Hey, Mr. Rolando, well we get a poster & resignation for the tournament?"

As Mr. Rolando gave each of the kids a resignation for the American Regional Tournament. Shelby said, "Alright, this will be the biggest thing ever!" "I think me & Rach will watch these kids do in the tournament." said Mike. Ethan said, "Look like we gotta practice harder to improve our skills and launches for the tournament." "Cool, look like we're going to battle a lot of players in some round later, partner." said TJ as he looked at his bey. When TJ, Ichigo, & Popper got back to TJ's grandparent's house, where he told them about the American Beyblade Super Star Battle Tournament and resigned. His grandpa, Curtis said, "This is very good to see your beybattling lot of players, I want to believe in your skill with Dragoon." "Thank grandpa, I headed to my room now." said TJ as he walked for the room to practice a powerful launch.

TJ said, "I think there's a bigger stadium in the backyard." as he went to the backyard to find a big gray like stadium for his practice, when Ichigo brought Apriell on a big stool to watch TJ making a powerful launch. In the park, Raven was collecting data on Bison Charger & Strata Dragoon, while Shelby and Steve practiced at the stadium, Katie & Ethan walked by Raven to see him, doing their battle skills. Ethan said, "Hey, Raven, do you get enough from those two's battle?" "Yes, and I'm going to see TJ's data on his Dragoon." said Raven. Katie said, "That gives me an idea. Let's have a bey training practice in the hobby store!" "Nice." said Ethan. As Raven went to TJ's grandparent's house to see TJ.

TJ thought very hard to think & said, "Let see now, bth Shelby and Steve use stamina & attack movement, Ethan got balance in offense and defense abilities in battle, while Katie uses defense style on her. Ok, if I master a technique that handles four types in the tournament to be a brand new champion." as he loads Dragoon onto his beylauncher for a launch. While Raven arrived at the patio with Ichigo & Apriell as TJ held his launcher pose upside down, closed his eyes to channel the power's. Then TJ opened his eyes and launched a powerful technique as he moved the bey launcher right side up & said, "Now then, Let it rip! Dragoon go for it!" The Dragoon Cyclone goes faster in the stadium. Raven was shocked and amazed to see it & said, "No way, his bey spinning fast like a flash blur." as TJ's Dragoon vanishes in one second.

"What the heck happened to TJ's bey?" as he heard a sound and saw Dragoon Cyclone stuck in a tree's trunk. TJ looked at the patio to see Raven & said, "Hey Raven, what are you doing here?" "How do you do that technique?" said Raven. TJ said, "Uh, oh yeah look like me and Dragoon are headed a good start!" as the two boys were sitting on the patio table with Ichigo & Apriell. Raven said it to TJ, while he was typing on his computer, "I'm going to put your data in a file for that technique in the tournament." "Awesome!" said TJ. As Ichigo, let TJ hold Apriell for a while, she said, "Wow, I invented my friends & baby sister to cheer you kids on at the tournament." "Cool!" said both TJ and Raven in unison. TJ stood up & said, "I can't wait to battle against other players in the country!"

Looks like the kids are going to battle against some tough players from all over the United States to be the champion. Wonder how each kid, doing in the competition?"

Chapter 4: Grand Star Beyblade Tournament Battle

In the Mercedes Benz SuperDome, a lot of people enter around inside of the stadium from over the country to see a lot of players in the tournament. The announcer of the tournament said it for the opening ceremony, "Ladies, gentleman, boy & girls! Welcome to the American Beyblade Super Star Battle Tournament inside the Mercedes Benz SuperDome in the historic city and state: New Olreans, L.A. as some of you people know the dome & city were hit by a fierce storm, Hurricane Katrina, we decide to honor the Superdome for its first Beyblade tournament. My name is DJ player Jazzer here saiding, ``Let the tournament begin!" as the crowd cheered loudly & the B block round began.

"Looks like B block is doing well, DJ player Jazzer?" said Mr Rolando. DJ said, "Sir, yeah, best one in this country." "I can agree." said Mr Rolando. While they were talking and looking at the players, TJ was running to the stadium & said, "Mister Rolando, out of the way! Excuse me, I'm late, so totally late!" as he went around them and other players watching B block to the waiting room. "Ha ha, that boy sure has got some speed in a hurry." said Mr Rolando. DJ said, "Wait, you know that boy?" "I met him in a hobby shop." said Mr. Rolando. As TJ ran to the competitor's waiting room, he said, "Oh man, I lost track during practice with Dragoon, gotta hurry to the waiting room."

Then he bumped into someone in the hallway & said, "Ow, I am sorry, I'm in a hurry to the waiting room, because I lost track of time, and I . . . Uh . . ." "Ok, but be careful where you go & I . . ." it was a little black girl with blue eyes, black long hair, wearing white, silver, and pink clothes, white shoes, & pink hairband. As the two players begin to blush red and look at each other with love, their eyes & heart beating faster in sync with time. TJ got up, walked up to her and said, "Here, I got you up." as he reached his left hand to her. The girl grabbed TJ's hand to get up on her feet and said, "Thank, I . . . My name is Angel . . . Armstrong." as her glowing bright red. "Oh, my name is TJ Thornton, excuse me, I gotta hurry, see ya." said TJ. as he headed to the waiting room with the other competitors. Angel thought & said in her mind, "I think he is very nice and pretty."

At the door, Raven said, "TJ, what has taken you so long to get here?" "Well Raven, sorry I didn't check during time for the battle." said TJ. Raven said, "Boy." as they enter the waiting room to see a lot of players waiting for their turns. Shelby & Steve were by the far seats watching the B block preliminaries, they saw their friends at the door. She got up and said to them, "Hey TJ, Raven. Look like you two made it for the preliminaries." as Steve went up to them, then said, "Yeah, I think we will handle a lot of players against some skill. Let's hope we can survive in this tournament?"

As the referee announced the winner of the B block preliminaries with 45000 pts, the winner of B block preliminaries, Katie Scherer to win enough points for the semi final" as Katie showed on T.V. with a peace sign & wink to the crowd. TJ said it with an excited feeling, "Alright, Katie!" "You go for it, girl!" said Shelby. Katie said it as she entered the waiting room, "Yo, hey guys, I won my preliminaries to the semi final!" "You know it, girl, can't wait for our turns." said Steve. Katie said, "Surething, but I got a win." "Sorry Katie, but I'm gonna be the champion and winner of the tournament with a special technique." said TJ.

Katie said it in confusion, "Wait, you have a special technique, woah what is it?" "Can't it be a surprise secret move." said TJ. Then the announcer used the mike to tell the competitor this, "Attention, the bey-players of C block Preliminaries round come to the beystadium in ten mins from now." "That means, I am going out there." said Raven. Shelby said, "Wow, you're going to battle that cool!" "Yeah, I heard Ethan is entering C Block from his uncle." said Katie. TJ said, "I'll be in D Block." "While, me and Steve wait for Block A to start." said Shelby. Katie said it with her left hand out, "Let's do this thing!" "Oh yeah!" said the kids in unison, their hands put on top of Katie."

At the stadium, the competitors in C Block Preliminaries, started their launching positions, while waiting for the other players. When the players were all here, the referee explained that they needed to earn 4500 points to go in the semi final & said the countdown, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Now Let it rip!" as the players launched their beys in a sea green beystadium to start C Block, Shelby, Steve, Katie, and TJ were watching the preliminaries from the waiting room to see Raven in the game. Shelby said, "Man, this block is epic crazy!" "Yeah, the best!" said Katie.

Rach walked up to them and said, "Hey guys, I can't wait to see these beys & players in the qualifying rounds." "You said it, Rach." said Katie. TJ said, "Mmm-mmm, I wonder if Ethan is in the Block C round?" In the C Block preliminaries, the announcer said, "Man, these bey are going at each other, but wait, look at that stream of aquatic flames in the stadium!" as a watery flame zig zag attacks three beyblades in a row, then revealed to be Ethan' Dranzer in a new look. TJ said it in shock, "No way, look like Ethan made his Dranzer stronger with an upgrade, Raven is going to be in trouble." "Huh, he evolved his bey's abilities to switch between attack & stamina mode to handle a battle royale." said Mike.

Then the announcer said, "Woah, the winged alicorn is knocking beys in one strike, Angel Armstrong and her bey, Uni Pegasus are giving Ethan & his new Dranzer Flare, a run for their points!" Katie said, "Wow, that girl is very good against Ethan." TJ said, "I know that girl." "What?!" said the kids & the Gerson Bros. TJ explained to them, "I met her on my way to here." "Look like Raven is going to be trapped like a rat." said Steve. As the dark pink bey attacks some bey in the stadium. The two beys keep attacking the other players in C Block, while Raven's grayish green & brown use a spring tip in the middle of the beystadium's center.

Raven said, "I seem that Dranzer is an evolved upgrade for the tournament." "Yeah, but I'm going to win this, Dranzer go for it!" as Dranzer Flare starts to attack Raven's bey from the stadium, which causes it to break apart with the blade element base broken in two. The announcer said, "Looks like Raven has hopped out of here, now Ethan & Angel are going to have a showdown for the semi final positions." as Dranzer and Uni Pegasus begin to charge up for a final attack.

Angel said, "Ok, let's do it! Uni Pegasus, full attack!" as her bey go full power at Dranzer. Ethan opened his eyes glowing blue along his hair, while a planetary symbol of both planet Mercury & Neptune appeared on his forehead to said, "Let show them our powers, Dranzer. Dranzer, Elemental Force!" as Dranzer Flare lifted up in a bright blue light on the entire bey with an aqua blue water flame streak behind it to knock Angel's Uni Pegasus out of the stadium, while Angel said, "Ah, no way!" "Yeah, the winner in the C Block preliminaries is . . . Ethan Lee!" as TJ got up & headed to the door, Katie said, "Where are you going?" "I'm going to the stadium to ask Ethan about that move."

As TJ runs through the hall and to himself, "Man, the move that Ethan shows must be a special ability for player & spirit connecting sync for a power up, I have asked him about it." when he got to the stadium, seeing Dranzer in it's elemental force state, then returned back to its normal colors. Mr. Rolando said it about Ethan, "I'm impressed, that boy sure got some skill as a bey player!" "Hey Ethan?" said Raven. Ethan said it in confusion, "Yeah, what is it?" "I need data for that move to analyze the "Elemental Force" that you called it?" said Raven. Ethan said, "Ok?" as both of them saw TJ, then walked toward him. TJ said, "Hey Ethan, that is one, strong & amazing move, your bey did!" "Oh, thank TJ."

As Angel walked by him to think about his friends, then TJ turned around to her and said, "Uh, Angel . . . I think you are a good player with a bey." "Oh, thank." said Angel as she ran away, while her face blushed bright red. Then Ethan was in the first semi final round with Katie. Soon, the D Block preliminaries begin to bring excitement from the crowd.

In the Block D preliminaries, TJ was with some of Hever's friends, Randy, and the Spike Saw Sharks. One of the S.S. Sharks said, "Look like some of these competitors are shrimplets." "I think you should keep your mouth up, if you don't lose in this round." said the other member. As the player gets ready to launch out their beys, while Katie, Shelby, Steven, Raven, Ethan, & the Gerson Bros sit on some seats. Shelby said, "Hey Steve, it's too bad Ichigo is not here to cheer TJ on." "Yeah, well she can see it on the T.V." said Steven. Suddenly, they hear a voice from the left, that says, "I don't think so." as the kids turned to look to the left to see Ichigo, Apriell, and she brought six friends. Ethan said, "Hey Ichigo, who are your friends?" "Oh, let me introduce you kids to my friends." said Ichigo as each of her friends introduced themselves to the kids.

Ichigo Introduced her friends, one by one, "This shy one is Mania Tarragona." "Oh, uh hi." said the brownish chocolate haired brown girl. Ichigo walk a custard blonde haired girl with a green flower clip to said, "She is Angelia Caketian." What up, kids." said Angelia. A dark brown hair boy did a peace sign at them, Ichigo said, "That is Hick Pines." "I am cool at our school." said Hick. When a black haired Hispanic girl with two pigtails put her left hand on Hick's right shoulder, then said, "Maybe, nice to meet you guys. I'm Gariga Snacha." "She is good at technology in our school." said Ichigo. A curly brown haired girl to them & said, "My name is Bella Mitten." "And this is Leone Merida." said Ichigo. As the cream blonde haired girl in yellow said, "Hello."

As the kids got in their seats, when Angel arrived by them & said, "Excuse me, do you guys have room for one more?" "Hey, you're Angel Armstrong from C Block preliminaries." said Shelby. Ethan said, "Yeah, she did a good thing to last until I got her" as Angel sat between Shelby and Steve. Katie said, "Hey Angel, why would you want to sit by us?" as Angel blushed a little & said, "Well to know about TJ and his passion for beyblading, so I thought you guys will help me to know about him & his strengths." as the D Block preliminaries begin the match, the referee starts to count down, "Let go, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Let it rip!" as the players spin out their beys in the gray beystadium with rams. The announcer said, "Man, these Bey players are going to get 45000 points and go to the semi finals!" as the player's beys hit each other in sleep out or stadium out.

Mike said, "Incredible speed & attack, TJ sure put improvement on his skills." "Yeah, TJ and his Bit Spirit, Dragoon connecting each other, I think, he's going to win in no time." said Raven. As Dragoon Cyclone attacks five beys in a cyclone movement. TJ said, "Alright Dragoon, that makes 15 out from the stadium. Now I need to keep on the flow." "Too bad, little squirt that will lose." said a member of the Spike Saw Sharks. TJ said, "I am not giving up & you shark stix sticks." as he put Dragoon onto the beylauncher. Then a familiar voice said, "Oh, look like we have met again in the preliminaries." TJ turned his head to the far left to say, "Randy."

The announcer then said to the crowd, "Time for a 5 person battle royale!" "I got a bad feeling for TJ." said Steve in worry. Rach said, "I don't know about that feeling, but TJ can do it." Katie said, "Let's hope he can beat four members of the Bey Creature Sharks with the odds against him." "No way, I want to see how he put that burning passion in battle. Go, TJ!" said Angel.

TJ looked at the Spike Saw Spikes and planned a trap for him & thought to himself, "Ok, Dragoon, it is going to be an epic battle against those creeps in the preliminaries." while Randy adjusts his bey. Then the referee said, "Well, players let the battle start, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Let it rip!" as the five beys were launched out. TJ said, "Dragoon full charge, go!" as Dragoon uses the ram to speed up.

Suddenly three beys of the Spike Saw Sharks formed a triangle of lightning spark and they said, "Lightning Triangle Attack! Go!" "Well how are our plans for this kid?" said Caser with a purple grayish shirt & orange pant. Then a tall with sharp spike hair named Trelor said, "You're outnumbered little boy, play time over." "This attack will make sure you won't survive!" said Sturt, the boy wearing a green shirt with blue stripes. TJ's white top manages to escape from the triangle lightning move, but the Spike Saw Sharks attack Dragoon from three sides.

TJ thought to himself, "Man, how can dodge their attacks, wait a sec, that is an idea to work." as he looked at the stadium wall to figure out a plan. When the Spike Saw Sharks said in unison, "Attack now!" as their beys came to white left spin top, but it went up on the wall to jump in the air. The announcer said, "Woah, Dragoon jumped from the wall, is this the end for TJ? No wait, he is on the ram to speed up in the attack!" as Dragoon Cyclone charged up for a rapid attack move on two of the Spike Saw Shark' beys out of the stadium.

When Sturt's blue grayish bey started to attack on Dragoon Cyclone, while Randy looked at them and said, "Ok, now final attack!" as his orangish brown bey started to charge at the two beys to knock out Surt's bey that split in four pieces. Sturt said, "Randy, why you!" as he sees his bey pieces on the stadium. Katie said, "That dude destroyed his teammate's bey." "I can't believe myself, why did he do that?" said Mike. Gariga said, "How did that kid do that?" as Raven looked at his laptop to see the file on it, then said, "By the look of it, Randy uses some material on his bey for some power & picks up weaker blade players in the stadium including his gang.

The announcer said, "I can't ever imagine that Randy attacked his own commade in the stadium to challenge TJ for the semi final spot." "Man, that was as easy as pie and you got that for my bey." said Randy. Sturt said it with Caser & Treloar beside him, "What, Randy. You betray the Bey Creature Sharks!" as Randy pick up his beyblade top to said, "Not betrayal, I did that because I tired to order from you dumb three. The Boss teaches to battle any players and you guys lose to four little kids, while the gang on their heads, heard from now on, I'm on my own battle, I will destroy you to get out of the way. TJ said it to Randy, "What up, Randy!" So you even attack your own teammates to win the battle, why that?!" "Listen kid, if I'm going to beat you and Ethan from beating me, I will take that life on my bey." said Randy. TJ said it, while holding his beylauncher with the red dragon ripcord winder in it, "Beyblading is not about taking down & destroyed the opponents, if this is Ethan's big brother gang in battle, so I going to crash the Bey Creature Shark's way of beyblading in pieces!"

As TJ loaded Dragoon onto the beylauncher & Randy said, "Oh yeah, you and your bey can't work either ways, I'm going to have you as an appetizer before my victory." "Now I'm neet to think of a plan, if I go defense, I will be a sitting unguard duck or I go head to head at full power, Dragoon will lose more strength, not an option, I guess to use my new launch technique." as he put his beylauncher in an upside down position.

Steve said, "Hey look at that launch pose TJ is using for the second stage." "I wonder how he mastered that technique in the tournament?" said Shelby. As the referee said, "Alright you two let get started, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it Rip!" said Randy as he launched his bey. TJ launched with a reverse right side up as fast his wrist can go & said, "Let . . . it Rip! Come on Dragoon, let's get to it!"

Dragoon Cyclone was doing a zig zag with some flower pattern in super fast speed like 3x than Dranzer Flare inside the beystadium as Randy said, "Forget about it, kid that won't make something in battle." as Dragoon began to vanish and disappear in a fiery wind back & forth in the stadium as the announcer said, "No way, TJ is making his bey to go phantom in the dish!" "TJ using his new technique!" said Raven. Katie said, "You got Randy in your plan, pal!"

TJ said, "Dragoon, go Vanishing Flare Wind!" as the white top disappears in the wind fiery air. Randy looked confused and said, "Huh, where did his bey go?!" as Dragoon reappears to sneak attack his bey. TJ said, "Go for it!" as Dragoon attacked Randy before vanishing again to cause Randy's orange brownish bey was sent to the air & broken into five pieces that fell to the stadium's center floor.

That cause Randy said, "Impossible, no way that be true." as he is full on his needs. The referee said it to the audience, "The winner that earns 45000 points to the second semi final, TJ Thornton!" "That was awesome!" said Ethan. Angel said it in excited shock, "How he did that cool launch style and technique?" "I believe he used a super fast wrist release launch to master his bit spirit's power during his training. I think that has paid off." said Raven.

Randy said, "Man, how did I get so beaten by that kid?" as he looked down cause he was lost, but he saw his bey parts on TJ's left hand, while he said, "Hey you, I believe these pieces are yours?" "My bey." said Randy. TJ gave the pieces to him and showed him his Dragoon Cyclone to said, "That was a good beybattle & I think you get it to be fixed." as he wink at him. "Thank, I will go do that." as Randy walks away to fix up his beyblade.

In the stand's halls, a block boy with black three points short hair and green eyes & wearing green clothes said it,while looking at his gray bey, "I think it's time for me to get moving in A Block!" as he walked down to the center floor for the A Block Preliminaries.

The tournament is off with a good start with TJ, Ethan, and Katie in the semi final round. Let's see how these kids handle the battle in the champion level.

Chapter 5: The Water Light Black Turtle vs the Fire Water Red Phoenix

At the Mercedes Benz SuperDome, during the A Block qualifying round before the semi finals has decided it, the announcer said, "Man, these players are going out in A Block, but one of them is going fast like a wind bolt of thunder." as a gray bey attack some beys in one attack. In the hallway, Raven dragged TJ to the battle area & said, "Hurry up TJ, come on we got to see the players for the semi final rounds!"

"Ah, I don't like to rush from lunch in the cafeteria." said TJ. as he ate a bacon cheeseburger, while holding his fries and orange soda bottle in a bag. Suddenly two beys were flying at them, but they fell into TJ's lunch bag, TJ said, "Woah, what was that!?" as he looked at his bag to find Strata Dragoon & Bison Charger between the fries and bottle, Raven said, "Wow, these are Shelby & Steve's beys. Now, how did these two get out of the stadium here?" as they run to the area to see lots of beys taking out in a bunch one by one. Then, when TJ and Raven got there, they saw the other competitor's beys out of the stadium leaving one gray bey left standing to win the preliminaries. The announcer said, "The winner of A Block preliminaries is Drew Myers." "No way, Drew!" said TJ in shock.

Raven looked at him & said, "Wait a min, you know him?" "Yeah, he is a friend from Centennial

Elementary School in Plano, TX." said TJ. as the announcer telling the crowd about the semi final rounds, "Alright, that was good. Now time to see the players for the semi finals!" as the Superdome's jumbo full screen shows the four players in the semi finals to the crowd. The announcer continued, "In the first round, the aqua flame phoenix wielder, Ethan against the defense light star, Katie. Then the flaming wind dragon rising kid, TJ to face the white storm tiger wielder, Drew Myers." as Shelby and Steve look up to see the two boys in the stand. Raven said, "Man, TJ. Look like you're going to face your friend in the second semi final & I have that his bey is unbeatable in battle." "Mmm, unbeatable, eh." said TJ in his hands. As the other competitor walked out and some said, "Man, that dude is strong." "Yeah, his bey is quick." said another one.

TJ looked at Drew & said, "I think my Dragoon is ready to handle him." "What does that mean?" said Raven in confusion. When Drew walked to the hallway, TJ thought to himself, "Oh well Drew, I'm going full charge, when we meet." as the four kids meet Katie, Angel, Apriell, and the Gerson Brothers to talk about Katie & Ethan's round in the first semi final in the waiting room. Mike said, "Look like the three of you are in the Semi Final today." "I don't made in the next round, but it will be cool to see you and Ethan battle." said Shelby. As Katie smiles a little.

Raven said, "Well the preliminaries were hard, but the rounds are in the big time of the tournament." "Ok, that is true, but I think which two of us will battle out in the final." said TJ. Katie said, "Ok, me, you, & Ethan will have to reach the final battle from our semi final's battles." "Let's do it!" as they high five each out then walk to the hallway, when a tall woman with long thin curly hair, bright blue eyes, wearing a yellow - greenish shirt & white skirt walk in to said, "Oh, Katie?" "Mom." said Katie as she knew the woman to be her mother.

Mike walked up to her to said, "Hello ma'am, my name is Mike Gearson and you are?" "I am Kathie Scherer, Katie's mother & I'm here to give something to my daughter." as she pulls out something from her left pocket. Katie went to her mother to said, "Oh, what is it?" As she showed her a turtle shell shaped pendant necklace with some object inside of it, Kathie said, "This pendant is from your grandpa and he wants you to have it for luck & good things in your life. Now I'm going to take your younger brother Jake to the aquarium, good luck on your battle, sweet heart. Bye." "Bye, Mom. My grandpa told me, this is special to him." said Katie as she put the pendant on her neck and headed to the stadium.

Katie is walking with her friends in the hallway, while Steve said, "Said Katie, what do you do in your victory party reward?" as they saw Ethan coming out of a room to the stadium. Then Katie ran up to him & said, "Ethan, good luck in the battle." "Uh, thank you Katie." as he headed to the Superdome stadium center.

In the stadium center, the announcer said it to the crowd, "Ok, everyone! Time for the 1st semi final round! Here are the players!" as both Ethan and Katie walk to the stadium center with the crowd cheer for them. "Ok, now the players are the defensively yellow star of light, Katie Scherer & her opponent, the blue boy with the aquatic flame wing of Dranzer is Ethan Lee!" as the kids attached their bey log pointers in an inserter stand by them.

As the announcer said, "Time for the beystadium." as the beystadium appears with two different levels, a top and bottom ones, & a pair of rails on each side going up to the top level. DJ Player Jazzer said it about the beystadium, "This is the Super Tower Decker Stadium, the beys will battle in two different level of this area and there are rails on each side to take the beys to the top level & must stay on it for ten seconds." "Man, this is gonna be a tough battle, Grandpa, I'm gonna win this for you!" said Katie. Ethan said it, while holding his bey, "Ok, Dranzer Flare, let's do it!"

As the player loaded their beys and got ready to battle. The referee said, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it Rip!" said both Katie and Ethan as they launched their beys in the stadium. The beys begin to spin around on the top level, until Katie's bey falls to the bottom level from a hole on the top level. The green bey landed a little hard, but used the rails to get to the top level. The announcer said, "Wow, what a good comeback move of Katie!" "Go, full power!"

In the stand, TJ, Angel, Steve, Shelby, Raven, the Gerson Bros, & the eight kids were amazed by Katie' skill. TJ and Steve said it in unison, "Woah!" "Awesome!" said both Shelby and Angel. Raven said, "I can see the bey going to the top." "Well, my brother thought about a special upgrade design for her bey." said Mike. The five kids said it in unison, "Special Upgrade design by Rach?" As Rach explains it, "I have an idea to put some metal ball bearings in the element blade base to give extra strength & defense, and stabilize its spin rotation. Go get him, Katie!" as her bey hit Dranzer to the lower level and Katie said, "Nice, now to wait for ten mins!"

"Ok, we'll do it, Dranzer. Use the rails to the air!" as Dranzer Flare rides rail to the top, then into the air for an air attack. As the blue bey creates an aqua flame drill on the bottom. Ethan said, "Right now, Special Attack Move, Dranzer's Fire Flare Arrow!" as the bey fell down to the stadium at high speed to hit Katie's above & knock out off from the beystadium. "Woah." said the crowd as the green bey stopped spinning by Katie's feet.

Katie picked up her bey and thought to herself, "Wow, Ethan is so good with that evolved Dranzer, but how can I beat him? What, my bey bit is cracked. As the bey bit a couple cracks on it. Then TJ yells to her, "Katie, you need to believe in your skill & bey in the next round. Show Ethan, what you got, girl!" "Go for it, Katie!" said Shelby. Steve said, "Come on girl!" as she heard her friends cheering for her and said, "They're right & believe me, I got to show my skill in this round. Now, I need a plan to stop Dranzer's move, but I think it is going backward. Wait a min, that's the answer!" "Wow, the special attack move of Ethan has got the first round of the 1st semi final, I wonder how can Katie beat Ethan?" said the announcer. As Katie put her hand in the left pocket to pull a gray ripcord winder without a handle and Katie said, "It is a good thing, I got this ripcord winder from my house." "Are you ready, Katie?" said Ethan. "I've got a plan to beat you, Ethan." said Katie as she put that ripcord winder in her beylauncher, holding it on the side to launch.

As the referee looked at the players, "Alright player, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Let it Rip!" as Katie pulls the ripcord winder in the same direction to make it spin left rotation. Raven, Shelby, Steve, & Angel said it in unison, "Wow!" "Amazing, that's going fast!" said TJ. the green bey went to the top level in a counter clockwise spin. The announcer said, "Impossible, she made her go in the opposite spin direction, let see if Katie can stay in 10 second?" "I want to know why she launched her beyblade to spin left?" said Steve. Raven said, "I don't know, but I believe that she got a plan for Dranzer Flare's move?" Katie thought to herself, "Well Ethan, I got my bey have a plan to get you and Dranzer in movements.

As Dranzer used the rail to launch into the air and Ethan said, "Ok, let see if your plan works? Now Dranzer, Special Attack Move, Fire Flare Arrow!" as the blue bey uses some move on the green bey, but nothing happens. Raven said, "I got it, she used left rotation to stop hold back, Dranzer's move." "Awesome, Katie!" said TJ.

Ethan said, "Ok, you got some skill for that plan, but I wonder, how can you hold it long? Go get her, Dranzer!" "Not so fast, by spinning to the left that let my bey absorb Dranzer' spinning strength for my own for the win." as the green bey stole the energy from the blue bey to make it stopped spinning & fell to the bottom level, while the timer finished on the tenth light, then the referee said, "The winner of the 2nd session is Katie Scherer." as the crowd cheered for Katie. Katie jumped with excitement and said, "Alright yeah, my plan has work & I'm going to keep pressure on the next round.'' While she gets ready for the third round, suddenly the cracks on her bey bit got worse, causing the green bey to spin out from the beystadium in air toward Katie and she is about to fall.

Then Lenore ran from the hallway to her and said, "I got you, Katie!" as they fall back, while the green bey hit Katie's pendant necklace to break it that causes the pendant to break open with a bey bit & the green bey' bit got destroyed in million pieces on the floor. Both Katie and Lenore look at the bey to say, " (gasp) Oh no." Lenore helped Katie on their knees. "Incredible, Katie has held Dranzer's move to win the second round, but her bey bit got destroyed, oh that be bad for her. Now how can Katie handle that problem?" said the announcer.

TJ said, "Man, Katie got it good, but now." "I know, then how does she find an extra bit for her bey in the 3rd match?" said Shelby. Ethan said, "Well Katie, what will you do in the situation?" "Do you need time to adjust your bey before the match starts?" said the referee. Katie said, "Thank you, but how do I do that?" as she looks at her broken pendant to see a bey bit by it.

She said, "Wait, grandpa's pendant has a bey bit inside of it & the image . . ." as Katie put up the bey bit and look at the picture of a purple & black turtle with yellow lightning marks on the shell and body, then Katie said, I know you, when I was 3 years old, my grandpa told me that you're the Scherer families' sacred Elemental spirit, Aqua Light Genbu. Maybe if I put you in my bey?" as Katie put the bit in her green bey.

"Cool, perfectly fit, look like you're like my bey, Genbu. I gotta thank my grandpa for it." said Katie as her bit glowed in purple & yellow light. Then the bey bits of Dragoon, Strata Dragoon, Bison Charger, & Uni Pegasus were glowing like colorful lights in their owner' hands. TJ said, "Woah, Dragoon is glowing and reacting to something." "Our's too." said Steve, Shelby, and Angel in unison. Raven remember the thing, he saw the same glow with Dragoon & Dranzer to said, "Wait, I think they are reacting to another bit spirit of the four legendary element saint beasts." as Dranzer's bey bit glows for sec, Ethan said, "What, the Dranzer is sensing something. I just found out myself."

The competitors loaded their beyblades onto the bey launchers, then Katie said to her bey, "I believe there are some powers in you to help me out during this match. I am going to rename you, Draciel Fort Shell. So you're ready, Draciel?!" as her bey shine from the lights. The referee said, "Get ready, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Let it rip!" as the players launch their beys to the stadium. Katie said, "Go get it, Draciel!" "Charge, Dranzer!" as the beys went around the top level. The announcer said, "Let's see which bey go to the final?" "Is there another one like Dragoon and Dranzer, so I think the beast spirit is somewhere on the stadium floor?" said TJ. as the timers reached ten, the referee said, "Bey players, time is up now. The last bey spinning is the winner."

Dranzer & Draciel fall through the hole to the bottom level to attack in full power. Ethan said, "Well, time to finish this, Dranzer!" as the blue bey started to push Draciel back. "Come on buddy, I believe you can do it. Please hang on." said Katie. The bey bit glowed purple light with yellow outline to cause Katie's eyes glow yellow and said, "I feel something like powers & for you to make your appearance!" as the light glows brighter. Katie said, "Go, Draciel!" the spirit revealed himself to Ethan and the crowd as the kids were surprised by Draciel. Raven said, "Guys, it looks like Katie got a bit spirit now."

"Man, I think that is one of the four Elemental Holy Sacred beast spirits." said TJ. the announcer said, "No way, Katie got a turtle bit spirit to power up her bey's defense power!" "That is amazing, but I'm going to the final to face TJ! Attack, Dranzer!" said Ethan "Full powers, Draciel!" as the beys going for it. Suddenly the green bey knocks the blue one in the air. "Wow, the black turtle hit Ethan's bey into the sky, when it was going to land on the stadium or out to the lost?" said the announcer.

"Wow!" said Shelby, Steve, Angel & Raven in unison TJ said, "I think she gotta win it!" "Hold on, look at that!" said Shelby. Katie said, "Alright, I'm going to the final!" "Sorry, I don't think so, girl!" said Ethan. Katie said in confusion, Huh?!" as the blue bey's started to glow bright and Dranzer came out to finish it. Ethan said, "Dranzer, Elemental Force!" as the bey headed toward the green bey, while glowing in bright blue fell down to the stadium.

In a collision of Aqua flame blue energy to cause Draciel stop spinning after knock out from the Beystadium to make Ethan the victor. The announcer said, "Amazing, Ethan showed a strong come back to win for the final!" as the crowd cheered for Ethan. Angel said, "Man, she almost got him!" "Yeah, but Katie gave all she got in that battle, so I'm going to battle Ethan in the final. I have to beat Drew in my semi final round." as he looks at Drew in the top stands.

Ethan walked through the hallway from the stadium floor, when someone grabbed his left hand, he turned around to see Katie smiling & she said, "Congratulations, Ethan. That was a good match." "Thank, Katie. I am surprised that you got your own Bit Spirit." "Thank Ethan, Draciel good work, we will sure win next time. Grandpa, Thank you or bring him to me." as she looked at her bey.

TJ and the other four walked up to her and he said, "Hey you & Ethan put up a good fight in the beystadium, but you almost got him." "Thank, TJ." said Katie. Raven said, "I think there is the legend of the four symbol of the 4 seasons that is similar to the three Bit Spirits." "No way!?" as Raven explained to them, "Ok, TJ got his Dragoon that link the blue dragon of the east, Seiryu, Suzaku the vermillion bird / phoenix of the south resemble Dranzer of Ethan's Bit Spirit, and now Katie got her Draciel that Genbu the black turtle or tortoise of the north." as the three kids look at their beys.

Angel said it, while she thought, "Thay mean there is one more beast of the four symbol." "I think Drew got the fourth beast in his bey." said TJ thinking of Drew. Raven remembers the fourth beast & it's name, "I think he got the resembled beast for Byakko the white tiger of the west." as Mania and Lenore walk up to them, then said in unison, "Hey guys, there is something very good at the entrance!" "What?" said the kids as they headed to the entrance to see TJ's grandparents by a blue bus with the rest of their friends in it.

Ichigo ran out of the bus to tell them, "Well guys, we're going to the Audubon Zoo on a picnic for both Ethan & Katie!" "Sweet!" as they went in the bus with Curtis and Clarie Griffin to the Zoo. When they got there, the kids went to the sea lions' habitat watching them swimming in the water. Then in the Giraffe Overlooks, when they have to feed some giraffes.

By the Elephant Pavilion, when one kinda spray on Bella's face & hair, while the rest laugh. In the African Savanna, Katie was looking at the Aldabra Tortoise and said, "Maybe I can use that ability of both turtle and tortoise shell defense with my Draciel."as She is holding her bey by a tortoise. Ethan was holding his bey, Dranzer, by the Red tailed Hawk in Audubon Aviary, then he said, "If that hawk flies high, my Dranzer can too." Then, the group went to a restaurant named, Zoofari Cafe for some lunch.

After TJ ate his food to hear a roar from the Asia habitat area as he took Apriell with him to the Asia area. Then Raven, Ethan, Shelby, Steve, & Katie follow them to the sound. When TJ was on the way to the Asia habitations and said, "Where does the roar come from?" as he looked around to see the Malayan Tiger in their habit. The rest of the kids arrive by aside him. Katie said, "Hey TJ, what is it?" "I heard an animal's roar from this area."

Then they hear the same roar by the cage to see Drew with his gray bey around in an electric wind colored green. That takes the form of a tiger to scare the malayan tiger. Steven looked at Drew to said, "Guys, look at that, is Drew!" as they gasp in shock to see him. Shelby said, "What is he doing with the tiger?!" "By that tiger shaped wind, look like his bey doing that for the 2nd semi final battle." said Raven. As Drew picks up his bey. Katie said, "I guess Drew has got the Bit Spirit that resembles Byakko." "I'm gonna fight him in the second semi final, then head for the final to face Ethan." said TJ. as he holds Dragoon into the air.

Now the semi final second session will be an extreme fight between TJ & Drew, but which one will win?

Chapter 6: Awaken the White Wind Thunder Tiger

As the audience gets ready to see the second semi-final in the tournament. DJ Player Jazzer said, "Alright peoples, let's get the second round of the semifinal, it's the fire dragon wielder, TJ against the white lightning tiger beyplayer, Drew Myers!" as the crowd gets excited for TJ and Drew's battle.

In the hallway, TJ is with Katie, Steve, Mike, Rach, Shelby, & Angel as she holds Apriell. TJ said, "Yeah, I'm ready to battle!" "Show Drew, what you got!" said Katie. Mike said, "Hey wait, where is Raven at, the battle is going to start soon." "Oh right, Raven is not here." said Steve. Shelby said, "Where do you think he is doing?" as she looked at her bey. TJ said, "Well, he said that he is building something for my Dragoon in the match." "Hey bro, maybe you can give Raven a hand?" said Rach. Mike said, "Mmm-mmm, I think you kids got it." "Oh, yeah!" said TJ. as Angel was thinking about TJ's friend, Drew. When Apriell reach her arm out to get Angel's attention and said, "Ba bu (x5)"

At the hobby shop's workshop area, Mrs Gearson walked to Raven and said, "I got the metal piece, you want." "Thank you, Mr gearson. That is the piece I need for TJ' special parts to help Dragoon." said Raven as he used the metal piece in a mini ring on the side. When the second second semi final started to begin, Ichigo, Mania, & Gariga walked through the hallway in the east area of the SuperDome, Ichigo said, "Where she go?" "I don't know." said Mania. Gariga said it as she scratched her head, "Come on, Angelia knows that TJ is facing his friend, Drew Myers from his school in T.X?" "I hear she has to go get something for the match, I think?" said Mania. Ichigo thought about it for 10 mins, then said, "I believe we have to wait to see it." "Yeah." said Mania and Gariga in unison as the three girls headed to their seats.

As the crowd cheered louder for the second semifinal round, when DJ Player Jazzer said, "Yeah, now let's introduce the two fierce Bey players on the center floor!" as the crowds look to the right corner, when TJ walk out, while the announcer said, "On the right corner, it the rising fiery red star, TJ!" as he waved at the crowd.

"And at the left corner is the tame storm tiger master, Drew Myers!" as Drew came out, while the crowd for him. When two boys stare at each other, Drew said, "Ah, ah, achoo! Oh, bless me." as TJ fell a little from his squeeze and he said, "Hey Drew, was that funny or lane!" "Calm down, TJ. Sorry about it, time, we battle for the second spot for the final battle. This is my Driger Spark, he'll be your windy doom." said Drew as he showed his gray bey at TJ.

TJ takes a look on Drew's beyblade from the big flat widescreen monitor to see the bey bit have a white tiger with golden yellow armor & wind marks in green on it. TJ thought to himself, "So, we were right, Drew's bit spirit resembles Byakko the white tiger of the four symbol." as both Dragoon and Driger's bey bits glow in a reaction to each other. As he looked at the seat stand to see Raven anywhere with his friends, then he said, "Rat! Raven is not here, maybe still working on that part? Look like I am going on this alone."

The referee said to the beyplayers, "Prepare to battle, you two." as a special beystadium appear in center floor, while DJ Player Jazzer said, "This is called the Rotation Double Cyclone Beystadium, the stadium have a spinning rotating wheel with 2 craters ramp holes for left & right spin beys to give them extra boost power in battle." "All right, Dragoon. Let's do this, together." said TJ as he put his beylauncher in an upside down position for TJ to use his new launch technique, while Drew was in a normal position to battle.

The crowd were ready to see the two beyplayers launch their beys into the stadium. The referee said, "Ok, get ready & set!" "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." said the crowds. TJ used the super fast wrist release launch and Drew did a normal launch, so they both said, "Let it Rip!" as the two beys went around the stadium in different spin directions.

Dragoon used a zig zag movement on Driger, but that didn't work, DJ Player Jazzer said excitedly, "Unbelievable, Dragoon's zig zag move doesn't have an effect on Driger at all!" "Time for a different plan, Dragoon use Vanishing Flare Wind!" as the white bey begins to vanish in fiery air for a sneak attack. Drew said, "What the, where that white bey go?" "Behind you!" said TJ as Dragoon reappeared to attack Driger from behind as it went for it like six times.

When Dragoon tried to go for the seventh time in the stadium, Driger found it from one hit & Drew said, "Ok, you good, TJ. I think my bey will slice you up! Go Driger use your lightning storm claws!" when Driger's three points of the elemental attack ring in light green to attack on Dragoon's blade element base 3x until it hits the bey in the air.

As Dragoon broke apart into its five main parts except the spin gear was split in four pieces. The parts fell to the floor by him. TJ picked up his bey parts, while looking at the broken spin gear to said, "Aw man crazy, it looks like the part is cut up by a tiger claw of wind, that is the little power of his Bit Spirit." as he looks at Drew getting his bey.

Referee said to Drew, "Where are you going?" "I'm going to the hallway to think of my plan for the second match. Oh yeah, are you gonna quit or battle me, TJ? How can you fight without a spin gear?" "Aw rats!" said TJ. Angel said, "I'll let him borrow mine." as she pulls her bey. Katie said, "Hold on, TJ's bey is a left spin one and there are less reverse spin beyblade in the world?" "Hey Mike, do you guys have any spare left spin gears?" said Steve. Mike said, "We do, but they are in the workshop in our dad's hobby shop." "All nuts." said Rach. suddenly a voice said, "Hold on that!" as the crowd turn to the right corner to see Raven with a big tool box.

TJ said, "Hey, Raven!" "I got the part, you need it," said Raven. As TJ ran to him & said, "Dude, you really help me out on this." As the referee said, "Both bey-players will take a 10 min timeout break for TJ to adjust his bey." "Let go, Dragoon needs a new part, TJ." said Raven. TJ said, "Got ya!" as they both went into the waiting room to repair Dragoon. Drew said, "Hope, it's ready to be better." as Ichigo and her friends arrive at their seats, Mania said, "Hey, I wonder if Raven can get TJ's bey in the game?"

"I believe TJ will make it to the finals, my heart feels it." said Angel. Ichigo said, "Me, too!" agree with her. At the waiting room, Raven took a book at the broken spin gear and said, "I see what happened, your bey' spin gear has sliced in fourth from his bey attacks, so he can attack parts inside as well outside parts in battle." "Darn it, how do I beat that?" said TJ. Raven said, "I think you need to attack under Driger's elemental attack ring. Oh yeah, I got the new part for Dragoon from the workshop." "Really, what is it?" said TJ.

As he pulled a white left spin gear with a sticker that said E.F on each side with a L at the middle, Raven said, "This is your new spin gear, I made for your bey." "Look cool!" said TJ. Raven said, "Inside is a super strong metal material that won't break by any attack, but is the final design from the prototype, so I wonder if it will work?" as TJ put the spin gear in the element blade base & said, "I will make sure this part works in battle!" "Awesome!" said Raven. When TJ almost finished putting together his bey, Raven said, "Come on pal, show the world your power with this part, I made to beat Drew in the second round." "Ok, Dragoon will use your creation to the fullest in battle!" as he attracted the bey bit to get ready for battle, when he said, "Dragoon, let bring the fiery storm to victory!"

Drew was resting on the bench in the other hallway, when Angelia walked by him to said, "Excuse me, are you, Drew Myers?" "Yes?" said Drew as he looked at his bey. Angelia said to Drew, "So, why did you slice TJ' spin gear into four pieces in the 1st round?" "Sorry, I didn't mean to do that, I sure he got a plan in the 2nd round." as he got up then headed to the center floor.

At the center floor. Both bey-players were getting ready for the second round as TJ loaded Dragoon onto the launcher and said, "Dragoon, it's showtime!" "Good luck, TJ. The metal inside is very unknown to most people, but it must help you in this battle." said Raven. As TJ looked at Raven & thought to himself, "Right, time to put this part to the test." as both bey-players use the same launch position. "I hope TJ finds a spin gear that won't break on himself." said Lenore. Gariga said, "I believe that Raven has something that will surprise us."

The referee said, "Ready players, now!" as the crowd said, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip!" said TJ as he added an arm swing with his wrist release launch technique. The announcer said, "Wow, a blur flash goes in Dragoon' speed!" "Ok, Let it rip!" said Drew as he launched Driger. In the beystadium, Dragoon creates a mini wave of fiery wind from the element blade base. "Come on, Dragoon!" said TJ.

Drew said, "Go Driger!" as the gray bey hit the white bey, but nothing happened. TJ said, "Nice time to strike back, counter attack, Dragoon!" as the white bey go in a zig zag movement in the stadium, hitting Driger from each side. Katie said, "Go TJ!" "His bey is going fast like a comet!" said Steve. Mr Rolando said, "Amazing speed." Suddenly the gray bey makes a green windy streak and turns the entire bey, light green lighting in the beystadium, as Drew said, "Elemental Force, Driger!" "No way!" said TJ.

Shelby, Steve, Katie, Rach, Mike, Angel & the other said it in unison, "Woah!" "I can't believe it." said Ethan about 6 seats rows above his friends. From the view in the center floor, Raven said, "Impossible, Drew's Driger can use Elemental Force too." as Drew's bey go attacks TJ's with massive power to send it into the air.

Raven said, "Be careful, TJ. Driger's attacks are now more powerful." "Come on Dragoon, please hang on." said TJ as his eyes suddenly glowed in bright red then heard a voice that said, "Don't give, TJ. You must go to the final with Ethan." "Who is it? Was that you, Dragoon?" said TJ as he looked at his bey. "Yes, you want to show your friend that you are strong enough to beat his brother as a promise. I'll be there for you, let's win this." said Dragoon. TJ said it as his hair changed color from brown to bright fiery red with a symbol of planet Earth and Mars on his forehead, "Time to rise up, Go Dragoon!"

That causes the white bey to glow bright fiery red color, the metal ring in the spin gear generates heat air, making a fiery wind streak, & the bey bit unleashed the fire - wind blue dragon, Dragoon out of the bey as he roar louder in the stadium. Then Drew said, "Ok, let's do this, TJ. Roar with the thunder wind, Driger!" as both his eyes and hair glow in bright emerald green with the planetary symbol of Jupiter appear on his forehead to cause, his bey bit unleash a bright green light with lightning wind to bring out a white tiger with golden yellow & green armor and wing like parts that give out a big roar like a tiger. As the two bit spirits stare at each other with their bey-players. Raven said, "Wow." "Cool!" said Shelby. Steve said, "That is nuts." "Amazing." said Ethan. Katie said, "Those bit spirits are going all out." "Awsome." said Angel. Soon, TJ and Drew start as the two beys headed for each other. Drew said, "Let go, Special attack move, Driger's Elemental Force, Tiger Wind Claw!" as his bey begin to charge up with green electricity flow around the Elemental Attack Ring, then make three wind claws coated with electricity as it charges at TJ's.

Then TJ said, "Go Dragoon! Elemental Force, FireStorm Attack!" as his bey creates a tornado & generates fire to ignite the wind ablaze, then headed to Driger. When DJ Jazzer saw those moves, he said, "Call me, a spotlight! Those boys going out with anything, they got!" when both bit spirits and beys begin to fight, the blast of emerald green thunder storm and fiery red wind fire in a tornado in the stadium, then TJ said it as he created a pair of angel wings in fiery red fire, "Now time to surpass this power!" Dragoon suddenly tapped into its hidden power.

That caused Driger to be knocked from the stadium & the blast release from the tornado pushed Drew to the little hard fall to the floor, while Driger landing by him, stopped spinning. The green and red smoke cleared up to see Dragoon last spinning, soon the referee said, "Dragoon, stadium out finish. TJ won in the second round." as the crowd for his win.

Angelia ran from the left corner's hallway to Drew as she said, "Hey Drew, can you hear me?" "Kid, are you okay to battle?" said the referee. As Drew opened his eyes for some minutes to said, "(Gasps) Ah . . . x3, TJ's bey . . . got the . . . legendary sacred saint . . . beast po . . . wer." as he passes out. As Angelia piggy backed Drew to the waiting room on the left side. The referee uses a mike to say it for the crowd, "Attention, this is a report that Drew has passed out, so that means TJ is going to the final." "For the real, alright that is awesome!" said TJ as the crowd cheered for him. The announcer said, "Crazy battle, the final will be TJ versus Ethan of the tournament. When both bey-players look at each other with their eyes in glow color & a great feeling to fight each other.

Now the final battle of the will be an epic which players will win to be champion? Fiery wind fighter, TJ or Aqua flare Genius Ethan.

Chapter 7: Going into the Final Battle ever!

At the Super Dome Stadium in New Orleans, the tournament is preparing for the final battle as the announcer, DJ Player Jazzer said, "Ladies & gentleman, boys and girls, time for the Final Battle It is between the rookies, TJ Thornton & Ethan Lee! As the crowd cheered in excited.

In the waiting room, TJ, Katie, Shelby, Steve, Angel, Apriell, Gariga, Angila, Hick, Lenore, Bella, Mike, and Rach waiting Raven add some modifications on Dragoon Cyclone, while Ethan is laying back by the locker. TJ said, "Hey, Raven, are you done giving Dragoon that new modified parts?" "But, this takes some time to make that feature on it." said Katie. Raven said, "I'm done with the bestest work put in it." "Cool!" said the kids in unison. As TJ's Dragoon setting by it's beylauncher & ripcord winder aside Raven laptop as Raven said, "TJ, I give your bey, some special microns in the spin gear to help the bey with hitting battle." "Thank, Raven." said TJ. Steve said, "Nice." as Mike put his right hand on his shoulder to say, "Good work, kid." "Wow!" Dragoon got like 12 sets of microns inside of him." said Rach. Shelby said, "While Dranzer got 4 microns."

Angel said, "What is the strategy to beat Ethan's Dranzer bey, TJ!" "I think I'll use the zig zag and dodge movements on Ethan?" said TJ. Raven said to him, "No way, Ethan got Dranzer two mode features on his bey's element blade base in attack or stamina." "Yeah, looks like he needs some plan for either mode." said Gariga. Lenore said, "Wait, maybe Raven is trying to make up a different battle plan?" "I'll try it, but make sure not to touch any of the keys." said Raven as he typed up some strategy while TJ scratched his head to said, "Man, I think I forgot something?"

When the door opened up, TJ's grandpa, Curtis Griffin went in & said, "Hey TJ!" "Ahhhhh!" said TJ as he accidentally hit Raven, Katie, Steve, Shelby, Lenore, Hick, and Gariga in a dog pile. While Angel, Apriell, Mike, Rach, Bella, & Angelia stand by them. "Hey Kids." said Curtis. The kids said it, while they were in a dog pile, "Huh?" "What are you kids doing in that?" said Curtis.

"Grandpa, what are you doing here. Are you and grandma making something at home?" "Well yes, but it has been done early, so we came here. Now TJ, do you remember what it is? You need a hint for it?" "I really don't know about that? Said TJ. Raven said, "I might check on my laptop, but I can't move." "Are you talking about your grandson's final battle in the tournament?" said Shelby.

As TJ's family members in New Orleans arrive with his grandma, Clare to congratulate him & tell him about his parents' anniversary. Curtis said, ""Since you are busy with your bey training, we sent your letter to them, so let's enjoy your congratulations party." "Yeah!" said TJ as he and his friends eat some pizzas, chips, soda, sweets, & a yellow cake in red, blue, and white frostings on it. While Hick, Gariga, Lenore, & Bella were having fun with TJ's cousins, Shelby said, "Wow, TJ's family sure got lots of members in New Orleans." "Mine is in both here & TX." said Angel holding Apriell as she ate a mini cupcake. Katie said, "I guess, you will said that he got it from the family to the bones." "Hey guys, do you think TJ got butterfly for the final battle?" said Raven.

As TJ was eating some pizzas, he suddenly choked for a min before drinking some orange soda, then ate some cool ranch chips. Katie said, "No, but he put them in his belly." as the 5 kids enjoy the party. Ethan was standing by the locker, when TJ brought a plate of nacho cheese chips, two slices of pepperoni pizzas, one yellow cake piece, & a lemon lime soda can to him, then said, "Yo Ethan, do you want some of these foods?" "Oh yeah, thank you." said Ethan. As TJ handed Ethan, his plate. Angelia walked up to TJ , then said, "Hey, do you mind if I bring some for Drew?" "Sure thing." said TJ. When she put 3 slices of Meatlover pizza, some BBQ Lay chips in one plate box, 2 pieces of yellow cake in another plate box, and a can of lemon lime soda for Drew, while she carried it to him in the high seat stand.

In the high stand seat, Drew was sitting by, Mr. Rolando, when Ichigo & Mania walk aside them. Ichigo said it, as she looked at Drew, "Excuse me, are you Drew, Drew Myers?" "Yes!" said Drew. Mania said, "We're here to see if you are okay from that blast in your battle with TJ." "Yeah, I'm fine." said Drew. when a voice said, "Found you." It was Angelia carrying the food for Drew. She walk down by them as both Ichigo and Mania said it in unison, "Angelia." "Hi, girls." said Angelia.

Drew said it in surprise, "Hey is you, uh Angelia right?" "Yeah, I'm here to give you these foods from TJ's congratulate party." as she handed Drew his food. Then he said, "Wow, thank you. Man, TJ & Ethan battle in the final that will be awesome." as he looks at the mega flat widescreen monitor with the 2 player's faces on it. Mania said it in wonder, "I have even known, if those two with their bey will go full powers on each other?" "Well I don't even know about that?" said Angelia. Ichigo said, "Well, I think those two can show us their skills, when I saw those Bit Spirits out of those tops that were amazing things, I have seen in my life." "Bit Spirits?" said both Angelia & Mania.

As the crowds get excited for the final battle of the tournament, the announcer said it to introduce the two bey-players to the center floor, "Alright everyone after through the preliminaries and semifinals to see a fierce battle of 2 amazing players in a special beystadium & setting for the final. Now let's meet the beyplayers." as the crowd goes wild, when Ethan walks to the center floor.

DJ Player Jazzer said, "Here is the boy in blue with the genius knowledge of the water flame, Dranzer is the aqua fire beyplayer, Ethan Lee!" as the people cheered for him. Soon the crowd turned to the other side corner to see TJ. He walked out the hallway to the center floor with Ethan, the announcer said, "The other finalist, the rookie player, who attacked with a blazing passionate storm for beyblading, meet the fiery wind Blue Dragon rising star, TJ Thornton!" as the crowd cheered to him.

TJ's grandparents are sitting with the 9 other kids to see TJ's battle with Ethan for the final, when they hear some giggles for a moment at something, suddenly DJ Player Jazzer said, "What the, I don't believe it!?" as TJ got to the center floor at the beystadium, Ethan made a weird face that made him said, "Hey Ethan, what's that for?" in confusion. Ethan said, "Well, uh. . ." can't say it. As TJ feels that his pants are being tugged, he looks down to see Apriell and Popper by him.

The crowd were surprised & laughed a little to see a baby and puppy on center floor with the finalist for the final battle, while the other kids & specially Ichigo were surprised to see them by TJ during the final. TJ said to her, "Apriell, what are you doing here with Popper? I think you two should stay with Angel and the other." as he pick up the baby to take her the other, but Apriell throw a little bad temper tantrum at TJ for a minute, then he think about it, then said, "Ok, you want to see it close up, I will look at you & Popper during the battle."

The referee said, "TJ, are you going to battle?" "Heck yeah, I'm ready!" As Apriell cheered up, TJ pulled out something from his right pocket to be an apple red baby carry backpack as he put her in the baby carry backpack and he put it on the back to do beyblading. Ethan said, "Hey TJ, are you sure about this?" "Yes, I don't want Apriell to cry & scream throughout the tournament, that would be embarrassing." said TJ. as the two boys get ready for the final battle in the tournament.

"Ok, let's get to it, the stadium will be a normal beystadium with high wall rails and it will be a cage match!" as a hexagon shaped cage appears around them. As the referee sait it to the players from outside of the cage, "The score board above you will keep track of your wins in battle." "Right." said both TJ and Ethan in unison.

Katie, Steve, Shelby, Angel, Hick, Lenore, Bella & Gariga chanted it to both boys, "TJ, Ethan (6x)." "Use the strategy, we came up to beat him." said Raven. The Gearson Bros said it together, "Yeah!" as Ethan put Dranzer in stamina mode. The referee said, "Beyplayers, get ready to prepare for battle."

As Ethan uses a normal launching stand and TJ will go with his arm swing super fast wrist release technique to say, "Ok, Dragoon, let's get this battle started!" as the scoreboard began to count down, while the crowd started the first match, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Let it rip!" Ethan & TJ launched their beys into the beystadium. As the two tops begin to go around the stadium in different spin directions at high speed.

Both beys leap up and down until Dragoon creates a tornado of fiery wind air, when TJ said, "Special Attack Move time! Dragoon, FireStorm Attack!" as the fiery tornado sucks Dranzer up into the vortex & hot air pushes Ethan to the cage a little hard before falling to the ground, while his bey stops spinning by him.

The referee said, "Dragoon, stadium ring out finish." "Woah, TJ got the first point in the first round, will TJ win the battle or Ethan knowledge get the next score yo tie it up with TJ?" as the crowd for his wins. At the seat stand, Shelby said, "Alright, TJ did it." "Yeah, but Ethan is going to show his skill on the 2nd match." said Steve.

As Ethan got up and picked up Dranzer with his left hand, TJ said it, while getting Dragoon from the beystadium, "Well, buddy. I got the upper hand on your plan." "You good, TJ. But I got another surprise in my bey' second mode in the next one." said Ethan as he put Dranzer in attack mode. Both boys get ready in their launch positions in the 2nd round. The referee said, "Ok, you two, let the battle begin.

Ethan takes out and throws his red scarf on the ground beside him, to show his skill in a new level. As the referee and crowd said it in unison, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . !" "Let it rip!" said both TJ & Ethan. When the second match, Dragoon uses the zigzag movement to add some fiery wind behind to attack the blue bey and make a cyclone to suck up Dranzer.

TJ said, "Take that, attack, Dragoon!" as the white bey used the windy flare cyclone on the blue top, but the tornado was getting ripped apart by some streak of watery fire. DJ Player Jazzer said, "No way, the tornado of fiery wind is being put down from the aquatic fire!" "Dranzer now, Special Attack Move . . . !" as the blue bey top creates a flame of water surrounding it's elemental attack ring. TJ said, "Oh no." "It's Ethan's Dranzer power." said Shelby. Angel said, "Yeah, both me and UniPegasus almost got him, but I was beaten by him." "Whoa, look like Dranzer is bringing the flare cyclone down !" said DJ Player Jazzer. Ethan said, "Fire Flare Arrow, Dranzer go!" as the blue bey create a fiery water shaped arrow headed toward Dragoon in full speed to cause the white bey out from the stadium, while the aqua flame blast hit TJ on the crest to cause him to fall on his belly, Dragoon stop spinning with Popper run to him, licking on his left cheek.

The announcer said, "What, TJ's wind got washed up by Ethan' aqua fire!" "Dranzer, stadium ring out finish." said the referee. As the scoreboard added a point for Ethan to tie up with TJ. Ethan said, "Well, TJ how about that, I'm going to use an attack move on the last round." "Wow, Ehan is showing his friend the power of the blue bey." said Mania. Ichigo said, "Don't worry Mania, I met TJ & he is going to show his courage in battle." "Me, too." said Drew.

As TJ got up and picked Dragoon on his right hand, when he stood on his feet to said, "(grunts) Man, that was the power of the red aqua fire phoenix for ya! So, we are both tied, one each?" "Yeah, but this is the best battle ever with you, TJ. I'm going to win this." "No way, Ethan! I'm going to show my skills to the fullest in the next round, even if I don't win, I will give my best at it!" said TJ.

Steve said, "Look like his bey spirit of fire is burning with flare in the next round." "TJ, I believe that you & Dragoon can show your full abilities together in heart and soul." said Curtis. When the boys prepare for the final battle of the tournament, TJ's bey bit begin to glow in a red / blue fiery wind outer space as Dragoon appear from the left side to said, "TJ, I know that be a battle with your friend, but we will use the strongest power launch from your very heart into it." "Right." said TJ.

Ethan said, "Ok, time goes all out." as he was in position, suddenly his bey bit started to glow that let him to be in an aqua blue / crimson fire outer space, when Dranzer appeared from the right side to said, "Hey, buddy, I want to say thank for being my partner with a good friend. I think we need to go with full power on him." "You're right." said Ethan. TJ said, "I have to do . . ." "To win this battle . . ." said Ethan. As the two bey-players begin to glow with their eyes & hair to say it in unison, "Is to bring the mega full power of my inner strength!"

As the center floor suddenly glows half red & half blue to shock the crowd in mystery for both finalists surrounded by two different color auras to start the battle. DJ Player Jazzer saw the auras to said, "Look like both boys are going powerful full charge on each other at max high speed." the referee said it to begin the last round, "Both players get ready and now set!"

The crowd said, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ." "Let it rip" said both boys as they launched their beys in elemental colors sparks behind it. When

Dragoon & Dranzer enter the stadium, TJ and Ethan both say, "Elemental Force! Go now!" as the tops enter their elemental force state like L.E.D light color streaks in the stadium. TJ said, "Go, Dragoon!" "Dranzer!" said Ethan. As both Bit spirits were unleashed to battle with their partners. Raven said it to Steve, "Hey Steve, which bit of spirit is stronger, Dragoon or Dranzer?" "I think we are going to know about that." as both beys attack each other like a purple spark hits, it looks like a bey light show with 3 color lights, red, blue, & purple to show the whole crowd in amaze feeling suddenly Katie, Shelby, Steve, Angel, and Drew begin to glow in their own color auras along their beyblade's bits.

Katie said, "I feel a strong power." "Yeah, me too." said Angel. Steve and Shelby both said, "Us too." while Drew pulled out his bey, Driger, then said, "Feel that, Driger? That the power of 2 legendary elemental sacred saint beast's powers is the fullest level!" when the beys each spin over to each their own edges, Dragoon create a red fiery wind streak & Dranzer create one made of blue aqua fire as the two elemental streaks begin to collide to make a swirl pillar of both red and blue lights with maximum force behind it that so bright to see what happen in the beystadium.

When the pillar headed way up above the SuperDome for the lights to take a blue dragon & red phoenix energy light figure as they fought like fireworks in the sky. As the lights faded away, both TJ and Ethan opened up their eyes to look down at the stadium to said, "What the!" as the monitor showed the stadium, the announcer said, "Impossible the blast was big, the beys were gone in 5 seconds! The crowd was extremely surprised by the beys vanish.

Then suddenly everyone looked up to the sun roof to see two color elemental comets headed to the center. TJ & Ethan both said, "Awesome!" "Those beys are color comets in dual elementals." said DJ Player Jazzer. The beys attack each other like 8 times until their bey's elemental energies take their beast forms for a final headbutt collide full force after that the beys start falling down like little fragments of falling stars. TJ said, "Come on, Dragoon!" "Dranzer don't quit!" said Ethan. The white top hit the edge to land safely to the stadium, but the blue top didn't make it, then landed on the elemental attack ring to stop spinning by Ethan's feet.

"Amazing, I never seen a beybattle like that before in a tournament, but the champion of the American Beyblade Super Star Battle tournament is TJ Thornton!" said DJ Player Jazzer. Both TJ and Popper jump up to enjoy the winner for being the champion, while Dragoon jumps into his right hand. TJ said, "Alright, I did it! We are the championship, Dragoon. I can't do anything without your help.

Ethan picks up his bey, walks to TJ with a smile to said, "Congratulations, TJ. You & Dragoon earn it, you think so, Apriell?" "(giggles) Yea, yea," said Apriell as she giggled and clapped for TJ's win. Then the boys saw Mr Rolando with Drew, Ichigo, Mania, & Angelia walking to them.

"Way to go, Champion, TJ!" said Drew as he gave him a high five. Ichigo hugged TJ to said, "Thank you for looking after my little sister and puppy." "No, prob." said TJ. Mt Rolando walks to the three boys to said, "TJ, Ethan, you two did a good battle as friends and that was a spieled match for the tournament." "Thank, sir." said both TJ & Ethan. Mania and Angelia said it in unison, "Good game, you two!"

Mr. Rolando said, "I got a surprise for you two because you'll be in a bey team." "Cool, a beyteam!" said both TJ and Ethan. When the spotlights shine on both of them, the announcer said, "Let's meet the 2 bey players of the group, TJ Thornton & Ethan Lee!" as they waved at the crowd. "Let introduce the other members that will join the two boys, semifinal's Katie, Drew, Preliminaries's Shelby, Steve, and Angel. Together, these 7 kids will represent America in the World Beyblade Championship!" "Woah, awesome!" said Katie, Shelby, Steve, & Angel.

TJ said, "I can't believe that we are in the same team for the championship, Ethan!" "I don't believe in myself. If we ever meet my big brother, we will show him as a whole team of colors." said Ethan. When five of the kids headed to them, Drew said, "Yeah, I think this team will go to different countries to become the no.1 beyteam on the planet!" "Cool!" said TJ. Katie said, "So, what is our beyteam's name?" "I don't know?" said Shelby. Steve & Angel think about it, but lose it. Drew and Ethan said, "What are your thoughts?" as they look at TJ for the name of their team. TJ said, "Well we each got our own elemental style in our special attack move & launch technique, so let's call our team, the Elemental Bladers."

Raven said, "Mmm-mmm, good name. What you guys think?" "Love it!" said the 6 kids. Then TJ said, "Ok, now our team will be called . . ." "The Elemental Bladers!" said it with his friends together. Mr Rolando said, "Splendid, the 1st championship, this team is going to the European World Championship. The Elemental Bladers will go on a cruise ship to Europe." "Mega awesome!" said the eight kids.

Mike said, "So Mr. Griffin, now TJ have won the tournament, are you happy?" "Happy nope, I'm proud of my grandson for connecting with Dragoon." "Yeah, let's give our support to the american beyblade team, The Elemental Bladers!" said DJ Player Jazzer as the crowd cheered for American Team.

Now the American Beyteam is now together, they will go to the world championship to show the world what they got!

Chapter 8: Headed for the World Championships

In a cabin like room, while Popper & Caralana slept in a big pet bed, on the bed, Raven was on his laptop as the T.V. on the news channel to tell the weather in Europe. When TJ and Angel surprise Raven from the side to say, "Boo!" "Ah!" said Raven as he fell on his back on the bed's other side.

"TJ, Angel! Why do you guys do that?" said Raven. As Apriell was crawling by Raven's right side. Angel said, "Because you can't have fun in the cabin, let go to the fun place on the ship! Also, we have looked at Apriell, Popper, & Caralana for Ichigo, remember?" as a flashback show bunch of moments, first one show the kids talk to their parents about their World Beyblade Championship, second that show TJ, Ethan, Katie, Drew, Shelby, and Steve to the other kids in Centennial Elementary School from Plano, TX to cheer them on T.V, and the third one show Ichigo give the kids a pet & baby bag for Popper, Caralana, and Apriell going with them to Europe. (Ended the flashback) "Oh, right." said Raven. TJ said, "Ok, Raven, let go of these other places in the cruise ship for some fun." as he grabbed & tugged Raven from the bed. Angel holds Apriell in her arms to said, "Yeah, since this is Apriell's first time in a cruise ship, Let's go!" "W-wait a minute, hold it, stop!" said Raven as they left the room to the other deck areas.

On the upper deck, Raven started to feel sick from his stomach as Angel and TJ said it in unison, "Wait a sec, you got sea sickness?" "Kind of, I feel a little ill." said Raven, rubbing his belly. "Maybe there is some way to make you not feel sick?" said Angel. As they headed to the swimming pool area, where TJ said, "How about a good swim on a floaties looking at the sky to clear your mind, Raven that will help you forget your sea sickness." "Cool, but Ichigo didn't get a bathing suit for Apriell to wear, but I think, when we reach England, we will get one for her." said Angel.

Raven said, "I think to do that now, we need to train for the 1st world championship, besides Katie wants to think about it, so she just has fun in the pool?" But he was wrong because Katie & Shelby were wearing yellow and orange bathing swimsuits playing with some kids in the pool, Katie said, "Hey, toss me the ball." "Oh, you missed it." said a boy as the ball missed behind the two girls. Raven said, "Oh bother." "Hi guys, what up!" said Katie as she held the ball. Shelby swam to said, "Yeah, join in with us, the water is fine." "Wow!" said both Angel & TJ. as both girls dive in the pool and said at the same time, "Cannonballs!"

By the hallway near the pool, Shelby said, "Raven got some little sea illness?" as Raven feels a little ill on the wall. TJ said, "Yes, I think swimming, while looking at the sky will forget about it, but that didn't work."

"Hey, I think, when I calm my stomach, that will be a good way to make it work." said Katie. As the kids headed to a restaurant with a 6 stars rating. "Wow the smell of the food in there is good." said Angel smelling the food from the door. Shelby said, "Yep, This is a six star rating restaurant with awesome foods on the cruise ship." "Cool, I like to eat some good foods & I wonder if they got a high chair for Apriell?" "Hold on, I don't think I like to eat in my conditions, but we need to train in the World Championship from Europe, besides Drew said, him to think about some training for us to do." said Raven.

When Drew and Steve walk out of the door with some bags & a pizza box. Drew said, "Man, that was some good foods." "Yeah, but that was good enough for me to take." said Steve. Raven said, "Really?" "Yo guys, are you guys going to eat, cause I got some pizzas for us." said Steve. TJ said, "True, but we are dealing with Raven' sea illness." "Sea Illness . . . oh, I think there is an answer for it, I know the spot." said Drew. as the six kids follow Drew to a room for games.

"Wow, a gameroom." said Shelby. TJ said, "Man, this ship got anything in it." "How will I forget my sea illness here?" said Raven. Drew said it as he guided the group to the back of the game room, "Follow me, I found it by looking at the map of the ship's game room." as the Elemental Bladers walk far by a beystadium with many kids beyblading & practicing their launch. Raven said, "No way, a beystadium in a game room?" "Nice." said Steven. Drew said, "You said we got to train for the European World Championship, so how do we practice with those kids by the stadium?"

"Will then, let's have some training with some players, I call first dibs on the 1st practice match in one on three." said TJ. as the six kids walk up to the beystadium to ask the kids to practice with them. Then Raven said, "Wait a minute, guys, you're sure about it, those kids are rookies." "So, we are rookies too, you know." said TJ. Katie said, "Yeah, we need to train for our first world championship, so we have to train with all the help we can get." as the Elemental Bladers went outside to talk about training.

Raven said, "I think we'll do some body training, then battle some kids in some practice matches in the game room, Katie will do some set of curl up about 10, Drew will do 7 quart leg side to side, and TJ, you. Jog 5 laps around this deck." "Sure." said the 3 kids in unison. Raven said, "Shelby, Steve, Angel, what about you guys?"

"I will go with Katie to curl up." said Shelby. Steve said, "Me and Drew are a dual color machine." as he put his right hand on Drew's right shoulder. Angel walked by TJ with Apriell in her arms to said, "I'll do the 5 laps with TJ & I watch Apriell, while doing the training." "Ok, oh right TJ, I got something for you." said Raven as he pulled out a different launcher grip in brownish gray. TJ said, "Woah, what that?" "This is your own launcher grip that I called, "The Catapult Star Grip Launcher Grip to increase your launch powers, try to attach it to your beylauncher?" said Raven as he handed it to TJ. He attached his left spin beylauncher with the Catapult Star Launcher Grip to said, "Dude, this launcher grip, awesome and I can add my Bey log pointer on it too." as TJ added his bey log pointer on the launcher grip.

Raven said, "Hey guys, where is Ethan?" "Who knows, maybe doing his own training somewhere on the ship?" said Drew. in the cruise ship's cargo room, Ethan was practicing for the world championship in Europe as the Dranzer Flare attacked on cargo's metal cases. Ethan said it to himself, "Man, I wonder what the european beyblade team looks like and how strong?"

In the outer deck, TJ & Angel were running in 50 mins, then, they stopped by some benches for TJ to sit for a breather, I think that . . . was the fifth one for our training (heavy breathing)." "You were running with the strength, you got." said Angel. TJ said, "Well, since we finished our training, let go to the game room for some practice matches." "Sure, why not?" said Angel as they headed to the game room.

On the way to the game room, TJ said, "I can't wait to test out my brand new launcher grip!" "Yeah, Apriell, you will be the one to see us at our best in these practice matches, okay?" "Huh (x2) said Apriell. When the kids got there by the beystadium to see lots of beys that got destroyed or scattered in some pieces on the floor. TJ & Angel bath gasp in surprise. TJ said, "Man, this is like a graveyard of damage beys!" "What in the whole planet happens to these beyblades?" said Angel. "That guy with the violet & blonde hair on the other side, he wracked our beys and he didn't give us the chance to attack." said a boy in a light sky blue shirt.

When the European boy was about to leave, a black brownish hair boy in mango & sunburst clothes ran to him saiding, "Not so fast, big shot. I'm going to take you down!" as they got ready to battle, then the boy said, "3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Let it rip!" as both boys launch their beyblade tops in the stadium, when one of the bey glows into a light blue and blue violet light streak at the boy's that turn it into scrap metal in 10 sec. The boy fell on his knee at his bey, while the European boy walked to the hallway.

Both TJ & Angel run in front of him, TJ said, "Stop right there!" "Who are you to destroy and wreck those kid's beys?" said Angel. The mysterious European boy looked at them and said, "They ask for it, so I beat them without giving them the chance to fight back." "That is not a beybattle, that a beymassarce, that their bey tops can't battle again, it's too cruel, you know!" said Angel. As she looks at the beyplayers sodding over their damaged beys.

TJ pulled out his bey from a white carry case on the right of his pants at the European to said, "That was uncool, so me and my Dragoon Cyclone will take you down!" as Dragoon's bey bit catches the European boy's attention. Angel walked up to TJ & said, "Are you sure about this, TJ?" "Yeah and I want to test out my new bey grip launcher." said TJ. as Raven was sitting on a bench like a beach chair thinking to himself, "Aw man, when will this sea illness last?" "Come on, there's going to be a beybattle in the game room!" said a kid as two boys ran toward the ship's game room.

Raven said, "What the . . . is this beybattle really good?" "I have heard a boy with brown spiky hair is battling an european boy." said another boy. Raven thought about the first part, then knew who the brown spiky haired boy was, he said, "I know it." by the benches, Drew and Steve were finishing their push ups on the last one, when 3 boys headed to the game room, then one of the boys said, "A boy is face off against an european boy in a beybattle, let's go!" as the duo got up.

Steve said, "Someone is battling someone?" "Maybe, one of the other groups will finish their training, we'll go to see the group that's doing the battle." said Drew. Steve said, "Ok, let's get going." as the two boys headed to the game room. At the weight room, Katie & Shelby were doing curl ups with 4x 10 weight dumbbells on their ninth one, when four girls run to the same room like the other kids, suddenly one girl said, "A boy in red and a girl in white are facing off an European boy to revenge for the kid's beys." "A boy in red . . . ?" said Katie. Shelby said, "& a girl in white?" as both girls looked at each other to figure it out, then said it in shock, "(gasps) TJ and Angel!" as they put down the dumbbells, then run to the ship's game room.

At the game room, there were a lot of kids around the beystadium, when Raven walked through the crowd to see TJ & Angel on their side. Raven said, "Hey guys, what's going on? (gasps) what happened to these beys?!" "I'm about to face the ghoul, who did it." said TJ. Raven said, "Sure," as Steve, Drew, Katie, and Shelby run aside to see the graveyard of destroyed or damaged beyblades. Katie said, "Hey, who did it to these beys?" "That European boy over there, we go to avenge these kid's beys." said Angel.

The Elemental Bladers find Ethan near a pole on the east side, Raven said, "Ethan." "I just got here from the ship's cargo bay room, this player is a new one for TJ to face, but we need to keep our guard up & eyes peel to know the opponent's moves." said Ethan. TJ said, "Ethan right, I need to look out for any attacks on this guy if he beats all these kids in minutes?" as he put his bey, Dragoon onto his grip launcher. While the european boy pulls out a new kind of beylauncher on his right hand. Drew said, "Whoa, what type of beylauncher is that dude got?" "Wait, I know that model, I heard from the internet, those are one of three new string bey launchers, a right spin, a left spin, and a left / right string bey launcher that can use both right & left spin rotation for both spin directions." said Raven.

When the American Beyteam, the European boy said, "I hope you are defeated by my bey, Legend Griffin Destroyer to beat you." "Oh yeah, my Dragoon Cyclone won't be crushed by your bird kitty!" said TJ as they get ready to battle. 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Let it rip!" said both boys as they launched their beys into the beystadium. TJ said, "I'm going to teach you not to destroy beys from kid's fun playing." "You really think you can use the upper hand on my bey." as the white bey and light blue bey hit each other about 8 times until Dragoon was pushed back 3 inch away from Griffin Destroyer. TJ thought to himself, "Look like, I need a new strategy here, that's it." as Dragoon uses its speed for a fast quick attack in a wild flower pattern on Griffin Destroyer. But, before that, the European boy said, "Griffin Destroyer, defense mode!" as the four part of the bey around to their other sides and block all of the white bey's attacks.

TJ said, "What, it changes mode?" "Yes, my beyblade, Legend Griffin Destroyer can change from defense to counter mode to handle any attacks." said the European boy. Then the light blue begin to attack Dragoon back 2 times stronger, but the beys headed for each other in equal strength and powers. Drew said, "Don't give up, TJ!" "You got this!: said Katie. Included the crowd cheer for him. TJ said, "Time, I go full force. Dragoon, go!" as the white bey's bit glowing to unleash his bit spirit as TJ said, "Let me introduce my partner." When the blue fiery wind dragon appeared, he gave a big roar. "Go get him, pal!" as Dragoon hit Griffin Destroyer very strong as TJ thought to himself, "Man, that griffin beyblade is tough as nails." "Useless, you think that puny lizard with wings can beat my bit spirit, Griffin Destroyer!" as the light blue bey's bit started to glow in magenta violet with gravity like wind to re-leashed a light blue griffin with magenta violet bird like talon feet & violet blue gravitational wind elemental wings that surprise the Elemental Bladers.

TJ said, "No way." "That bit spirit is giant in size." said Katie. Drew said, "Whoa." "Mmm there are ones in super big sizes." said Ethan in his head. As the two beast spirits begin to use their claws, talons, and teeth / beak at each other, the gravity wind griffin grabs the blue dragon's neck to throw him to the stadium by the white bey.

The European boy said, "Now, Griffin Destroyer, Gravity Wing, Brave Dagger!" as the griffin bit spirit file wing feather shaped daggers infuse gravity force from his wings at Dragoon, but the white bey vanishing in fiery air wind that TJ said, "Vanishing Flare Wind, Dragoon go!" as the gravity infused wing dagger hit the stadium that left some big holes on, but the white bey dodge everyone of them until one hit Dragoon above it, causing the white bey to wobble a bit little, but strong to fight back.

"Yeah, Dragoon! Let's get to it, partner!" as his white top uses the stadium's walls to jump into the air for a dive drop attack at the light blue top. "Griffin Destroyer, end this." said the European boy as the griffin bit spirit was going to attack the dragon spirit. As they headed for each other. The European boy said, "Take this, boy." as his bit spirit uses its talon & beak on Dragoon's arms, but the blue fiery wind dragon uses both claw and tail on Griffin Destroyer's crest, head, legs, and wings to cause an explosion between the beys.

As the smoke & dust covers the stadium from the two beyplayers and the crowd, when the stadium clean up to see Dragoon stop spinning & Griffin Destroyer slowly spinning wobbling, TJ spots something on the light blue bey. The European boy picked up his bey, then said to TJ, "See, you can't master your own bit spirit." "So what, I don't need to master my partner, but I treat him like family and a bud, beside I think you need to check your bey for some damage if you know what I mean?" said TJ. The European looked at his beyblade and was shocked to see four little damage marks on Griffin Destroyer's elemental attack ring, so TJ said, "Look like my Dragoon, leave some battle marks for you & Griffin Destroyer to remember us." "Mmm-mmm, no one never leaves a mark on my bey, but this is the first time." said the European.

TJ picked up his bey, then said, "You win the round, but there are still 2 more to go. Are you gonna to fight or run out?" "I'm very busy, so I better go to my room on the trip to Europe." as the European headed to the entrance of the game room, but as TJ said, "Hold it, you're headed for Europe, well that a conclusion, my friends and I are going to Europe too in the world championship for America. So we must see each other someday in Europe for a rematch, pal. That time, I will win with new moves on your bey." "I like to see that happen in front of the face, boy?" as the European boy walked away. They kids begin to chap for the Elemental Bladers.

By the side of the cruise ship as the American bey-team learn about that beyplayer and his bey, Griffin Destroyer. Raven said, "From the looks of that European's bey, it got four attack point blades & four more for mode change from counter to defense in battle." "Man, that dude is tough." said Drew. Katie said, "I wonder if some European beyplayers are like that guy?" "Well then, bring them on! We'll get stronger and stronger to battle in the world championship in Europe." said TJ.

Angel, Shelby, Katie, Drew, Ethan, & Steve in unison, "Oh yeah!" "Raven, we're going to train hard with some kids, when we reach Europe, so the more, the merry." said TJ. Raven said, "You got it." as TJ holding Dragoon Cyclone in his right hand said, "Dragoon, I make this promise to you, we will make a new strategy and plan to face any player including that European & his griffin bey." "Ok, let's go to our room for some pizzas?" said Steve. The rest of the team said, "Cool." as they headed back to their room, but a mysterious person under a dark greenish black cape following them, but that person grab TJ from behind as his mouth was cover by the hooded person' right hand as he said, "(mumbling)" until TJ was pass out for the mysterious person take him into a roll boat to the direction for Greece.

When the rest of the team entered the room, they noticed that TJ was not here with them, so Angel went to the main office to say, "Excuse me, sir. I need to ask the police about our friend?" "Sorry miss, no police, but there are security guards, I will ask them to check the security cameras to see if your friend is there or not. What does your friend look like?" "Well he has brown spiky hair, in a red shirt, vest, shoe, and blue short pants." as she headed back to her friends to make some lost person for TJ. For some nighttime, the Elemental Bladers decide to make the posters to pull out for people to find TJ somewhere in Europe as the american bey-team were sleeping, Angel walked up by the patio window to said to herself, "Please, TJ, be safe." as she went to bed.

Will the Elemental Bladers' 1st cruise trip was kind of epic crazy, the kids got their counter with an European, tangled a giant size bit spirit, & TJ got kidnapped by a mystery person on the way to Greece. So, what happened to TJ in Greece?

To Be continued . . .