This work is not suitable for readers under 18. This is a disclaimer: If you or someone you know is in a relationship like any of these, please get help, these are not healthy relationship and should not be used as a model. This is a story of a young woman developing Stockholm's Syndrome. Please read with discretion.


Honey Rose Hooper, stood at the gate to the old mansion. The long driveway ran up a steep hill to a very large mid century house that sprawled out over several acres. She bit her lip and pushed the gate open, it creaked ominously. As she entered a cold chill ran down her back. She had no idea why she had been sent here, only that the nuns at the church orphanage had received a letter, saying that she was to live here. There were no other instructions of which she was aware. Honey Rose, or as her friends called her Rose, had been a ward of the state since she was ten years old. She had been placed in a church run orphanage at eleven and had been in their care since.

On her seventeenth birthday however the letter had arrived, that had been less than a week before, now she stood at the end of the very long driveway, her trunk and suitcase in hand, her purse slung over her shoulder. The house was dark and foreboding, just looking at it made her shiver a little.

It looks haunted. Rose thought.

She slowly made her way up the driveway, withered leaves blew along beside her as a gust of autumn air whipped her mousy brown hair and wool coat around her. It was almost October, and the weather had been wet and cold. There was another great gust of wind as she neared the front door of the old mansion house, it blew so hard it nearly knocked her down. She gasped as she caught onto the heavy brass knocker to balance herself. She shivered again then looking up at the portcullis she took a deep breath to steady herself and lifted the knocker and let it bang down twice.

She stood waiting, her back to the door, as she surveyed the rolling lawns before her. She was a little out of breath from the up hill climb, and the creepy energy the house was putting off. She was startled when the door creaked behind her. She whirled quickly, but the door stood open, with no one there.

"Hello?" She called softly, as she stepped to the threshold. There was no answer. She looked inside the pitch black house, swallowing hard, before slowly lifting her suitcase and trunk and stepping inside. As she did another gust of wind slammed the door behind her, knocking her down in the foyer. She cried out in surprise and pain as her knees hit the hard parquet floors. It was quite dim inside. The only illumination coming from the windows perched high above the grand staircase.

After regaining herself, she looked about as she slowly got to her feet. There were two wide sweeping staircases on the right and left of the round entryway. Between them was a grand arch, intricately carved, but in the dark it was difficult to tell what the carvings were. Where she stood there were three short steps down onto a lovely silk rug and a round table sat between her and the arch, graced with a dozen roses in a crystal vase. She left her bags at the door, and slowly moved toward the roses. She bent her head and took a deep breath. The roses were so sweet. When she lifted her head, she was startled by movement past the arch.

Hesitantly, she moved around the table. "Hello?" She called again softly as she passed the arch. "Is anyone here? I was sent by Saint Damascus." As she came into the room she paused. The domed ceiling above seemed a mile away and the chandelier that hung from the center was at least ten feet across. The room was expansive, stretching out before her. She stood still staring up, until she was startled by a voice behind her. She nearly screamed, but caught herself turning around quickly with a sheepish smile.

"Honey, is it?" The voice asked again.

"Yes. I'm Honey Rose." She answered softly, with a nervous smile.

"You're early. My brothers won't be up for a while yet. Martin, take Ms. Hooper's belongings to her room." A young man, not much older than she, directed an older gentleman in livery.

The older man carried her trunk and suitcase up the stairs, but the look he gave her as he went made her skin crawl. "Come with me." The man said, shortly.

Rose nodded and followed behind him. He led her through the ballroom and down a long hall. "Um, excuse me?" Rose said softly, as they moved down the hall. The man's step faltered slightly but he continued forward, ignoring her.

He eventually brought her into the study and closed the door, before turning on her. "Give me your coat." He told her. She shivered, but slipped out of it and gave it to him. He surveyed her from the corner of his eye for a moment as he hung the coat from a chair back near the desk. Then he turned his full gaze on her and looked her up and down, she wore a short skirt and tights, with a heavy sweater.

His eyes moved over her in a way that made her blush deeply under such scrutiny. She had never thought of herself as anything but average, and his penetrating gaze reminded her as much. He sighed after a moment thinking his brothers would eat her up. She was small of frame, childlike even, flat as a board, with big round eyes, and tawny brown hair. The way she stood there screamed I am prey. She'd shook slightly as she stood in the ballroom, but she had been obedient, like a lamb to the slaughter. It made his blood warm to think of tasting her.

"I was expecting something...more." the man said as he moved around her slowly as if inspecting merchandise, his voice ever so slightly condescending. "But I suppose you'll do." He said as he came closer. She would do very nicely indeed. Very suddenly she found herself in his arms, her face against his shoulder, his mouth against her throat. She gasped sharply as his lips and tongue touched her neck.

She twisted, trying to get away from him, but his grip on her tightened, and she cried out in pain as he crushed her to him harder. "Stop." She yelled, struggling against him, as he held her tighter, she stomped his foot hard with her heel, but he did little more than look down at her with disdain.

"You smell so sweet, no wonder you're called Honey." He whispered against her neck after a moment. "You should learn now," He said as he pushed her to the floor on her knees, still holding her wrist, "that what I say to you is law and I do as I wish. You were sent here by the church?" He asked.

She looked up at him terror in her eyes. He smiled. "Answer the question." He said dangerously, her wrist still tightly in his grasp, he twisted slightly, as she began to pull away she cried out in pain then looked up at him defiantly. He squeezed harder as she bit her lip and looked down.

She whimpered, but said, "I was a ward with Saint Damascus Orphanage, they sent me here."

He released her hand and she quickly backed away until she came against a sofa. "It seems you've some fight in you." He said as he stalked closer to her, the thought of breaking her will excited him. She moved to stand, but before she could blink he was on top of her pinning her to the sofa. "You're going to be my special little plaything." He said as his large hand wrapped up her wrist and pinned them above her head. His other hand wrapped around her throat and her eyes went wide with fear as she began to struggle beneath him. He laughed and his knee slid between her legs pressing her skirt up around her hips. "Don't fight your purpose." He whispered softly, releasing her throat to pull her sweater aside, as he lowered his head to her shoulder licking softly, as if savoring her taste.

Oh God, he's going to bite me. She thought. She looked just in time to see vicious fangs, as he lowered his head again. His once beautiful face twisted into some ferocious monster. She began to shake as she felt the tips touch her skin.

"Bellamy!" A voice roared from behind him. The man atop her lifted his head and rolled his eyes, then slid back to a dignified sitting position, leaving her with her skirt around her hips, from where his knee had been and her sweater stretched at the neck, from his attempt to bite her.

She lay there dazed for a moment, shaking in fear, before the situation dawned on her. She looked at the man who was coming into the room, stood, pulled her skirt down, and darted for the door. She heard laughter behind her as she entered the hall and ran for the ballroom. The laughter seemed to echo down the hall as if chasing her.

She was shaking with fear, terrified. That man, was he going to bite me? Was he going to rape me? She thought, her brain couldn't make sense of the information it had been given. She ran through the arch into the foyer. She reached the heavy wooden doors. She tried the knob, but it wouldn't turn, she pushed the doors but they wouldn't budge. She began pounding on them when she heard voices behind her. She whirled around quickly to find four very attractive males ranging in age, arranged on the stairs behind her. They seemed to range in age from a little older than her to about ten.

"You can't get out that way silly." A childlike voice pierced her. She turned to find the very pretty little boy standing at the bottom of the stairs behind her, a stuffed bunny in hand. He laughed and the sound was like sweet nails on a chalkboard. It shot fear through her and she began to cry. When she did one of them leapt over the banister of the staircase and dropped seamlessly to the floor, then moved toward her. When he reached her he took her in his arms very gently, lowering his mouth to her ear.

"Your tears won't do little mouse. You've come to live with us now, don't ever try to run away." He told her, before crushing her to the door with his body. His mouth descended to her shoulder as his tongue traced a gentle path along her collar bone, before he was pulled away suddenly and replaced with an identical image.

"Leave a bit for me brother." He said playfully, before pressing her back against the door with long fingers wrapped around her throat, as he pulled the other side of her sweater down to trace an identical line across her other collar bone. She whimpered as she cried.

"Please" she sobbed in fear, as his knee moved to press her more firmly against the door. "Stop."

"Ramsey, Roman, that's enough." A sharp voice called. She gasped out when they both stepped away from her, suddenly able to breath, she collapsed to her knees. A moment later another man she had not seen before, stood before her offering her his hand. "Come, you need to have things explained to you." He said as she took his hand timidly and he pulled her to her feet.

He led them into a somewhat better lit drawing room, then took up an armchair in a cluster of furniture, she sat on the sofa to his left, while the little boy took the seat beside her. The twins Roman and Ramsey lounged carelessly on the facing sofa, a coffee table between them, the other yet unnamed man took up the chair adjacent. She wrapped her arms around herself as Bellamy came in and took a place beside the window, ignoring them all. He was followed closely by another man, whom she recognized from the study, came to stand with the others.

"You were sent here by Saint Damascus. You will be living with us from now on. I am Damien Elios, these are my brothers. You are now our ward and must do as we say." He gestured to the little boy beside her. "Allow us to introduce ourselves, youngest first I suppose." Damien said as he smiled at the child.

"I'm Milo, I'm the youngest, you're going to be my new favorite toy." He told her softly tilting his head, his blond hair falling over one violet eye, a fangy smile gracing his mouth. Her skin crawled as she caught sight of his pointed little teeth. Her brain refused to process what she was seeing as his eerie smile faded and he stared at her with blank eyes.

"I'm Reese, I am the sixth son, I do hope you'll show the same fight with me that you showed with my brothers." Reese said, as he shifted forward, lowering a long leg that had been carelessly thrown over the arm of the chair he occupied. She took him in in the candle light, his black hair framed his long face, he had cheekbones one could cut themselves on, his green eyes glimmered slightly, before he gave her a fearsome smile. She gulped.

"I'm Ramsey." One of the twins said suddenly, drawing her attention. She turned her head to look at them.

"I'm Roman." The other said. They were identical images of one another, both with red hair and green eyes. They gave her matching smiles. "We can pick up where we left off." Roman said, lifting his eyebrow at her.

"I'd like that." Ramsey said giving his brother a knowing look, before they both laughed, the sound sinister as it crawled down her spine. She was sitting shaking, unsure how to accept what she was being told. She had been sent here, it seemed, for the purpose of, what exactly she couldn't think.

"You seem distressed." A voice said, she looked up to meet the eyes of the man standing behind the sofa. "You've met my older brother Bellamy, I am Kade. The third son." He told her with little other information. He was tall and muscular, with a handsome face, blue eyes and black hair. He did not smile at her, or give her any threat, but the way he watched her, she realized he had been watching her from the moment he came into the room. She swallowed. "Who are you?" He asked.

"I am Honey Rose Hooper. My friends call me Rose. Saint Damascus received a letter from one of our donors requesting someone be sent here to live, I was the person they sent." She answered, not sure what else to say.

"Were you told why you were sent here?" Damien asked, drawing her attention away from his third brother.

"No one seemed to know anything more than that." She told him.

He smiled cooly. "Why would you send for someone like her?" Bellamy asked, from his station at the window.

"Because if I hadn't after Grace, I knew you six would tear one another apart. You've all already begun fighting, and she only threw herself from the tower a year ago. You all need to learn to control yourselves." Damien said as he stood. "As for you, your reason for being here is to sate our appetites." Rose looked up at him, the look on his face sent fear through her. Suddenly Milo pounced on her, pinning her to the sofa. He was far stronger than any child she had ever met. He held her down and licked her cheek, his eyes brightening as he looked up at Damien.

"She's so sweet." He said. Suddenly she bucked hard, catching Milo off guard and rolled off the sofa. "I didn't even get my teeth in you yet!" He cried as if on the verge of a tantrum. She moved quickly away from him, until her forward progress was stopped by Bellamy's imposing frame. He grabbed hold on her, and when she began to struggle, he lifted her against him, holding her tight to his chest again, but his grip on her wasn't crushing, the way it had been before.

"Stop struggling if you want to survive." He told her, then dropped her to the floor. She landed on her knees and whimpered. She stood and ran for the door, but tripped over a table and sent a vase of flowers crashing to the floor and shattering just ahead of herself. Her hands came down in the broken glass, cutting her palms in a few places. She cried out as she struggled to gain her feet again, and pressed herself to the door behind her.

She was crying as the seven of them suddenly loomed over her. "You may not have guessed yet, as you don't seem very intelligent." Bellamy said as he came closer. "But you've made a grave error, the smell of your blood is intoxicating." He told her as he lifted her hand to his mouth and licked. "You know what we are." He told her his eyes locked on hers. She suddenly felt dizzy as a wave of realization that she had been holding back, washed over her.

Vampire. She thought as her eyes registered the blood and the dizziness took over.