Rolling over i reached for her with my eyes still closed. Failing to find her my hands searched the king size bed.

"Mia...Mia ?"

My voice was tired and hoarse as I sat up to see she was gone. Lifting my feet from the bed I pulled on my sweat pants and t shirt heading towards the stairs.

"Amelia why you not still in bed it's only 7.30am?"

My eyes darted back and forward across from the kitchen to the living area.


My voice grew urgent as she was nowhere in sight. Picking up pace I ran to the front of the house to find her laying quietly on a sun lounger.


I softly whispered as she murmured in her sleep.

"Why are you out here your freezing cold!"

My hand brushed her cheeks as the cold ocean breeze blew across them.

"It's a bit late to catch a death now isn't it I think I'm already there."

She tried to hint a smile as her eyes stayed closed.

"Why are you out here I was worried when I couldn't find you?"

"I couldn't sleep, sorry I didn't mean to scare you."

"Are you not feeling good you look really pale?"

"You always did know how to make a girl feel good didn't you."

She laughed softly wincing as she gripped her stomach.

"Mia are you in pain?"

I knelt down beside her taking her hand in mine.

"A little more than usual I guess, my chest and stomach feel a little uneasy today...I'm fine you don't need to fuss."

Her voice was tired as if she had nothing left to give anymore.

"Amelia I'm going to call the hospital see if there is anything more they can give you!"

"Caleb no I don't want hospitals and drs I just want to stay here with you and listen to the ocean. This is the best medicine I could ask for."

She kissed the back of my hand as my head fell into her soft coconut scent she wore hit me as the curls of her hair tickled my face.

"It's beautiful out here isn't it I'm going to miss coming every year with you."

A tear rolled down my cheek as I thought of being out her alone without her.

"Then this is why we need to make the most of our weekend here together just me and you the way it's always been."

"Do you remember the one time we came out and you were walking along the beach and that beach umbrella flew out of the ground hitting you knocking you over."

"How could I forget that I ended up in the emergency room for five hours getting stitches on my head."

She tried to contain her laughter as it hurt her to much to do so.

"I'm sorry."

"Stop saying sorry I love reminiscing about our good times, we have so many together I will treasure them forever.

What about that time we went to London do you remember you bought the biggest pastry known to man kind and the bird, a seagull I think it was called flew down and took it straight from you, you looked like you were going to cry."

"I was going to cry because of the price it cost me in the first place."

My face hurt as I laughed at the memory.

"We've made some good memories haven't we...we've been lucky to have so many and that's one of the main reason Caleb I don't want to have another life. I want to hold onto my memories and just hope when I do pass away that our spirits do go somewhere and I can continue being with you maybe not in person but walking side by side with you in spirit."

"Has it never crossed your mind to even try for another life?"

"No never my mum and dad always taught me unconditional love was enough to help me pass peacefully and when they died together knowing they only ever wanted each other I knew from that moment I didn't want anyone else. No one could ever take your place neither do I want them to."

She kissed my forehead as my heart sank remembering the bracelet in my trouser pocket.

"Then that's it!"

I sat up biting my lip as her eyes squinted trying to read what I was thinking.

"What's it?"

"Amelia I don't want to be here without you and you don't want a second chance at life so when it's time for you to leave I will to!"

Her breathing fastened as her mouth opened slightly.

"Are you insane Cal... no way would I let you do that. Do you even hear yourself, do you even hear what you just said. It's absurd and I don't even want to discuss it with you!"

Angered she slowly sat up from the bed.

"Why do you get a choice but I don't?"

I couldn't understand why she was so against this. If she believed in spirits meeting once again living happily ever after then why would she not agree to this.

"This is totally different your talking about taking your own life, do you realise how insane that is Caleb!"

"And do you realise how insane it is you won't take a second chance at works both ways Amelia"

"Oh I get it this is your way of trying to blackmail me. What if I don't wear the stupid bloody bracelet then your going to kill yourself. Well you know what Caleb grow the hell up!"

She walked towards the sand kicking it aggressively with her feet.

"You know what I try every day to paint on a smile and pretend everything is ok but deep down it's killing me literally knowing how hurt you are going to be when I'm gone. I try and blank it out but every so often I remember no one is going to be here to look after you, to cook for you to make sure you don't buy hideous clothes that you try to."

A soft smile returned as she couldn't stay mad for long.

"Just please Caleb just do this my way just do this one last thing for me."


I spoke defeated as my head hung to the ground. I had lost the battle my white flag was up.


Before she could finish speaking she fell to the ground as her body went numb.


Running towards her I knelt beside her resting her head in my lap.

"Amelia talk to me please wake up."

I couldn't steady my voice to call for help.

"Mia can you hear me please say something."

I sobbed uncontrollably as her eyes stayed shut. The colour she had left in her face seemed to wash away from her.

"Please someone please help."

I was calling to an empty space of nothingness. No one was around we were in the middle of nowhere.

"Please don't leave me not like this I'm not ready to say goodbye."

I stroked her soft blonde curls away from her face taking in her scent one last time. Then I did something that may haunt me for the rest of my life. I reached into my pocket and took the silver bracelet into my fingers.

"Please forgive me for this I cant give up on you having another chance at life. I love you so so much ,goodbye Amelia Black."

Placing one last kiss to her lips my hand shook as I hesitated placing the bracelet onto her wrist. Maybe I was to late.

"I hope you don't regret the decision you've just taken away from her."

The familiar voice of Argon appeared as he scooped her up into his arms.

"Please tell her I'm sorry."

"You know I can't do that...goodbye Caleb."

Before I could blink they were both gone. I looked down into my arms where she was only a moment ago and there was no trace of her, no body no hint of coconut she was gone. She was gone forever.