Chapter One:

"Revealing A Horrific Past"

It was extraordinary, and yet it didn't feel like a dream. It felt more like he was looking through someone else's eyes with stunning visuals, like a CGI rendering more than real life. And for a split moment, he wondered if he was indeed playing a simulator game. He had played them before and to anyone who played them, they disconnected the user from reality.

It was so vivid and realistic that moment by moment, he had to reaffirm that what he was experiencing was a dream.

Where Am I?

As he walked through this place, dark and spooky as it was, wall to wall hanging chains with meat hooks that looked like it was some sort of slaughter house, he pushed them aside as he walked, and headed gingerly towards a slit of light in the distance that shone between a set of double doors. He stopped a couple of times when he felt he was stepping on something slippery, gummy and wet, and his shoes ever so often felt like they sloshed in water or something else underfoot. But it was so dark, he couldn't see what he was walking in.

He heard something heavy slam down on a metallic table and then the sound of a heavy clever coming down and cutting into meat and bone. He was too small to see through the foggy windows that were up higher in the doors, (he only reached four feet tall and was ten years old), so he put his ear to the doors and listened.

His father said he hadn't had a growth spurt in some time, and he had asked why he wasn't getting any taller like his friends, but his father assured him one would be coming soon if the genetics of his family had anything to say about it. Every male member of the Yagami family was tall in statue, minus those who married into the family.

Someone was speaking, but he could only hear a muffled voice through the thick doors, so he swung one open. He probably knew he shouldn't be here, but he didn't think he had anything to fear—this was only an animal slaughter house, so if he got caught, he'd be told to leave. Oddly enough, he couldn't remember how he got here in the first place. It was a complete blank.

The minute he ventured in, and peaked around the door, he saw a very large man, his back slightly turned, wearing a white butcher's apron, cutting up meat. He was covered in blood. His hands, clothes—even his face with and plastic glasses that he wore—were spattered with blood. In a slaughter house, this was not abnormal, and he wasn't afraid, although a little taken aback by the sight. The table was a little high for him to see over, but when he stretched on tip toe behind the man to see what was on the table, he gasped out loud, and loud enough for the butcher to hear him.

The man stopped what he was doing, twisted around, and then grabbed Light by his shirt collar and yanked him further into the room. He tossed him to a back wall and demanded to know how he got here. Light said he remembered being left in another room, but had found the door unlocked and wandered out, wondering where he was.

The man was not overly mean but not civil either. He shouted for someone elsewhere and then that someone else rushed into the room. It was another boy Light's age. The man cursed the boy, and said he was instructed to watch "the brat". He wasn't supposed to see any of this "under it was his time".

Light took in the rest to the room. This was not an animal slaughter house, per se, but rather a house of horrors. From shelves to buckets, body parts lay and hung everywhere on hooks, and dissembled heads were placed on shelves as if they were prized trophies. And they were not adults—they were all much, much younger.

Light bumped back into a wall, and the reverberation must have caused it to rock slightly. Something fell over, an object, and it bounced when it landed, then rolled around like a tipsy top, eventually situating itself between Light's feet.

And when he saw the boy's head in its grotesque, discoloured state—Light screamed.

Light Yagami awoke with a snort and a start and fell backwards in his chair. He hit the floor, but luckily he had the inclination to turn at the very last second and roll. Unfortunately, the chair rolled with him and trapped him underneath.

The minute it happened, both Matsuda and L came bolting to his side.

Matsuda took the chair off him. "Light, you okay? What happened?"

L bent over him, but taking a quick scan of the chair to see if the leg had snapped or a wheel had broken away to make this happen. When nothing was found, he then returned his attention back to Light.

"Yes, I'm okay," Light replied a little shaken. The chair had hit him in the lower back when he turned. He had tried to fall without hurting himself. Instead, his actions may have conformed to the opposite. He rubbed his lower back, saying, "Ow."

His father wasn't as close like the others, but when he saw what had happened he rushed over. He asked the same question as Matsuda and Light gave him the same answer.

L extended a hand to Light and helped him to his feet. "Looks like you were having yourself one nasty dream, Light," he said. "I was watching you for a good three minutes, your eyes closed. You seemed to have be in a very deep state of REM, your eyelids were fluttering and you were muttering something under your breath."

"What was I saying?" Light asked curiously.

"Your voice was incomprehensible, but I can read lips." L put a finger to his lips in introspect. "You were saying something to the tone of 'Don't, don't; what have you done? They're…' I couldn't catch the next word. But then you murmured a name: 'Jasper'."

Soichiro Yagami gasped, and looked like he was about to faint, his legs weak beneath him. Matsuda brought Light's chair to him to sit down. Soichiro Yagami's face looked like he had just seen a ghost. He put a hand to his mouth in a moment of disbelief.

"Chief? What's what? You're as white as a sheet."

"Matsuda, how many times have I told you I'm not your Chief anymore? I resigned from the NPA."

"Never mind that, Mr. Yagami," L retorted. "Are you okay? First Light tips out his chair and now you nearly faint. And from…what? They refer to me as one of the greatest detectives in the world, but without all the pieces to a puzzle even I can fail in solving a case. What happened? You nearly collapsed after you heard the name 'Jasper'."

"Light, why did you dream about him?"

"Who, Dad? I have no idea who he is?

"So, you don't remember what happened in your dream?"

Light seemed to look inside himself, but then shook his head. "The only prominent thing I remember are…chains."

L raised his arm, the arm that was handcuffed and attached to a lengthy iron looped chain shared by Light. L nodded as if he had an explanation to Light's dream.

"It's funny how dreams derive from our reality," he said. "They can manifest our desires, or our greatest fears, into a dream-like state that has absolutely nothing to do with life. Or, they can take something from life and exaggerate it to extraordinary, abstract proportions. I don't know what your dreamt about, Light, but what I can tell you is dreaming of 'chains' means you feel trapped, and this is your mind's way of expressing your frustration."

"But I don't feel frustrated with this situation, Ryuzaki." Light looked at his handcuff and chain. "I actually feel reassured that you, albeit somewhat, trust me to even allow me to work with you on the Kira case."

L gave him a look of disbelief. "I'm not so sure." He got back into a chair and crouched down and mused for a moment. He once said that if he didn't sit this way, his cognitive thinking would be reduced by roughly forty percent. He never explained why. "Now, I've read a few books on dream analyzes and I can give you a detail list of what 'chains' could mean for you. But I'll save that for another time. I'll give you a short explanation instead. First, let me ask you: Are you a Jungian or a Freudian? Because they both have different interpretations on dreams analyzes involving 'chain' imaginary."

"I really don't know. I've read a couple of books on Psychology, but—"

"Or I could just blame this on your Mother," Ryuzaki said.

Light clenched a fist. "How dare you! What does my Mother have to do with my dream?"

Soichiro Yagami shared his son's anger. "Yes, Ryuzaki! Explain yourself. That is ridiculous!"

L put up a hand. "Calm yourselves," he said, "that's not what I was implying." He mused for a moment. "I always find it fascinating that people are quick to act defensively even in the face of pure logic, especially when it goes against their principles, and attacks loved ones. The subconscious has a way to bring things to the surface with a sudden trigger. It can be anything from mere remembrance, or what we've seen during the day, even a taste, sound, or smell."

"Like a repressed memory?" Light questioned.

"Exactly, and I know a surefire method to bring out repressed memories. Perhaps we should dwell into a little session, you and I? It may also give promise to see if you have had any other 'memories' of another life?"

"Another life? You still think I'm Kira? How many times do we have to go through this, Ryuzaki? I'm not Kira!"

L pouted. "So you claim, or forgotten, but that's neither here nor there now. Hypnotism isn't legal in court, so if we did awaken any old memories of a certain nature, it wouldn't hold salt. Regardless, we can see about this dream. I can do it right now. Does anyone have a pocket watch?"

Light got another chair and sat down, literally dropping into the chair, a little upset, crossing his arms. "I'm not letting you rummage through my head looking for things, Ryuzaki. That's invasive, even if you find the truth that I'm not Kira. He gave a sideways, almost embarrassed look towards his father. "I don't tell my parents everything."

"I can attest to that. You were quite clever hiding those dirty magazines in cut out books in your room. Not even Watari found them when he was installing the cameras in your home during those two weeks we were watching you. By the way, curious question: Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?"

Light was a little taken aback by the question. And he actually had to think about it for a moment. If Misa was an indication, and how she acted towards him, blondes weren't his first choice.

He was just about to answer, when L interrupted, and said, "But let's get back to your dream."

Light nodded, happy to abstain from an answer.

"Is that all you remember from your dream? Just chains?"

Light nodded. L then mused for a moment.

L continued, "People who blurt out names in a dream often know that person on a more intimate level—as to say, more than just in passing. And the memory of that lost person or knowledge of them is so traumatic that it sometimes causes a psychosomatic response like PTSD. So, to forget that person is the only way to move on, blocking out the pain of that person. Do you have no idea who this Jasper is? Could he be an old friend? An important acquittance? Or someone who meant something else to you?"

"I'm telling you, Ryuzaki, I don't know."

Soichiro Yagami sighed. "Light may not remember, but I do," he said. "I think it's time I tell you something that I thought you had forgotten about that happened a long time ago. I hoped memories of it would never resurface because there was no need to reveal it to you if you didn't remember. Now with this dream, you'll come to remember things that I hoped were long buried. And it is best to learn things from me, so they're not so shocking."

Matsuda had brought him the chair, but he never sat down. Now he paced.

Soichiro Yagami continued: "You were only a child, about ten years old. We took you to see a therapist twice a week. Then, suddenly, things began to calm down, and it only became once a week. Then, we stopped going, because I saw it wasn't affecting you any longer. You seemed to have delivered your own self-therapy and went head-on, deep into your studies. Your Mother and I hoped you had forgotten, and it appeared you had. But now, whatever the trigger was, your memories are beginning to return of that awful time. It may or may not be because we're involved in hunting down Kira, their connections and similarities."

Light looked at his father with concern. "Dad, what have I forgotten? Please tell me."

Soichiro Yagami took a moment. He looked like he was experiencing a conflict in morality in trying to keep something very important from being revealed, as if he was treating it like classified information of the highest order. A parent trying to protect his child? Maybe it was so painful that revealing it would scar Light?

L halted him. "I think you should tell me first, Mr. Yagami. With the Kira case, and the potential of a double-personality" —he knew Light would protest that part and quieted him before he could speak a word— "exposing information of a sensitive nature may cause unwanted consequences."

"No, Ryuzaki, I want to hear what my Dad has to say. Go on, Dad," Light insisted.

His father took another moment, then nodded. "Jasper Yuta is his full name, and he's the son of a mass murderer who kidnapped and slaughtered nearly a dozen children over a two year period, we learned, nine years ago. And if it wasn't for the NPA, and their quick response, you Light, would've been his father's next victim."

To be continued...