This work is not suitable for readers under 18. This is a disclaimer: If you or someone you know is in a relationship like any of these, please get help, these are not healthy relationships and should not be used as a model. This is a story of a young woman developing Stockholm's Syndrome. Please read with discretion.

Trigger warning: This chapter contains nonconsensual sexual themes, and may be disturbing to some readers.

This chapter contains graphic depictions of violence and may be disturbing to some readers, reader discretion is advised.

This chapter contains depictions of sex that might be unsuitable for some readers.

Chapter Thirty

Roman scooped Rose up, lifting her into his arms and against his chest. "Ramsey, go find Damien and tell him to call the doctor." Roman told his brother as he carried Rose toward the door.

"Roman?" Rose whimpered weakly.

"Yes Little One. You're alright. Let's get you to bed." He said as Ramsey held the door then ran off to find Damien.

Rose clutched the front of Roman's shirt lightly, her body ached and she felt awful, she was dizzy and cold. She shivered as Roman carried her through the house toward her apartment. When they reached her room, he laid her gently on the bed, she groaned in pain, but settled, as he tucked her in and went to get a cool washcloth for her forehead.

Rose was having a hard time focusing. Everything was moving and she felt nauseous. She was startled when a cool cloth touched her hot skin. Very gently one of the twins washed her face, then laid the cloth on her head.

"Ramsey?" She asked in confusion.

"No, Little One, it's still me." Roman told her gently. "Just rest now."

"I'm sorry." She said.

"For what?" He asked, as he brushed a strand of damp hair from her cheek.

"For getting you confused." She replied weakly.

"I think the confusion could be forgiven under the circumstances." He told her, as she shivered.

"Where is Kade?" She asked after a minute.

"He's on an exorcism, remember?" Roman asked, trying to control the worry in his voice.

"Oh. I knew that." Rose said softly. "I made a terrible mistake with him. With Bellamy too." She confessed. She hadn't meant to say anything, but she was becoming a bit delirious.

"It doesn't matter now. Things will be alright." He told her as the door opened and Damien, followed closely by Ramsey, came in.

"What happened?" Damien asked as he took in the scene.

"We were watching a movie." Ramsey said.

"She fainted. She has a fever. Did you call the doctor?" Roman asked.

"I did." Damien replied coming toward the bed. Roman stood then.

"I'll go wait for the doctor." He said, then left.

"Damien?" Rose asked softly.

"Yes my love." He responded as he sank to her bed.

"I don't feel well. I don't think I'll make it to training tomorrow." She told him her voice strained.

"That's alright. I think you can slack a little." He told her with a charming smile. "Why didn't you say so before?" He asked gently.

"I didn't know, I just thought it was because of Reese." She said, then paused as she remembered he didn't know.

"What do you mean, 'because of Reese'?" He asked, trying to rein in his sudden surge of anger.

Rose licked her lips as she shifted a bit uncomfortably. "Please don't be angry with me." She begged, lifting her hand toward his face, then dropping it, too weak to complete the action. Damien took her hand in his.

"I'm not." He told her as she began to cry.

"Reese attacked me in the ballroom the day Bellamy left." She admitted. "Kade found me. He said he would take care of Reese. I'm sorry I didn't tell you." She cried as she remembered all the blood. "I didn't want to bother or worry you." Ramsey ground his teeth together as Rose spoke. His anger with his younger brother flaring. He slipped from the room quietly to have a visit with Reese.

Damien stroked Rose's forehead lightly. "None of that is your fault my love. Kade should have told me." He assured her. "Just rest now. I'll take care of things from here."

Over an hour later Roman returned with Dr. Grimes. Damien removed himself from Rose's bed so that Dr. Grimes could look Rose over. She was asleep when he arrived and when the doctor woke her was only semi coherent. He quickly checked her temperature, then swabbed her throat, before checking her over. He found a light rash across her back, and gave Damien a worried look.

"How long has she been like this?" He asked.

"It's hard to say." Damien said.

"She fainted a couple of hours ago, but I think she had a fever earlier today." Roman told them. "She felt warm during training, but I assumed it was from the physicality."

"I'm going to give her a dose of antibiotics, I fear she may have meningitis. It's fairly common in people her age, but it can be deadly. I suspect she will get worse before she gets better, so keep an eye on her, and make sure she takes her medication. Try to get her to drink and keep her warm. If she has any drastic changes call me." He told Damien as he wrote out a prescription for penicillin, then administered a shot. "And don't do anything that might weaken her further." He told them firmly.

"Yes Doctor." Damien told him.

"Come Dr. Grimes. I'll see you out." Roman said as the doctor gathered his things. Together they left Rose in Damien's care and Roman walked Dr. Grimes to the door. "Will she be alright?" Roman asked as the doctor gathered his coat and hat.

"Well young man, it's hard to say. People can die of meningitis, but I think we've caught it early enough. Just make sure she stays hydrated, and takes the medication I prescribed. She should be alright, but as a doctor I can make no solid guarantee."

"I understand Doctor. Thank you for coming." Roman said as he opened the front door. When the doctor had left, Roman took a deep breath, pressing his back to the door, he slid to the floor, his head in his hands. He knew she was already sick, but he couldn't help feeling guilty for feeding on her. She could die, the doctor had told him so, and he had compounded the problem. His lack of self control had endangered her. He looked up when Ramsey sat beside him.

"Did the doctor come?" Ramsey asked.

"Yes. She has meningitis, he gave her medicine." Roman said, then took in his brother's appearance. "Why is there blood on you? Who's blood is that?"

"Oh, this, Reese's." Ramsey said off handedly. "Why are we sitting here?" He asked.

"We shouldn't have fed on Honey." Roman said.

"We didn't know." Ramsey said.

"We should have. I knew she felt warm earlier. She seemed a little out of it in training, but I brushed it aside. How can we love her and ignore when she's ill?" He asked, anger in his voice. Ramsey hugged his brother.

"It's not our fault. It's no one's." Ramsey told him, they sat quietly together for a long time, before Roman spoke.

"Why is Reese's blood on you?"

"Because I spent the last two hours peeling his skin from his body." Roman looked over at Ramsey. Ramsey was the gentle one, the soft one. To hear that his brother had done something so gruesome put Roman on edge, it was much closer to something he himself would have done to an enemy.

"You...what?" Roman asked in complete shock.

Ramsey looked Roman in the eye, "He attacked Honey again. Left her bloody in the ballroom." Ramsey had a calm about him that Roman had never seen before, he almost seemed like another person.

"Ramsey, he's our brother." Roman said, trying to wrap his head around the change in him.

"A brother who almost killed her once, has molested her, and hurt her repeatedly. I only did what should have been done from the start. He got what he deserved. I didn't kill him, I just made him suffer, a reminder." Ramsey told Roman, his voice cold. "He told me what he did. He bragged when I went to see him. He did what he said, he used her blood to paint the floor and her body he thought he'd killed her, he was disappointed to find out otherwise. He didn't even feed on her, just bit her to make her bleed. We're all beasts, but he's a monster Roman."

"Ramsey…" Roman was quite a long time, everything was just a little too much. "I wanted to help her, make her feel safe, keep her between us." He admitted, finally. "Have we both failed her?"

"I don't think so. She's sick, that's not anything we could have protected her from, illness is just a threat to mortals." Ramsey said, pressing his forehead to his brother's. "Don't worry, I'm sure she will get better."

"The doctor said she could get a lot worse before that happens." Ramsey stood then, and offered his brother his hand.

"Then let's go see her." He said, tugging Roman to his feet. "Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You're no help to her if you're too in your head." Roman took a deep breath, nodded, then followed Ramsey to Rose's apartment.

Damien sat beside Rose, she looked so fragile laying beside him, asleep. He thought about the first time he ever saw her, Roman and Ramsey had her pinned to the front door, he'd called them off of her. He couldn't have imagined then, what she would come to mean to him. He knew there was nothing he could do to help her now, only time and medication would help, but it made him feel powerless, and that made him angry. He sat beside her gripping his anger, forcing it down. The news about Reese had sparked a fire that was only compounded by his helpless feeling.

He could do little more than watch her sleep, trying to stay calm, as the rage he felt burned him to the core. He wasn't sure if he was more angry with Reese, Kade, or himself. He hadn't done enough to protect the woman he loved. He had said pretty words, made bold declarations, and done extravagant things to make her love him, and yet, she had loved him all along. He had squandered that love, by not protecting her from his brother. A brother he knew was dangerous to her. He had almost killed her and he was proud of the fact. Damien feared Reese's blood lust knew no bounds and that if released from his quarters he might kill her. He was a problem Damien didn't know quite how to handle. He couldn't kill Reese, that would incur his father's wrath. Reese wasn't his favorite, each of his sons gave him a higher throne, a larger empire, and more influence and power. He could use them to extend his reach when it suited him, and he had a soft spot for the youngest son of his third wife. Damien believed it was because Reese reminded Victor of himself. Damien looked up when the door opened and the twins came in quietly. He stood and went toward them, ushering them back out and into the hall.

"Why is there blood all over you?" Damien demanded of Ramsey.

"I went to see Reese. He should remember his place now." Ramsey replied, the stone cold hate in his voice made Damien take a breath.

"How is she?" Roman asked a moment later, drawing Damien's attention.

"Resting for now. I need to take care of her medication, Roman, will you sit with her?" Roman nodded. "Ramsey, go clean yourself up, if Rose wakes she'll be terrified of you." Ramsey growled but obeyed turning to go.

"I'll be back in a little while." Ramsey tossed over his shoulder as he left them in the hall.

"He filleted Reese." Roman told Damien quietly once Ramsey was out of earshot.

"He did what?" Damien asked not sure he understood.

"He removed Reese's skin. It was a tourture technique we learned from one of the Mongolian hunters we were working with. I never believed him to have the stomach for it, and to do that to our brother." Roman knew the depths of their depravity, but Ramsey had always held pieces back, and had always been able to rein in the monster that Roman so freely allowed to rule. He had seen Ramsey turn from the torment the action caused, hiding his face, perhaps Roman had misunderstood his brother's actions, perhaps he hadn't been horrified, but encouraged. Ramsey had been careful to keep himself in check, to be the balance to Roman's wrath. Roman was struggling to accept the brutality of which his brother was capable.

Damien made a sound of mild disgust. "I suppose I'll have to release my rage in some other way then." He told Roman. "I'll be back with her medication in a little while. Call me if she changes."

"Right after the doctor." Roman agreed. Damien nodded then headed down the hall, and Roman pushed back into Rose's room, taking up her bedside.

Rose slept fitfully through the day, Roman and Ramsey took turns sitting with her. Neither really spoke to one another, each caught up in their own thoughts. Hearing her talk about Reese had sent Ramsey into a blind rage, something he'd never experienced before. He knew what he'd done, but as it had happened he'd felt like he was outside of himself looking in. As Reese had screamed and begged for mercy, Ramsey laughed and scolded him.

Roman was lost to his own thoughts, trying to reconcile the beast his brother was, and his guilt over Rose. He knew nothing would ever separate the two of them, but his actions against their brother made Roman leery. He didn't know how to consolidate his kind and gentle brother, with the man coated in blood, claiming to have removed their younger brother's epidermis. He knew Reese would heal, it wasn't something that would kill a vampire, but it was painful, and would leave Reese in a weakened state until he was allowed to feed again.

Roman looked up when Rose stirred. She sat up and looked at them. "Where's my mother?" She asked softly, fear in her voice.

"Honey?" Roman asked, reaching to touch her face.

"No, don't touch me!" She cried. "Where's my mother?" She asked again.

"I don't know. I'll send Ramsey to look for her." Roman said, then turned to Ramsey. Ramsey nodded and left. "Honey, do you know who I am?" He asked her after a moment. She looked at him, studying his face.

"You're…" She thought for a moment, then frowned. "I don't know." She said, a note of panic in her voice.

"A man who cares deeply for you, Honey Rose." He told her as he gently pressed her back. "Lie down, I'll wake you when Ramsey brings your mother." Roman told her, fear spiking through him. She was getting worse, and her fever was still high. Damien still hadn't returned and he was becoming worried that he might not at all.

"You care about me?" She asked quietly as she lay there, looking up at the ceiling.

"Of course, you're one of the two most important people in my life." Roman told her. "I've been quite worried about you." He said as she sighed.

"I don't…" She lay there, trying to think, but everything was foggy and nothing was coming to her easily. She felt like he was familiar, and important to her, but she was having trouble placing why. "I'm sorry." She cried softly. "I know you, but I don't...know you." She said the last bit dumbly.

"Don't worry about that now. Just rest, and think about getting better." Roman said. He hadn't thought he could be so gentle with anyone, but Rose made him want to care for her. He had always been quick to anger and rash with his wrath, but he found he wanted to be careful and patient with her. Rose was settling down again when the door opened and Damien came in carrying a pharmacy bag. Rose looked up when he came near, confusion on her face.

"It's time for your medicine." Damien told her, as he opened the bag and removed the pill bottle. He tapped out two of the large pills and placed them in her hand. Then took a glass from the nightstand. She took the pills without complaint, then laid back down, it wasn't long before she fell asleep again.

Kade had taken the exorcism case to put some space between him and Rose. He had hurt her and that had made him angry. He hadn't meant to hurt her, but she had offered herself to him, and he had taken what he wanted, or at least most of what he wanted. The feeling of her skin and the way she'd felt pressed against him still lingered, she'd been so hot, everywhere he'd touch he'd been scorched, his desire ignited. It still smoldered for her.

He was surprised to find the house seemingly empty when he arrived home. When he went in search of Damien he was surprised to find him in the study. "I've been waiting for you." He said when Kade entered.

"Waiting for me? Why?" He asked.

"Honey is very very sick. She came down with a fever last night, we called the doctor, she's taking antibiotics, but she's not improved yet. The doctor said she could die, and that even if she didn't she might get worse before she gets better. She's been delirious and confused all night. She asked for her mother while I was out getting her medication. She doesn't recognize any of us." Damien sounded tired. He looked exhausted. "When were you going to tell me about Reese?"

"What about Reese?" Kade asked, giving Damien a look that dared him to press.

"Rose told me he attacked her. Do you think that's something I should have known?" Damien asked, staring Kade down.

"Would you have done anything?" Kade challenged.

"Of course. What did you do?" Damien asked.

"I took care of it. He can't leave his room until I say." Kade replied. "Now where is she?" Kade asked softly.

Damien sighed, he would deal with Kade later, for now he understood his brother's need. "In her room, she asked for you earlier last night, before she got worse." Damien said as Kade took the secret passage to her apartment. Kade moved quickly through the dark passages and up the stairs to Rose's apartment.

When he pushed into her room, Roman and Ramsey were both there. Roman was sitting on the sofa while Ramsey sat on the bed beside her. Kade moved immediately to the bed. She was sleeping but whimpered occasionally. Ramsey stood and moved to the sofa beside his brother, while Kade took his place beside Rose on the bed.

"She's been pretty confused. She was asking for her mother earlier and she didn't know who we were." Roman explained softly.

"She's been pretty restless for the last few hours." Ramsey said, his voice held all the worry both the twins were feeling.

"She was confused last night, asked where you were. She might be glad to see you. She said I was familiar, but she wasn't sure why." Roman told him as he stood. "Come on. Let's give Kade some time." Roman told Ramsey.

When they were alone, Kade sat staring at Rose. She was pale and her hair was matted to her face with fever sweat. He got up and went to get a washcloth, she moaned softly when he gently washed her face with the cool cloth, but didn't wake. She was burning to his touch, and the fever made him more worried than anything else. He was angry with himself, she had beefever. because she had a fever. He had watched humans die from fevers before, burned out. He shuddered to think the same could happen to Rose. He hadn't realized she was ill when he'd left, he wondered if his feeding on her had made it worse, weaked her more, made her more susceptible. He couldn't help but blame himself, he'd left her, when she needed him most. Kade spent the rest of the day at Rose's side, but she never roused.

"Rosy you're going to be late for school." Rose's mother called. She shot up in bed. She jumped up and pulled on her uniform quickly, today was the spelling bee. She had been practicing for weeks.

She ran down stairs quickly, tripping on the rug at the foot of the stairs. Her mother stuck her head into the hall to check on her. Her big blue eyes, the same eyes looking back at her, were filled with concern. "Are you ok?" Her mother asked as Rose climbed to her feet.

"Uh huh!" She said as she rubbed her hip and knee.

"Good, come eat, it's getting cold." Her mother said as she moved down the hall and into the kitchen. There was a bowl of oatmeal on the table. Rose sat quickly and ate.

"Ok, spell hippopotamus." Her mother said.

"H-I-P-P-O-P-O-T-A-M-U-S. Hippopotamus." She said.


"I-N-F-R-A-S-T-R-U-C-T-U-R-E. Infrastructure."

"Good job. How about litmus?"

"L-I-T-M-I-S. Litmus."

"L-I-T-M-U-S." Her mother corrected her as she brushed her hair and pulled it into pigtails. Rose spelled it correctly, then smiled.

"You better hurry, or you're gonna miss the bus." Her mother said as she went to gather up her school bag and coat.

Her mother helped her into her coat and backpack. She leaned down and kissed Rose's cheek. "Do your very best today. I know how special you are." Her mother told her. "Now hurry."

Johnny pulled hard on one of her pigtails. "Ouch!" She cried out before turning around and kicking him in the shin. Johnny ran crying into the school, she followed him with the other kids. Her teacher scolded her when she reached the classroom, and then class began. Before she knew it it was recess. She and all the other kids put on their coats and went outside to play. While running around Johnny dared her to climb up to the top of the monkey bars and walk along the beam. He told her girls couldn't get up there. She was going to prove him wrong.

She had just made her way to the top of the platform and hoisted herself up on top of the bars, as she was standing up, Johnny, on one of his friend's shoulders ran past, hitting her in the knee and knocking her off. She landed with a sickening thud on her arm, and screamed out in pain.

The x-ray machine whired loudly and the vest they put her in was heavy. Her mother sat nervously outside, but she could see her through the glass. Her arm hurt a lot. She cried when the nurse tried to adjust her arm. After the x-rays she was taken back to the E.R. and she and her mother waited for the doctor. "I missed the spelling bee." Rose said softly.

"What were you thinking? You could have landed on your head. You could be dead." Her mother told her sternly. "I had to miss work for this Honey." Her mother told her.

"I'm sorry Mama." She said looking down at her hands.

The doctor came in and told her mother she would need a cast.

Rose's arm was set and they were sent on their way with a prescription for pain medication. There was a drug store just down from their house, so they rode the bus and got off at the stop close to the store. It was so cold, and Rose's arm hurt badly. Her mother went in to fill her prescription and Rose held her hand. She could feel the tension in her mother, the nervousness, and worry. She knew she had caused it. It was very late by the time her prescription was filled.

As they walked home, Rose noticed a man following them. A moment later the man was pulling her and her mother into an alley a block away from their home.

"Run Rose!" Her mother cried as the man pinned her to the wall. "RUN!" Rose didn't wait, she obeyed, running back the way they had come, as she looked over her shoulder, she saw the man stab her mother in the ribs repeatedly, but also bite her neck. "Run!" Her mother gurgled.

Rose took off running. She could hear someone behind her following closely, as she ran everything around her shifted, she was in a long dark hallway, she couldn't see the end, but she knew if she stopped running the thing behind her would catch her. She was panting and crying as she ran, the fear was creeping up on her, her legs were on fire and her chest was heaving with every breath. She knew she had to keep going. She had to keep running.

She felt like her lungs would explode if she kept going, and she looked over her shoulder. As she did a dark shape pounced on her pinning her to the floor. Reese was on top of her, but it wasn't Reese, it was Milo, then Bellamy, she struggled to get free of them knowing if she didn't she would die. As she struggled the face shifted again and it was Damien, then Kade. She was heaving great sobs as he bit into her throat, chewing at her. She screamed and grabbed his head, then shoved her fingers viciously into his eyes. He roared in pain as he fell back and away from her. She kicked and scrambled to her feet as quickly as he could before taking off down the hall again.

Fear was crawling up her back as she continued to run, she could see a dimly lit arch ahead of her. The tower. She thought as she ran for the stairs. When she reached them she looked behind to see the dark shadow behind her charging at her. She ran up the stairs, crying as she tried to get away. She knew somehow that there was no escape, but she wouldn't give up.

She was half way up when the creature grabbed her ankle, jerking her down, this time it wore the twins' face, and she began to beg. "Please, please stop. Don't hurt me! Please!" She wailed as he dragged her down. She tried to kick and roll, pulling herself from under him, as he tried to pin her to the stairs. "Stop!" She screamed as she kicked, catching the beast in the face, sending him toppling backward.

She turned running for the door. She ran inside and slammed the door locking it, as she headed for the stairs that led to the windows above. She was almost to the top when the beast burst through the door, and was on her faster than she imagined possible.

She screamed and thrashed as she pulled her down, dragging her down the stairs by the hair, before slamming her onto the bed, then coming down on top of her. She kicked and tried to break away, but he held her firmly. She cried as he reached down, ripping her top open and viciously biting her chest. She gasped in pain, as her sucked hard, brutally drawing her blood into his mouth. Then he let her go and rolled her over, forcing her down again, jerking her bottoms off, before pressing her face into the bed. She cried out as he forced himself inside her, then bent and bit her back, before beginning to move in and out of her.

She was screaming and crying, he was hurting her and she took no pleasure in any of it. "Please." She begged weakly. "Please, stop." She gasped as the creature continued to feed on and rape her. She was going to die. She knew it now, she was going to die and she couldn't stop any of it, she was powerless, and afraid, she felt herself slipping into blackness.

Rose shot straight up in bed screaming. Kade had been sitting in a chair with his head on her bed. He sat up too, taking her into his arms. She struggled away, trying to get out of his grip. "Honey." He said when she stopped screaming. "Stop." He told her.

Rose didn't see Kade, all she could see was the monster from her dream. He was terrifying. She moved quickly to leave the bed, trying to put space between them. He tried to stop her and she slashed at him, catching his face with her nails. "No!" She screamed as he tried to take hold of her. He was afraid she was going to hurt herself. "Stay away from me!" She screamed as she charged for the door and the hall beyond.

Roman and Ramsey had just been coming to trade with Kade when Rose burst into the hall. Roman caught her in his arms. She gave him a look of such terror that he released her. She pushed away, crying as she ran from them.

"Wait, Honey!" Kade cried as he came into the hall, his face was bleeding.

"What's happening?" Ramsey asked as Roman moved to follow Rose. Kade and Ramsey followed their brother.

"I think her fever is making her hallucinate." Kade replied.

Roman caught Rose's arm and pulled her against him as she struggled. She was thrashing and screaming, trying to break free. "Let me go, please, don't hurt me, please let me go!" She was pleading as he tried not to hurt her, but the way she was twisting made him fearful of injuring her.

"Honey calm down, you're going to hurt yourself." He was saying as she thrashed, breaking free as she dropped to the floor. He moved to pick her up and she kicked him in the face before running toward the stairs, reaching the arch, she grabbed a tall candelabra and swung it at Ramsey as Kade moved to the other side.

As Kade, Ramsey, and Roman closed in on her, she moved to climb onto the railing of the arch. "Honey!" Ramsey cried. "Don't." All three of them froze, as she balanced unsteadily on the railing.

"Please." Roman said softly.

Rose was suddenly very dizzy, the world around her slipped out of her view and into blackness, she felt herself falling. Both the twins moved to grab her as she fell, Kade took the stairs two at a time to reach the floor before her, but even with his speed he wasn't quick enough to catch her. As she hit the front door opened and Bellamy stepped inside. He was shocked by the scene unfolding before him.

Kade knelt with Rose beside him on the floor. She was bleeding from her head, a pool forming like a halo around her. She was gasping and panting. Damien rushed in as Bellamy moved forward. Kade stood and backed away, suddenly unable to breath.

Damien knelt beside Rose. She looked up at him, tears running down her cheeks. "Damien?" She asked softly.

"I'm right here. I'm right here." He told her as he gently lifted her into his lap.

"My head hurts." She whimpered.

"I know my love, I know, we'll get you fix right up. It's alright." He told her.

"I don't think it is, I can't…" She was gasping. "I can't feel my feet." She told him.

"It's alright, just rest." He said softly brushing hair from her face. "Kade!" He bellowed. "KADE!"

Kade was shaken from his shock. "Yes! I'm here." He called.

"I need your exorcism kit. Holy water and a rosary!" Damien bellowed as he rocked Rose.

"Damien, please, I…, tell Bellamy I'm sorry. Please, tell him. I didn't…" Rose was struggling.

"Shuu now, you can tell him yourself. You're going to be fine." Damien lied. Bellamy was frozen at the door, unable to move or come closer, but he heard her words a spear of ice slamming into his soul.

"No. Please, just tell him I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt him. I never hurt...any of…" Kade returned as Rose took a stuttering breath.

"No no no no no no no." Damien began to cry. "No, come on Rose." He begged as Kade gave Damien the kit.

"I don't know what good that will do." Kade told Damien as he poured the holy water into Rose's mouth. He sobbed as it ran from her lips, as she lay limply in his arms.

"Damien what's the point?" Kade yelled at him.

"She's a nephilim!" Damien bellowed to the shock of everyone present.









Book Two : Rise Coming Soon.