Chapter 6

Ow ow ow…oh man he got me good… I'm not in nearly as nice of a place now as I was not ten minutes ago, my bright white and extravagant room replaced by the cold, hard and grim stone of a cell. They just kind of chucked me in here, not paying any heed to the fact that I'm practically a bag of bones, maybe even broken bones at this point…

That spot where…Warik hit me hurts a lot more then it should for how quick he did it, not to mention how slim he looks. I really want to take a look at it, see if there's any mark there, but I can't really do that seeing as it's on my back and there's no kind of mirror in here what so ever. This is more what I was figuring I'd wake up in really, and I still don't fully understand why it wasn't. That guy, who I'm being lead to believe is the High Priest even though he's clearly not old enough to be, seemed to know about what lies under he city. I never would have guessed someone like him would have seen such things. Not only that but he was willing to give me anything I wanted just for me going around telling stories in return, which seems kind of stupid because I'd probably just be laughed at… None of this makes any sense to me. Not that it matters now I guess, not now that I've made him mad and he's decided to kill me anyways.

I can't believe I was this close to living like a king, but then again I don't think it would have worked out all too well anyways. It's not like I can just forgive them for what they put me through just because they decided they'd like to keep me as a pet or something. Now that I think about it I kind of have to laugh at what happened. I mean I, some scrawny little orphan boy, just rage fitted at the High Priest's face. Got to love my anger restraint issues… I'm usually a pretty calm guy, maybe a bit nippy but not violent, but if something gets to me in just the right way I have a habit of blowing up pretty epically for a guy my size. That's another reason some of the things I've tried haven't gone my way over the years. It really isn't something to be proud of though, it just sent me to my death. I would have died fully fulfilled if I had actually landed that punch though, but the arses denied me even that accomplishment, pretty severely too if I might add.

"Stupid freak of a High-"

"You, boy, it's time for you to chose your vessel."

Say what?

"My vessel?"

"Yes you brat, all sacrifices are entitled to a befitting ship, even those as low as you."

Wow, seriously? That's…kind of morbid...but awesome! I doubt they'll have anything I'd like though, they're probably all fancy and gross. The unidentified paladin unlocks my cell and drags me out, practically carrying me to wherever he's going. I just kind of hang limply off of him, occasionally looking around at the dimly lit, musky smelling dungeon he's dragging me through that starkly contrasts the rest of the building, but mostly wondering what kind of boat I'd like to be sent over the edge with. I'll go for the least gaudy looking one there. No need to be flashy; not like anyone's going to watch it that'll actually know who I am or care that I'm leaving… Maybe in some way I'm looking forward to it; maybe this is the better option seeing as I wasn't doing too well anyways, and now maybe I'll get to see mom and dad again. I wonder if they'll be proud of me, how long I've survived and how I stuck it to the High Priest.

I can't help but smile faintly at the thought of it, but that gets wiped off my face pretty quick when we finally reach our destination. Oh wow, this is so cool! My buddy here must have noticed my excitement because he knocks me across the back of the head.

"What are you looking so happy about? Hurry up and pick your vessel so we can move on."

Discreetly sticking my tongue out at him, I start milling around the vast array of high class ships. Humph, like I thought, these are all super fan-oh…look at that one…I like that one! It's just kind of buried in amongst the bigger ones, barely visible in between them, but it stands out, black against the multitude of bright colours around it. Trying to get a better look at it, I end up only really catching glimpses of it between the bobbing attention hoggers, but that's all I need. I can see that it's almost entirely painted in a smooth, shiny black, all the edges trimmed with what looks to be gold, and probably is seeing as this is the Order's ships we're talking about here. Yeah, that's totally my ship, no doubt about it. Mission completed, I wander back over to the impatiently waiting metal plated behemoth of a man.

"Find one?"


"Which one?"

"The black and gold one."

"What black and gold one?"

"Look over there, between the big white and orange one and the tan and green one."

Pointing vaguely towards where I know my boat is, he just sort of stares in that direction for a bit before nodding stiffly. Ha, I bet he never even saw it.

"Very well, it suits you, small and weak and boring."

Oh…I guess he did see it. Hey wait, excuse me?!

"I am not…oh wait… Yeah, I guess I am small and weak. But I am not boring!"

"Whatever you say kid. Come on, time to put you to sleep."

Aw crud…well, at least now I'll finally figure out how they do it. I shove him away when he goes to grab me this time, figuring if I'm going to die I might as well do so with at least a little bit of my pride left. He just shrugs and ushers me to start walking, telling me where to turn until we eventually get back into the regular looking area of the citadel. We don't keep moving long once we reach it though, taking all of one more turn before reaching an unassuming open door.

"That's the place, have fun in your next life."

Well, here it goes. Walking in expecting to see a doctor or a shaman or something, I'm thrown off by the complete lack of people and objects in here. What the heck?

"Hey pal…"

The door's shut! When did they close it?! I didn't hear anything move at all! I notice something else despite my alarm, a faint hissing sound, like the sound when you let go of the end of a balloon, like…gas being released. Oh so they're going to gas me to sleep hey? Well isn't that very non fancy of them. Holy crud…that takes hold fast…at least…it's not painful or anything…What did Warik mean by me choosing the path of pain?