In a smooth desert

We are the last away from civilization

More food to grow and a river nearby

They all left us

After they found such a village somewhere else

On a dusty map

They never let us know

They might have not seen us

We were far away an once we started up with the morning

They were gone

That day earlier were they there

Shapes on the sand and endless ennui

Mother, father, children, found a place else

While we had no look to the map

Nor standing high did we see anything

Far from us

We are the ones left

And it could have been some people else

Running to any direction

Will get us more lost

And I see the children walking

Towards a tall plant

They were warned by the nearest adult

That it could be seeing things

Like the monster that was not there

Like the second sun in the sky

Like the man with three arms

But they are hungry

All the grain was eaten

There is no oasis near us

The children are around the plant in a circle

Their little hands clapping

Some delight and some concern

Cheering that the fruit from the plant

Will come down

There is one left

They all have to share

The adults will watch them take it on instead of them

They need it more, they decide

The plant begins to sound creaking

The fruit is closer to the hands of the happy children

Like a star coming down to its admirers

Being looked at from the night

We are the admirers

We see those stars

And we are sure they are no deceit

The fruit came near those little hands

Through the gaps were smiles of crooked teeth

The fruit had its ripeness

And its rarity

So rare it slipped through their hands

It felt like the air

Like it was a vision

Their hands kept moving through

Trying to grab on

But it was nothing

They all saw the same fruit

But it was never there

The adult warned them so

It would be another vision of the desert

Some with horrors, others with desires

Desires that one should not be so hungry

So unhealthy

Then came panic

The children are upset

They ran to that adult

Who was writing on the clay tablet

Doing it as fast as they can

Like time is running out

There is no food

That we know for sure is there

There is no happiness

When you feel nothing

The writings will do nothing

But remind those who read it

That we were weak

We follow no directions

The footsteps of the ones after us disappeared

In the sand blown away by the wind

We are endangered and in danger

Of a deepening mania

Our calls will do nothing

The sand is whom we know

We have all the details

Of the people that are around us left

Are thrown away

They will not fit

With the dread, we will have soon

Beaten before the has done anything

The children are complaining

The adults are of heavy mind

Faith is gone

As we are

We are in denial

None of this we will have to happen

Where we must accept

We will not accept

We will get out

We will be in a place else

We will be by the levy

The crops will be with us

There will be green, there will

There has to be, it is not possible for us

This is all a bad day

Another day comes and this will all be different

They will come for us

They will guide us

All we need is hope

As soon as we can find it

As soon as they find us

Find us before we forget about later

Before we are crazy by the later

Now we see the monster

All of us seeing it

Our fright shrinks

The monster is holding onto more fruit

We will be all right

As the monster is gone and the fruit stays

As everyone here has two arms

As everyone here can speak the same

Why are we here

Why does the sun move slower

And the night move faster

Where we have no place to rest

But the fragile sand

Maybe it is time we bond

With those monsters and the surreal

We see day and night

They will give us an answer

Even if we must be the surreal

Making a living in the least there is

It is not us for who we are

We are better than this

We were